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Medium Dzielnica uNYsłu Qciek Remix VINYL ONLY vinyl machine -Alibaba -Wiki -Sulit -Ebay -Amazon -youtube -Aliexpress -tradeindi

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Medium Dzielnica uNYsłu Qciek Remix VINYL ONLY vinyl machine -Alibaba -Wiki -Sulit -Ebay -Amazon -youtube -Aliexpress -tradeindi

  • Vinyl - Paul Gilbert
    "One day, while I was sleeping Off my night that went wrong She came, saw I was needing Someone to put something shiny on Vinyl, Vinyl, Vinyl I dreamt a girl wearing Vinyl, Vinyl, Vinyl I dreamt a girl One"
  • Vinyl - Zoe
    "Hoy despert deslizndome en un rayo de luna, embriagado de ti, del calor de tu flor. Un huracn se levanta en la punta del cielo, se abre paso hacia mi con violencia de amor. Ah, que me har sentir, oh,"
  • Vinyl - Krzysztof Kreft
    "1. It never sounds the same I never sound the same But something hits me right in my heart Sometimes I roll my eyes Sometimes it's rolling me But I can listen to this for the rest of my life Like an old"
  • Souped-Up Vinyl - Big D And The Kids Table
    "I clock about twelve hours a day at this damn place. Drag myself in, it's a quarter to eight. God, sweep it up, set it up, open the place up. Deal with idiots to make a lousy forty bucks. I walk my miles"
  • Melted Vinyl - Furthermore
    "Like Onslaught Meltdown vinyl hot as Sunspot he's hunting Morlocks I'm sure Psylocke will save them from enslavement, it's a Longshot, X-Factor in Excalibur we were the Fantastic Four plus one more, Kingpin"
  • Noches De Vinyl - Dildo
    "Te vi pasar Ya no pude mirar atrs Vestas oh oh Conducas un malib Chaquira tan brillante No he visto jams Chaquira tan brillante Quiero subirme a Tu auto, nena Y apagar ese motor Ya te v Ven a m Porque"
  • Save the Vinyl - Castet
    "Kup gramofon, zbieraj płyty - to jest hobby znakomite Bo winyle czarne krążki lepsze od najlepszej książki Save The Winyl ! Fuck the CD ! We love Records ! We hate MP3 ! Gdy przestaniesz już pankować,"
  • Scenes From A Vinyl Recliner - Toad The Wet Sprocket
    "High on a wire Poised for an imminent fall Clowns always smile Greasepaint and lust in their pores Start to sway and I hold your hand Fall, the smile surrounds his head Hot ashes, clay Hot ashes fade To"
  • Like Virgin Vinyl... In Bed - Backstabbers, Inc.
    "These words don't mean shit. They never do. You're all bullshit artists looking for the catch phrase of the day. So all the sheep come running with their mouths agape, and their fingers pointed high. We're"
  • Distorting The Medium - Napalm Death
    "Saturating, pre-assuming icon of the youth, Ways and means to call the shots, Fingers in the pies which resign us from vacant urges, Facing the bombardment - no escape! Stick your intentions! Parade of"
  • No one knows what vinyl is - Relient K
    "So to the best, to the best, of our knowledgeWe are doing our best to fight technologyCause back when our parents were in collegeWe weren't even born, and neither were CDsCause when our folks would listen"
  • When The Needle Hits The Vinyl - Adam Brand
    "We never saw them holding hands Or kissing all that much They must have loved each other Huh, there were 6 of us Mama held the fort down Dad he went to work We never thought about what she meant to him Or"
  • Dzielnica - Sobota
    "Wciąż się wyprowadzam stąd, wciąż tu wracam Ten sam dom, ta sama brama, ten sam zasap Ten sam mur, ten sam trzepak Na nim tak samo umazany sadzą dzieciak Znam te przelotki jak każdy stąd Niejednemu uratowały"
  • Time Machine - Shades Apart
    "Trembling hands- drop the needle down In seconds you're here- at the speed of sound Skating a scratch on the vinyl- My heart is skipping a beat I'm hooked again- following the tune From the top of the"
  • Medium - Incubus
    "Medium, medium. Medium, medium. Medium, medium. Medium, medium. Medium, medium. Medium, medium. Medium, medium. Medium, medium. Waking up I smell the scent of coffee on the brew, and I think about the"
  • Medium Is The Message - McLusky
    "They're always on the highway. They're never on the phone. They only got in trouble cos they're made of stone. And they're not exactly famous. Their girlfriends never sit. They only got discovered cos"
  • Machine - Anne-Marie
    "I feel an ache in my body But if only I'd have no bones I know the air isn't breathable And it's no good for my lungs I feel an anger inside of me Burns like the sun in my chest I got no patience or self-control God"
  • Machine - Theatre of Tragedy
    "Look up here Look down there I am the new man I'm tangled in wires Chipset adept Memory load Keep your vogue code that all have Tomorrows world we've all seen Keep your modern ways And keep your bugs The"
  • Dream Machine - God Machine
    "Talk to yourself Listen because no one else will And shine your star Shine your star Shine your star Lock your door And keep the strangers away Talk to your imaginary friends That only you can see And"
  • Old Machine - Machine Head
    "I am the man that defends all things profane 6000 years is the time that I shall reign And with a grin drank The blood of holy swineImpurity made the blood turn into wine Chorus: Old man, dead hand, if"

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