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Melania martines soup

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Melania martines soup

  • Soup - Discount
    "When reason makes a trip to the other side, we slip under the cover, swim in the town's tide. let go just to discover how little we know about each other, how often we avoid each other's eyes. it's like"
  • Soup - Blind Melon
    "The clothesline of cold eyesis washing away the face beforeNow tell me what's wrong you see everyone's goneYou gotta do your best to decorate this dying' dayThis dying' dayAll over a bowl of bitter beansAll"
  • Heartbreak Soup - Razorlight
    "Alphabet soup, it was alphabet soup Which learned me to talk, when that was all I could do Which turned one complication into the next Gave me more confusion than I'd ever expect And I never got better,"
  • Hot Soup - Da Vinci's Notebook
    "You can whistle a tune Buy a balloon You can even eat a bagel with a silver spoon But you just can't eat hot soup with your bare hands You can hang like a bat Dance with your cat You can even use your"
  • Ketchup Soup - Teen Idols
    "It may be hard when it's just me and you Hope makes a meal when we eat Ketchup soup I know it's hard when we sell plasma to pay for dinner I promise it'll all pay off some day It's funny No Money Makes"
  • The soup - Regina Spektor
    "The soup, the soup, the soup, the soup...The soup was hot and split pea and on the stoveAnd michael and marry and bugsy and buster were occupiedThe pictures as clear as an illusion in their mindAnd the"
  • Soup Kitchen - Dri
    "Vicious circle's got me down Days turn into weeks of hanging out Got to shake these soup kitchen blues Growing tired of barley cabbage stew And there being nothing Nothing new to do Dumb and hungry, we"
  • Pumpkin Soup - Patrick Wolf
    "Sometimes in the evening ii find a green spot in this town And i hide myself thinking of those circling skies it takes me back to another time of duffel coats And drawing lines in the late september"
  • Onion Soup - 22 Pistepirkko
    "My hoover is howling all those dirty clothes keeps spinning in the endless typhoon. Plummer keeps me waiting feels like dust never sleeps. I asked for my dearest hey honey how are you are we gonna have"
  • Onion Soup - Pretty Things
    "I've got onions in my soup I've got zebra in my zoo I've got airplanes in my sky Without you I will die Chorus Everybody says you're leaving If you do you know it'll surely break my heart I've got bad"
  • Soup Song - Robert Wyatt
    "There's a mushroom on my eyelid, There's a carrot down my back, I can see in the distance a vast quantity of beans. To you I'm just a flavour to make your soup taste nice. Oh my God! Here come the onions"
  • Alphabet Soup - Bell X1
    "I should have known By the arc of the empty wine glass I should have known 'Cos you step on, don't walk over cracks Looking over my shoulder To see you looking back over yours But you were paying"
  • Miso Soup - Tegomass
    "Just another same old day Picking up the same old food The dinner from the shelf I got used to eating alone Just by myself But something makes me feel kind of tired Another package arrived with a note Asking"
  • Alphabet Soup - Sesame Street
    "Narrator: While fishing for dinner one day, a boy caught a big letter A. He then caught a B, a C, D, and E, and an F, G, H, I, J and K. Unhappy, the boy sat and thought-- Boy: I can't eat these letters"
  • S. Soup - Sebadoh
    "I like saying yes and watching you take I don't need to sleep or eat, I smoke a thousand cigarettes These days are so nurturing When you're gone I'll eat and sleep away My days again Crazy people are right"
  • Onion Soup - Vic Chesnutt
    "thin and unshaved, drunk and mysterious ooh, I must say lifestyle is curious with a little touch of the sniffles and filthy socks gnawed, crumbled fingernails never doing tomahawk chops a flaky head dandruff"
  • Alphabet Soup - Laika
    "Silence please now I don't want a word Got deep in trouble And my hands got burnt Ain't nobody love me That's how I got here With pockets full of nothing And a head full of fear You broke a heart a many"
  • Barometer Soup - Jimmy Buffett
    "Follow in my wake You've not that much at stake For I have plowed the seas And smoothed the troubled waters Come along let's have some fun The hard work has been done We'll barrel roll into the sun Just"
  • Alphabet Soup - One.Be.Lo
    "(Intro One.Be.Lo) (female) (Now Lo, how did this all start for you?) I mean, it started for me, you know, watchin the Fat Boys Listenin to the Fat Boys beatbox on the radio and, you know Seein Turbo and"
  • Duck Soup - Danny
    "Y'all cats can't examine my stamina I flow greater than eight of your favorite Rap individuals Trappin', I did it too...but not kilos of coke More like these MC's in a chokehold Gee whiz I'm loco, disregardin'"

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