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Medine 11 septembre

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Medine 11 septembre

  • Nuits de septembre - Nana Mouskouri
    "Le soleil est pass trs haut Il descend vers l'automne Sera-t-il encore aussi chaud Au retour des cigognes Si, si la vie le veut Et si le vent est mon alli Allez venez nuits de septembre Et si mme il pleut"
  • C'est en septembre - Mireille Mathieu
    "& Gilbert BcaudLes oliviers baissent les bras Les raisins rougissent du nez Et le sable est devenu froid Oh blanc soleil Maitres baigneurs et saisonniers Retournent leurs vrais mtiers Et les santons seront"
  • 11 - Cassadee Pope
    "At 7 years old everything was right Table for four on a Friday night Didn’t see any signs of a dead end road By the time I was 10 everything was changing Fell asleep every night prayin Didn’t know which"
  • 11 11 - Rufus Wainwright
    "Woke up this morning at 11:11 Wasn't in Portland and I wasn't in heaven Could have been either by the way I was feeling But I was alive, I was alive Woke up this morning at 11:11 John was half-naked and"
  • 11 - Mondo Marcio
    "io sono il Signore tuo Dio. io ti ho fatto uscire dalla terra d'egitto. Questa la mia legge. Questi sono i miei comandamenti. Li vedo intorno a me muoversi nell'ombra, pronti a fottermi due soldi e sputare"
  • 11 - Sunk Loto
    "Sick of the fuck ups and all the shit that lingers around On your conscience and the everyday parasites That itch up your skin of a night Until they scratch the pigment away Bored of all the shit that"
  • 11 - Lunachicks
    "got a puss pocket waiting for you got a flesh bubble from huffing too much glue got a precious pimple loaded with some goo dont wanna pop it 'cause I'm saving it for you I'm saving it for you I got"
  • 11 - R.E.M.
    "This world is big and so-awake I stayed up late to hear your voice This light is here to keep you warm This song is here to keep you strong I made a list of things to say But all i really want to say All"
  • 11 - Nag
    "Nie mogę zrozumieć zasad rządzących tym światem Gdzie biedny się wije a bogaty jest katem Gdzie prawie każdy przegina pałę Żeby coś zdobyć i mieć to na stałe Nieważne jak i jakim kosztem A coraz więcej"
  • Septembre, en attendant - Noir D
    "Juste le temps de battre des cilsUn souffle, un clat bleu,Un instant, qui dit mieuxL'quilibre est fragileJ'ai tout vuJe ne rien retenuPendant que ton ombreEn douce te quitteEntends-tu les autres qui se"
  • 12 Septembre 2001 - Abd Al Malik
    "ok, un peu plus de son dans l'casque ! Ouai comme a c'est bon J'avais dj un flow de tars lorsque les tours jumelles se sont effondres, j'avais dj un flow de dingues lorsque les tours jumelles se sont"
  • 11:11 - The Black Maria
    "Don't say goodbye. 'Cause I'm still right here. And don't you give up. My love, for you is stronger than this. I'm a tightrope walker. And a vagabond poet, who was killed for an artist's guilt. Time will"
  • 11/11 - Team Sleep
    "not even fair to box away those old faces not even close to the way it was then when everyone would stay away from you how everyone would stay away from you and I don't remember how just the way the water"
  • 11:11 - MugShot
    "This is me overreacting, This is enough to put you over the edge, But this is how my thought process works, Yeah this is how I end up coming across like a jerk. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, it goes to show, Oh,"
  • 11:11 - Offset
    "Eleven Eleven Used to be our time when I'd hold your heart next to mine But now our time is your time and his time Your wish is between you I'll take this time to say goodbye I won't pray for you"
  • 11:11 - Film School
    "I'm driving home with the sun in my eyes I'm driving home with the sun in my eyes That certain thing that you wanted hide I figured out what you were trying to hide, you're out on your own I'm throwing"
  • 11:11 - Kind Of Like Spitting
    "the premature adaptation of the got it made game plan. the heartless work of the red in her dress. alone has done some funny things to my friends. the pull of affection has a bleaching affect. a series"
  • 11:11 - Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire
    "Standing on the corner, plastic cup in her hand Standing on the corner, saving for some gin You don't need to ask where she's been or what's up She'll gladly tell you about the life she had Before she"
  • Au coeur de septembre - Nana Mouskouri
    "Seule dans ma chambre Au cur de septembre Entre la pluie et l'hirondelle Seule dans ma chambre Au cur de septembre Quand vient la nuit Je me rappelle Seule dans ma chambre Nous vivions ensemble D'un cur"
  • Le Vingt-Deux Septembre - Georges Brassens
    "Un vingt et deux septembre au diable vous partites, Et, depuis, chaque anne, la date susdite, Je mouillais mon mouchoir en souvenir de vous... Or, nous y revoil, mais je reste de pierre, Plus une seule"

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