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  • Maxi Curls - Kool Keith
    "I see maxi curls (Yeah! ...) Players, activator I see maxi curls (Yeah! ...) Remote control alligators I got skill, you're on my tip, now back off Slack off, let me do this, and y'all turn the wack"
  • Maxi - Blacanblus
    "Maxi carga sus cuarenta enfundado en un viejo gabn su cuerpo se despierta su garganta seca de repudiar. Toma su trago de cerveza negra siente el fro parpadeo de la luz Maxi - chop chop chorobu Maxi (chuba-"
  • Maxi Kaz - T-Raperzy
    "1. Choć głośno o mnie w Warszawie pozwólcie, że się przedstawię. Kazik mi na imię dali w skrócie Kaz. W Ciechocinku mam mieszkanie, tu przyjezdne bawię panie, umilając im sanatoryjny czas. W okolicy z"
  • Maxi singiel - Papa Dance
    "Dwa dni, dwa dni na "topie"Serce jest znów na "tak"Jej twarz, jej głos, jej dotykSprawia, że pojaśniał światTa gra też ma swych fanówRośnie zazdrości klubZ dwóch serc, jak z dwóch wulkanówChcesz to id!"
  • Du Idiot (Maxi) - Matthias Reim
    "Matthias: Dass ich dich heut Nacht hier treffe habe ich irgendwie geahnt Nur der Typ an deiner Seite war vom mir nicht eingeplant Jetzt versteh ich du hast sicher niemals mehr von mir getrumt Das Zimmer"
  • Winter (Hostel-Maxi) - The Fall
    "On the first floor of the dryout house Was a replica dartboard And the man on the floor Sorta went out of window, over the lawn And round to the mad kid "Please take this medallion, Please wear this medallion. It's"
  • Perfect Song - Maxi Priest - Shaggy
    "I feel like I know you based upon my observation It's been a while you've been rocking my world Me an my friends been having private conversations We've been calling you the bashment girl "
  • Single - Pet Shop Boys
    "I'm single bilingual Single bilingual They call this a community, I like to think of it as home Arriving at the airport I am going it alone Ordering a boarding pass Travelling in business class This is"
  • Single - Kalan Porter
    "I'm the hit I'm the hook That you're looking for If you're looking for A single one You can feel What I got You can bet I'm everything you need You need You need You might not see it now But one"
  • Single - Popsie
    "Where's my boy with the jumping joy? I always mingle but I'm still single Where's my boy with the jumping joy? My eyes they tingle but I'm still single I dye my hair and polish my nails, tan my skin,"
  • Single - Ne-Yo
    "If you came here by yourself tonight, Cause he wouldnt pick up the phone. He was supposed to bring you here tonight, Couldnt find him so you came alone. It dont matter cause you're here now And the"
  • Single - Natasha Bedingfield
    "Ah yeah that's right All you single people out there This is for you I'm not waitin' around for a man to save me (Cos I'm happy where I am) Don't depend on a guy to validate me (No no) I don't"
  • Single - Everything But The Girl
    "I called you from the hotel phone I haven't dialled this code before I'm sleeping later and waking later I'm eating less and thinking more And how am I without you? Am I more myself or less myself? I feel"
  • Single - New Kids On The Block
    "(FATMAN SCOOP) if u aint got no money if u aint got no money (yeahhh) if u aint got no money (Polow Da Don) if u aint got no money if u independent get ur money girl (aye) if u independent get ur"
  • Single - Bad Astronaut
    "Day one just starting to make it my obsession 4 AM, two stars, drunk in hell, waiting for sun. Day two I call you by mistake "Hello, how are you, I'm fine, I miss you too" You don't give a shit Thers's"
  • Single - Good Charlotte
    "It blooms Like the normal posts It floats For you and me And cracks A three - dimensional pose Such unique vines They said its art Mixed curve steps A wriggly worm Decent disguise The common noise Of"
  • Single Life - Cameo
    "Every little thing you do Makes me smile And if I had my way, baby I'd tie you up for a while I'd take you through the paces One by one I don't wanna get too serious I just like having fun Yeah, yeah I"
  • Single Girl - 16 Horsepower
    "Single girl - single girl She's goin dressed fine O she's goin dressed fine Married girl - married girl Wears just any kind O she wears just any kind Single girl - single girl Go to store and buy O go"
  • Sexy Single - Anastacia
    "All my life I've tried to find A love to give me piece of mind And I, I looked into your eyes Captivated by your wicked smile I was mesmerized there For a while or two But what's a girl gonna do?"
  • Single Girl - The Manhattan Transfer
    "When I was single the life I led was mine Thought that when I married I'd be happy al the time Lord I wish I was A single girl again Lord I wish I was A single girl again When I was a single girl The"

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