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Meek of why

  • Right There (feat. Meek Mill) - August Alsina
    "Right there /12x I know how it be when you trying your best But you turn around, and you got nothing to show for it So you stay on your grind, tryna get to the shine Even turn to crime, but how come I"
  • So Sophisticated (feat. Meek Mill) - Rick Ross
    "This shit is highly sophisticated I just make it look easy nigga Follow me I’m so sophisticated To get a verse from me, you gotta be initiated To get a purse from me, she gotta be sophisticated Purchase"
  • Eat The Meek - NOFX
    "Why must we stay where we don't belong Why must we stay where we don't belong Because there's never gonna be enough space So eat the meek, savour the taste It's always gonna be a delicacy So lick"
  • Eat The Meek - Social Siberia
    "Why must we stay where we don't belong Why must we stay where we don't belong Because there's never gonna be enough space So eat the meek, savor the taste It's always gonna be a delicacy So lick your"
  • Luz na spince (ft. Meek, Oh Why?) - Vix.N
    "nie chciej nic ode mnie sms-ów nie pisz żadnych zmartwień i pretensji nie chcę dziś chce parę chwil mieć dla siebie parę chwil chce parę chwil mieć dla siebie tylko ja i ona tylko ja i ona ja i ona ja"
  • Jesus, Meek And Gentle - Hymns
    "Jesus, meek and gentle,Son of God most High,Pitying, loving Savior,Hear Thy children's cry. Pardon our offences,Loose our captive chains,Break down every idolWhich our soul detains. Give us holy freedom,Fill"
  • Power To The Meek - Eurythmics
    "I'm just a girl With my head screwed on I'm just a girl With a smoking gun I got my fingers stung My fingers stung yeah I'm just a girl With my fingers stung Bless these bones Bless this skin All of"
  • No More The Meek - Randy
    "The years in school they said i was immature, that my fantasy was larger than a dinosaur. They told me to face reality, and that their knowledge held the key, Yeah, but behind the door is the local papermill"
  • The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing - Frank Zappa
    "Some take the bible For what it's worth When it says that the meek Shall inherit the Earth Well, I heard that some sheik Has bought New Jersey last week 'N you suckers ain't gettin' nothin' Is"
  • Charged Up (Meek Mill Diss) - Drake
    "I’m so sorry Did you hope I was crying? It was rough without you It was rough without you I did some charity today for the kids But I'm used to it cause all y'all charity cases All y’all stare in my face"
  • Yes Sir (ft. Meek Mill) - Quavo
    "I brought ten racks in this muhfucka (Ten) Told her break her back in this muhfucka (Hey) She came wit' her friend (Woo), double trouble (Uhh) Yes sir (Yes sir), she gon' now find now another (No, woo) I"
  • Big Daddy (feat. Meek Mill) - Nicki Minaj
    "Your bitch call me big daddy Tell that bitch that I'm big daddy When I hit the lot I don't get the little bitch Nigga I go and get the big daddy Pick a bitch up in the big daddy Big face Rollie that's"
  • Why - System Of A Down
    "Here is what i got on why Went fast but i got some of it If u know the rest post it Hoo-hoo-hoo-huh-buh-buh x4 Why Meeting john dell Junior winked an eye, point a finger Meeting john dell Junior"
  • Why? - System Of A Down
    "Peter's pecker picked another pickle bearing pussy pepper Peter's pecker picked another pickle bearing pussy pepper Why Meeting John at Dale's Junior, Winked an eye, and point a finger Meeting John at"
  • Bad Ass (ft. Meek Mill, Wale) - Kid Ink
    "I'm feeling like the man of the hour, tear down the house, Throwing this money like it's no running out. Okay, but I wanna know, can you get any higher, And drop it down the pole like it's a fire. Now"
  • Stack It Up (ft. Meek Mill) - Alley Boy
    "Pull up on you, blowing on that loud thing Then do whatever Mr. Cho bring You brought them hatin niggas that’s been doubtin me The money stack it up – it look like Yao Ming Yao Ming, Yao Ming These bitches"
  • The Queen, The Meek, And Their Disease - Monday In London
    "You come in at night, you're not ashamed he knows where you've been. The emergence of life from a night on the town in the city of sin. You turn on the lights and that gut feeling comes back again. Sick"
  • I Want The Love (ft. Meek Mill) - Puff Daddy
    "I hate funerals, I love life I hate when I see a whole bunch of people just crying in a funeral on some fake shit They ain't really love a nigger while he was there See, I'm a different type of nigger,"
  • Why of why - ATC
    "Do da n de da n dai (Do da n de da n dai) It's a feeling i got inside Tell me just why oh why Do da n de da n dai Sky is blue and the day is light I look to the sun I see your face and your smile"
  • Why, Why, Why - Billy Currington
    "I've been your lover, I've been your friend I've been your faithful one-woman man I've been your diamond in the rough Now you say you wanna polish me up Why, why, why do you wanna change me now? Ain't"

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