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Maybe i can feel your h

  • Maybe - Jay Sean
    "BEEP BEEP oh look now there goes my phone and once again am just hoping its a text from you (mmmm) It aint right read your messages twice thrice four times a night its true (Everyday i patiently wait)"
  • Maybe - Will Smith
    "(Tra-Knox) Alright fellas let's do it (Will) Yo ma we got this thing right It's like makin' me think like It's like fillin' my heart up Not makin' me hazy Just fillin' my mind up with all of these"
  • Maybe - Toni Braxton
    "Is tonight's the night that you take Control of me Tell me boy, what's it really gonna be Spending time for a while Oh daddy come close, I'm straight I'm feeling your style I love the way you make me feel When"
  • Maybe - Alexander
    "Everytime I see you Everytime I touch youYou kiss the past goodbyeOh, everytime you'll tell meThat you really love meI feel like I can flyI miss you like the sunshineMiss you like the heavenSee what love"
  • Maybe I Can Change - Keane
    "Now Will it ever be the same... Again? And will it ever feel right? A false start, Then I try to twist your heart... But I suppose, It always knows... I know how I let you down, But maybe I can change"
  • Maybe I - Ne-Yo
    "You've been acting maybe latelyYou don't wanna return my phone callsOh no baby, wont you call? Baby hold me, console meI know I did wrong but Im sorry, you teach meMaybe, you've been acting maybe, latelyI"
  • Maybe Just Maybe - Lemar
    "Think I'm bout to lose my head, don't know what to do I've been spending way too much time with you Haven't really done nothing wrong yet, but I'm about to Maybe we should think about what we both could"
  • Feel Good Lies - Pauline H - Fame Factory
    "Just a little feel good lie Check your alibi Everybody tells a little story Everybode tells a white lie Sometimes you gotta be careful You gotta check your reasons why (I guess you do what you gotta do)"
  • Maybe Your Baby - Glenn Hughes
    "Do you know how I feel? Can you feel it? I'm talkin' to you... I'm feelin' down, some kind of lovin' Cause my baby done left me here Heart is blazin' like a five alarm fire And I don't even give a care I"
  • H. - Tool
    "What's coming through is alive. What's holding up is a mirror. But what's singing songs is a snake Looking to turn this piss to wine. They're both totally void of hate, But killing me just the same. The"
  • H - Tool
    "What's coming through is alive.What's holding up is a mirror.But what's singing songs is a snakeLooking to turn this piss to wine.They're both totally void of hate,But killing me just the same.The snake"
  • Maybe - No Angels
    "Maybe its the way you used to love me Maybe its the way I feel you now Im feeling like the sky is fallin on me And my life is tumbeling down Maybe Im lost in the moment I dont wanna be found Feel like"
  • Maybe - Robert Kramer
    "Maybe this is what it is Maybe there's no more Just a ceiling with holes in the roof And maybe no floor Maybe sometimes theres only night Sometimes only day All your problems are out of sight But"
  • Maybe - Barbra Streisand
    "Maybe Maybe you wouldn't believe it If only I change You say I'm acting just like a kid Well, maybe I'm doing What I'm doing 'Cause I'd done what I did When I was a kid Maybe, maybe... Maybe I'm fooling"
  • Maybe - Kelly Clarkson
    "Someday, When we're at the same place When we're on the same road When it's okay to hold my hand Without feeling lost Without all the excuses When it's just because you love me You let me You need me Then"
  • Maybe - Milk Inc
    "(Ft. Regie) Just another day,Im wondering through the city trying to find my way,But I see you,And every stranger that walks by,They all seem to ask me why,But I don't know,If theres a cure,To stop me"
  • Maybe - Emeli Sandé
    "When we first moved in together Couldn't keep hands off each other Now we're lying back to back And silence in the black We use to laugh until we cried You would look at me and smile Now we hardly say"
  • Maybe - Candlebox
    "Now maybe I didn't mean to treat you bad But I did anyway Now maybe Well some will say your life was sad But you lived it anyway And so maybe Your friends can stand around and watch you crumble As you"
  • Maybe - Collective Soul
    "The sky now divides To bring you back into the fold Welcome home Still my need to recognize Any comfort you may show Only grows Guess I'll learn to accommodate While my heart just sits and waits Maybe"
  • Maybe - Auburn
    "I never thought that I would be the one to tell Bout how i changed my life after all the times I failed I am thankful things have changed No day remains the same And Lord I'm so grateful When I was out"

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