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Meat Loaf - Nowhere Fast

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Meat Loaf - Nowhere Fast

  • Nowhere Fast - Meat Loaf
    "It's getting cold, it's getting dark, the nights are longer every day The air is heavy and the clouds will never burn away And we've been waitin' here so long that we've forgotten what it's like To turn"
  • A Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste (meat Loaf Feat. Bonnie Tyler) - Bonnie Tyler
    "Bonnie Tyler Miscellaneous A Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste (meat Loaf Feat. Bonnie Tyler) (andrew lloyd webber/ jim steinman) Producer for meatloaf & bonnie: jim steinman Recorded in 1998 as part of"
  • Nowhere Fast - Mary J. Blige
    "Eh, eh, Eh, eh, eeh Hope your not thinking, you ain't the one Seems your annoyed by my voice Because your out there trickin' 'Til five in the morning I don't play that shit (oh) Hope your not thinking,"
  • Nowhere Fast - Neal Morse
    "There is this girl I know She hates my guts I love her so But I've got a simple mind It thinks just this: she will be mine I tell her "I like your dress" She says I'm sick, disturbed, obsessed Well I don't"
  • Nowhere Fast - Justin King
    "Wake up, wake up Is it me again? Could it be someone else instead Drink up, drink up And you'll fall asleep and find some peace inside your bed These days like razors scratch your willing arms I found"
  • Nowhere Fast - Josh Turner
    "I used to think that I was living big Bet my money on almost anything Time and time, I got caught struggling Oh, I had plans, I had dreams And I had an open bar policy Spending time tryin' to numb the"
  • Nowhere Fast - Head Automatica
    "I needed just a hit, one hit It's a very little hit, I'm sure I won't like it I needed to be heard, one hit would send me flying I got away with murder last night in the parking lot In cold blood, I have"
  • Nowhere Fast - Fire Inc.
    "Lying in your bed and on a Saturday night You're sweatin' buckets and it's not even hot But your brain has got the message And it's sending it out To every nerve and every muscle you've got You've got"
  • Nowhere Fast - Warren Brothers
    "I grew up here on Bourbon Street Playin' for the beer and tips Livin' by the Poncha Train Watchin' drunks and sailin' ships Now I'm sittin' on a midnight train Gonna bury momma on my birthday And never's"
  • Nowhere Fast - Bryan Adams
    "We're always on the run these days We hardly have the time to say What matters most of all Ya you've always been the only one The only one to make me run Anytime you call Let's not talk about the future Let's"
  • Nowhere Fast - Incubus
    "Will I ever get to, to where it is that I am going Will I ever follow through with what I... with what I have planned I guess it's possible, that I have been a bit distracted And the directions for me"
  • Nowhere fast - Death Threat
    "Never rely on someone else You gotta do what you gotta do for yourself Life is hard - but we can win We're born to struggle - and we're born to sin And what we want - sometimes we can't get But life is"
  • Nowhere Fast - Blackalicious
    "Now you, who ever you are, as you're listening to what I'm going to say, will probably not want to believe what I'm going to tell you. And there isn't any way in which I can make you believe; I can"
  • Nowhere Fast - Swingin' Utters
    "I have crossed this road before for many years, i'm sure don't recognize the faces, though, that pass me by i've been off and on my way again, passed marsh road, atherton, black mountain way and bored"
  • Nowhere Fast - Pennywise
    "And so you spread your lies, won't face reality And endless fight a struggle to be free Close minded fools and their hypocrisy The endless time you take away from me I don't need your sympathy Why"
  • Nowhere Fast - Link 80
    "Julie had a bad day so she headed north on I-5, she just wanted to get the hell out of Los Angeles. Thought maybe Seattle, but ended up on Haight Street, bumming change from a young gutterpunk named Mario."
  • Nowhere Fast - Assassin
    "It's kind of cold in here tonight staring out I want the sunrise to come I looked for inspiration From above But i received none How could i be so down I have so much You know it's really driving me insane Just"
  • Nowhere Fast - Lunachicks
    "Get in! Let go! Wee still got such a long way to go We got a 10 hour drive And a half tank of gas We got seven people stuffed In the back of the van We wonder why we do it Well it just cuz we haven"
  • Nowhere Fast - The Smiths
    "I'd like to drop my trousers to the world I am a man of means (of slender means) Each household appliance Is like a new science in my town And if the day came when I felt a natural emotion I'd get such"
  • Meat Loaf - Couldn't Have Said It Better - Coldplay
    "And you say nothing at all Well I couldn't have said it better myself Tonight the conversation takes the fall Just love me like you love nobody else I see the angels, they're standing right outside"

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