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  • Melanie - Puhdys
    "Sie war wie alle andren war'n Voll Lebensdurst, doch unerfahr'n. In ihren Augen brannte heiss die Glut, die Glut, die Glut. Wo was los war, war auch sie. Man nannte sie nur Melanie. Sie ging die Wege zwischen"
  • Melanie - Toto
    "Watching Driving through the night I'm all alone Empty Endless road A thousand miles to go Midnight Five million thoughts Passing in a row Will you Still be waiting there? God only knows I can"
  • Melanie - Guster
    "Melanie is smiling at the sky If it were up to me I'd give everything for that Oh... There's so many that claim to know divine Is it stupid to think am i jealous missing that? Would you be? Would you define? Being"
  • Melanie - Donna Summer
    "Melanie is sweeta vision on her feetso young so faira bridge of ironstanding tall between two parted spheresshe's a novelty of realitythough she tried so hardmy sweet darling MelanieShe's glad for what"
  • Melanie - Celine Dion
    "Mlanie Pardonnes-moi si je t'appelle ainsi Mais les chagrins sont des millions Et je rassemble en un seul nom Tous les enfants de ma chanson Les enfants qui sont au bord de la nuit Les enfants qui ne deviendront"
  • Melanie Davis - Supergrass
    "Melanie Davis stands all alone in her room, Feeling unsteady 'cos when you're alone, you're alone, Do you need someone, I need anyone, Do you need someone, I need everyone, Light up a fire, trying to"
  • Let Me - Melanie Durant - Britney Spears
    "My love, let me be with you Hold back the rhythym for me Boy I had a dream last night and we were on a beach Basking in the paradise the sand beneath our feet Sunshine in my face and I am golden"
  • Melanie B. Word Up - Spice Girls
    "Come on, baby Yeah, ey ey Ow Yeah, ey ey All pretty ladies around the world Got a weird thing to show you, so tell all the boys and girls Tell your brother, your sister, and your mama too 'Cause we're"
  • Loving You (feat. Melanie C) - Matt Cardle
    "Leave your door open, I wanna come over The night is only young I wanna get under your body Take you over, come undone But why do we only give it up? Give it up in the dark Cause I can't help thinking It's"
  • Specjanie dla Melanie i Donalda Trumpa - Andrzej Rosiewicz
    "Melanie Here is love song I sing for you under balcony Melanie Hear is love song he sings for you under mon cheri You’re my Juliette I’m your Romeo You will always hear my love song Wherever you go Melanie"
  • Melanie Banks Where Can You Be? - Diesel Boy
    "Melanie Banks where can you be? I haven't seen you since our graduation day And the years keep floating by Are you doing well? Is everything alright? Remember our crazy night After senior prom We were"
  • Bachelor Boy/When Gary Married Melanie - The Toy Dolls
    "When I was young my father said "Son I have something to say," and what he told me I'll never forget, until my dying day. He said, "Son you are a bachelor boy and that's the way to stay, son you are a"
  • Melanie C-Here It Comes Again - Spice Girls
    ""Here It Comes Again" Hey, don't you worry, everything's alright you know We're gonna be just fine If the rain crashes down over you I will love you dry There is nobody in this world could ever take me"
  • Nothing Really Matters (ft. Melanie Fontana) - tyDi
    "Didn’t I? Didn’t I always give you? Didn’t I? Didn’t I always show you? Didn’t I? Didn’t I make you believe you were the one for me But you did, but you did never listen I don’t know if there was something"
  • Around The World (feat. Melanie C) - Alex Christensen & The Berlin Orchestra
    "The kisses of the sun were sweet I didn't blink I let in my eyes like an exotic dream the radio plays it songs that i have never heard I don't know what to say ohh not another word just lalalalala it goes"
  • Fight Through It - Melanie Fiona
    "(Nowa piosenka Melanie Fiony "Fight Through It" nie zapowiada trzeciej studyjnej płyty artystki, ale specjalny mixtape - "Catch the Throne". Znajdzie się na nim piętnaście kompozycji najróżniejszych gwiazd,"
  • Sweet Sorrow - Doane Melanie
    "Sweet morning takes you away Sweet nothings we try to say Only music fills the space Only sadness on my face Sweet Sorrow Parting is such sweet sorrow Sweet misery I love your company But one day it's"
  • Did It Ever Occur To You - Landau James E.F
    "MELANIE Did it ever occur to you That when the two of us are around, Everything else looks like specks of dirt to you, Just passing by The nighttime sky And psychedelic sparks fall to the ground? Everything"
  • I Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Doane Melanie
    "So dear to me Always keep me company Who needs to go outside I will be your silent bride I can't take my eyes off you Nothing ever needs to be said You send your message right into my head You fill me"
  • Lonely - Tom Waits
    "Lonely, lonely, lonely Lonely eyes, lonely face Lonely, lonely in your place, lonely Lonely, lonely eyes, lonely face Lonely, lonely in your place I thought that I knew All that their was to lonely Lonely,"

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