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Meg meyers desire

  • Fred Meyers - Glen Phillips
    "I want to see you sometime Come find me I'll be home I'm just between the Costco And the Barnes and Noble Behind the mom and pop grocery That shut down in the nineties Like all the other locals They smashed"
  • Dieter Meyers Inst. - Kaizers Orchestra
    "Legg meg inn p din avdeling Legg meg inn p klinikken Eg er sikker eg er gal De tok i fr meg alt eg var Legg meg inn, legg meg inn p klinikken For eg fr aldri tilbake alt det som var Det blei som"
  • Desire - Meg Myers
    "baby, i want to touch you i wanna breathe into your will see, i gotta to hunt you i gotta to bring you to my hell baby, i wanna fuck you i wanna feel you in my bones boy, i'm gonna love you i'm gonna tear"
  • Meg - Jodi Benson
    "If there's a prize for rotten judgement. I guess I've already won that. No man is worth the aggravation. That's ancient history been there done that. (Muses) Who'd ya think you're kidding? He's the earth"
  • Lori Meyers - NOFX
    "lori meyers used to live upstairs our parents had been friends for years almost every afternoon we'd play forbidden games at nine years old there's no such thing as shame it wasn't recognition of her"
  • Slepp Meg - Lumsk
    "Slepp meg smund Du hel'ki meg i hand kjem ho Hukbrud knusar deg under si tonn Slepp meg smund du hel'ki meg i fang kjerm hon mor mi et up kvar kristen mann Slepp meg, slepp du meg ded vil eg dig rde Slepp"
  • Apokalyps Meg - Kaizers Orchestra
    "Til alt som kryper og lager riper I lakken eg har smurt over heile kroppen Til du som ler og smiler nr du kriger Og etter sju ddelige synder higer Prv om det virker p meg med din smiger Forfr meg som"
  • Meg White - Ray LaMontagne
    "Meg White You're alright In fact I think you're pretty swell Can't you tell? Meg White Such a pretty thing I saw your face on the cover Of a magazine Someday I'd like To take a walk with you maybe ride"
  • Stakkars Meg - Hellbillies
    "Eg 'kji nokon diktar, men sende nkle ord om koss ein stakkar har det her ved eit kjkenbord. Du flutte burti Valdres, det skjedde i ein fei. Det syns eg va forgale, du va so snill og grei! Men alt eg"
  • Meg Ryan - Self
    "I'm beginning to believe That I can never form my own opinions Secretly, I've decided to believe That I'm Polynesian originally I want the air set to 70 degrees I want pineapples and sugar as the major"
  • Desire - Holly Valance
    "Late night Party time All around me The room is jumping This feeling I can't contain it Got me reeling Our bodies pumping Your eyes move Like on my body And the headlights The heat is rising Nothing that"
  • Desire - Murray McLauchlan
    "Desire, but you can't have what you want... And you want it so bad Desire is burning you out You want it all right in your hand Desire you haven't ever got enough Of the right stuff, the right stuff Desire Sets"
  • Desire - U2
    "(Yeah) Lover, I'm on the street Gonna go where the bright lights And the big city meet With a red guitar...on fire Desire She's a candle burning in my room Yeah I'm like the needle, needle and spoon Over"
  • Desire - Toad The Wet Sprocket
    "I want to be clean, I want to be whole I want revenge, I want control I want to give up, I want to give in Destroy all I have been I want to be cruel, I want to be cold I want to a chance to sell my soul I"
  • Desire - Lisa Chappell
    "I don't want to think, I just want to feel escape in your arms, splash around in your skin 'cause you woke me up from a sleep so deep that now I can't live not without you Let me run through the night"
  • Desire - Jeremy Camp
    "You want to be real, you want to be empty inside You want to be someone laying down your pride You want to be someone someday Then lay it all down before the king You want to be whole, you want to have"
  • Desire - Years & Years
    "I must be tough I must behave, I must keep fighting Don't give it up I want to keep us compromising Open your arms and pray To the truth that you're denying Give in to the game To the sense that you've"
  • Desire - En Vogue
    "Oom baby, oom baby, oom baby, oom baby Oom baby, oom baby, oom baby, oom baby Hey you baby A feeling I can't control Is haunting me when you're not home A feeling roams deep inside There really is"
  • Desire - Everything Everything
    "I want this planet And I want it now To beat like an anvil til the poisonous out I am a pencil-pusher with pencil-pusher blues What the hell do I have left to lose And I can’t stop now Can you do the"
  • Desire - Ryan Adams
    "Two hearts fading, like a flower. And all this waiting, for the power. For some answer, to this fire. Sinking slowly. The waters higher. Desire With no secrets. No obsession. This time I'm speeding"

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