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  • Bobby Fischer - Deathbot
    "So I lost my mind One more time And they tell me hey 'it'll be on its way' But they stole my heart Been years apart But maybe hey Ill get to play again someday Bobby Fischer You're a cold blooded killer You're"
  • Search For Bobby Fischer - Dilated Peoples
    "Yo.. it's like this man Every once in a while when motherfuckers pop off at the lip Somebody get brought into this shit that don't have nuttin to do with this shit right? But none the less You wanna start"
  • Capri-Fischer - Paola
    "Wenn bei Capri die rote Sonne im Meer versinkt und vom Himmel die gold'ne Sichel des Mondes blinkt, zieh'n die Fischer mit ihren Botten aufs Meer hinaus, und sie legen im weiten Bogen die Netze aus. Nur"
  • Der Fischer - Die Irrlichter
    "Das Wasser rauscht', das Wasser schwoll ein Fischer sa daran, sah nach dem Angel ruhevoll, khl bis ans Herz hinan; und wie er sitzt und wie er lauscht, teilt sich die Flut empor, aus dem bewegten Wasser"
  • Snowflakes Of Love (Brent Fischer Instrumental, Bonus Track) - Toni Braxton
    "Toni Braxton Snowflakes of Love On this day, snowy day Let me thank you for the joy you've given to me... I'm so happy.. I have snowflakes of love smiling down on me Winter bliss when we kiss Every"
  • Whether Or Not The World Gets Better (Duet With Lisa Fischer) - Luther Vandross
    "We don't play any games, my girl and I We get by on the high of love And there's no time to spend on doubt or wondering 'Cause no one else could I ever love You see the world outside can be cold and very"
  • Der Fischer Und Der Boss - Reinhard Mey
    "Der Fischer lehnt am Ruderhaus und sieht ber den Bug Den wehenden Schaumkronen nach und folgt dem Wolkenflug Der Kutter liegt im Hafen vorn und achtern gut vertut Ein Tief berm Atlantik, da kommt starker"
  • Haters - Fischer-Z
    "I hate you. And you hate me. I hate the world, so that makes three. Haters....Haters....Haters....Haters.... You read my words. I read yours. They read our words. That makes four. Haters....Haters....Haters....Haters.... "
  • The Crank - Fischer-Z
    "I write a letter every day I don't believe a word I say. Curare Ball points in my hand I like to shock my fellow man. I often like to yell abuse. At helpless strangers on the tubes. I've got a"
  • Multinationals Bite - Fischer-Z
    "You're no anarchist You're not extreme. But you threaten them. With your dream. So be careful. Multinationals bite bite bite. They'll destroy you. Overnight. I hear wardrums (Picking up pieces of blood"
  • You'll Never Find Brian Here - Fischer-Z
    "Oh you'll never find Brian here. He didn't come home tonight. They telephoned us from school. Oh, he's run away again... Oh, he's run away again. Oh you'll never find Brian here. He warned us that you"
  • Room Service - Fischer-Z
    "Oh dear Rosanna, what shall I do? I calles room service and they sent along you. You came in, met me with a grin, if only you knew...It's all right... You don't speak English, I don't know Chinese. "
  • Four Minutes In Durham (With You) - Fischer-Z
    "I watch you prepare for the evening, there's cream in the palm of your hand. Your lips moving together and all my emotions expand. Don't rely on leniency, if you mess around with me. And don't deny"
  • Marguerite - Fischer-Z
    "I could easily stay in bed for years But that was never my ambition And keep the curtains drawn all day And watch the children's television Don't treat me gently I'm still alive. Marguerite Yourcenar"
  • Bathroom Scenario - Fischer-Z
    "Everywhere I go. I find birthpills in the bathroom. Part of the scenery. Have you had one today? No longer shocking. The inside of handbags. Used to be hidden. Now out on display. Professional women Who"
  • Lies - Fischer-Z
    "Lies, lies, lies, lies, You say you're a doctor of minds, Don't stick that syringe in my arm, "It's just medication to help you calm down, it really won't do any harm". Lies, lies, lies, lies. "
  • Going Deaf For A Living - Fischer-Z
    "No one's young push me on much further beyond where I want to go. My foolish error was too care too much, I've got to keep my head down. I've reached my limit and I'm way past, way past going back. "
  • Pickup, Slip Up - Fischer-Z
    "Why can't you take me for a ride? Why can't I take someone like you outside? Do you like Italian meals that lunger all night long. All night long....All night long....All night long....All night long.... "
  • Red Skies Over Paradise - Fischer-Z
    "My hand reached down for the radio. I held it up to my ear. The beads of sweat gathered on my head and trickeld down. Out in the park children were playing. Though it was dark... the sky glowed red. People"
  • What Other People Say - Demi Lovato & Sam Fischer
    "Thought when i grew up I would be the same as the ones who gave me Last name I would not give in I would not partake In the same old drugs everyone else takes I am better than that /2x I am living my"

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