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Mc fly five colours

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Mc fly five colours

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Mc fly five colours
  • Special Ed Fly Mc
    "I hold the fly microphone in the fly right hand I'm a real fly guy, better yet fly man The title that I hold is the fly emcee Why? cause I'm fly, yeah, that's me You see, I'm flier than a flyer to a hip-hop"
  • Heltah Skeltah Ultimate MC
    "(feat. Saukrates) "The-the Ultimate MC, what?" Ha, Al Catraz, who that, some call him Rock Yo, one shot'll make you Jump like House of Pain or Kriss Kross Playin hopscotch, I got the mach' baby Even"
  • McFly Five Colours In Her Hair
    "Do do do do do doo She's got a lip ring and 5 colours in her hair, Not into fashion but I love the clothes she wears, Her tattoo's always hidden by her underwear. She don't care. Everybody wants to"
  • Music Instructor Super Fly (Upper Mc)
    "D-Rock is the munch, with or without Everybody knows that I'll slap their motherfuckers in their mouth Better pay attention, as I lay this shit higher Understand this funk, funk the bonfire Burnin' in"
  • Simple Minds Colours fly and Catherine Wheel
    "``Belle'' Never turn your back Great times attack Inexpensive thrills And I said Belle Of all the friends who care Some should be seen But never heard Colours Fly and Catherine Wheels Poor girls cry In"
  • Matt Dusk Five
    "Just Five minutes to your house It took five hours to say goodbye Five weeks to wonder why And five months of just rain I had a path That led me home It gathered no moss But now I'm alone There"
  • Ram Jam Five
    "Five give me five six seven eight nine Give me more time Five give me five six seven eight nine Give me more time It's good to be alive City jam, people fly by Crazy at the wheel Anger in their eyes Sense"
  • Jason Mraz Gyspy Mc
    "I'd like to give a shout out to all the g-y-ps andIndividualize because I am an MC. I can because I careCause my family's there cause I, cause ICause I appreciate the mentality of musicSaving all my sentences"
  • Hoobastank Gyspy MC
    "I'd like to give a shout out to all the g-y-ps and Individualize because I am an MC. I can because I care Cause my family's there cause I, cause I Cause I appreciate the mentality of music Saving all my"
  • Lake Chasing Colours
    "In a dream world In your skyboat Riding off in court and cox Making wishes at the fountain You're a loser Down and down Moving on from height to height The world your passing by You sail the sea of light Thinking"
  • Squeeze True Colours
    "(wilkinson) To be running so far away To rely on the perfect stranger True colours they suffer with age One look at the storm and fly straight on in To the rain and thunder Fool lover swept under the"
  • Run-D.M.C. Sucker M.C.'s
    "Two years ago, a friend of mine Asked me to say some MC rhymes So I said this rhyme I'm about to say The rhyme was Def a-then it went this way Took a test to become an MC And Orange Krush became amazed"
  • Fading Colours Colours
    "What is blue Expands the space inside us Raising high... What is green Spreads on the grass Waking the thrills of love What is burning Turns the entrails Messing up hands with pitch What is white"
  • Sugar Ray Fly
    "(feat. Super Cat) All around the world statues crumble for me who knows how long I've loved you everywhere I go people stop and they see twenty-five years old my mother God rest her soul I just wanna"
  • TQ Fly
    "YeahThis is the new millenniumThat's right (that's right)And the game ain't changed a bitIt ain't changed a bitUh uhListenGot a little something to tell yaOh rightIf I could flyProbably woulda been a lil"
  • Mc Chris Mc Chris Number 1 With The Ladies
    "mc chris #1 with the ladies Got you foaming at the mouth like a dog with rabies mc chris #1 with the ladies Got you foaming at the mouth like a dog with rabies mc chris #1 with the ladies Got you foaming"
  • Jovanotti Gimme Five
    "Yeah by get down well you rock and roll then you roll and rock then you got to do it because i don't wanna stop yes i'm the db breaker, the heart-taker com'n fly guy let's turn it up home boys, pretty"
  • Charlie Landsborough Five Fingers
    "Long ago my father placed his hand upon my head As he laid each finger down he Smiled at me and said Some day son when you're a man you will understand You'll only count your true friends on the fingers"
  • Lil' Mo Five minutes
    "YesYou have just enteredThe year 2000And they've just arrivedReady to take us outer spaceTo another planetWhere there's only one clubAnd one disco, oohAnd they wanna show us howHeh heh, they boogie, uhh"
  • Coldplay Five Feet
    "it uses cloth as a lid for the thorns that surrounds him treats the glimmery wet thing as his breathe they let him fly land on foam rage,rage thats what he create a long flowing river who devours floating"

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