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Melanie C Im So Excited

  • Excited - Marques Houston
    "I wish that I could explain it, just why my heart won't slow down Girl your body so amazing, tryna chill but I don't know how Call me crazy but I know it's love is what I'm feelin' Just one simple touch"
  • I'm So Excited - Melanie C
    "Tonight's the night we're gonna make it happen Tonight we'll put all other things aside Give in this time and show me some affection We're going for those pleasures in the night I want to love you, feel"
  • Melanie - Puhdys
    "Sie war wie alle andren war'n Voll Lebensdurst, doch unerfahr'n. In ihren Augen brannte heiss die Glut, die Glut, die Glut. Wo was los war, war auch sie. Man nannte sie nur Melanie. Sie ging die Wege zwischen"
  • Melanie - Toto
    "Watching Driving through the night I'm all alone Empty Endless road A thousand miles to go Midnight Five million thoughts Passing in a row Will you Still be waiting there? God only knows I can"
  • Melanie - Donna Summer
    "Melanie is sweeta vision on her feetso young so faira bridge of ironstanding tall between two parted spheresshe's a novelty of realitythough she tried so hardmy sweet darling MelanieShe's glad for what"
  • Melanie - Guster
    "Melanie is smiling at the sky If it were up to me I'd give everything for that Oh... There's so many that claim to know divine Is it stupid to think am i jealous missing that? Would you be? Would you define? Being"
  • Melanie C-Here It Comes Again - Spice Girls
    ""Here It Comes Again" Hey, don't you worry, everything's alright you know We're gonna be just fine If the rain crashes down over you I will love you dry There is nobody in this world could ever take me"
  • Around The World (feat. Melanie C) - Alex Christensen & The Berlin Orchestra
    "The kisses of the sun were sweet I didn't blink I let in my eyes like an exotic dream the radio plays it songs that i have never heard I don't know what to say ohh not another word just lalalalala it goes"
  • So excited (Hood remix) - Khia
    "Oh My GodIs This The My Neck My Back Girl Again?Always Talking About Pussy Is You Hungry?Can I Give You A Treat?I Got You Lickin On My Body Like Its Something To EatIs You Hungry?Can I Give You A Treat?I"
  • Excited - M People
    "You walk on in and my heart catches fire. My head explodes with visions of desire. Mmm, you touch my heart, oh you, you tear me apart. I can't even think, you touch me and I, I... I get so excited, I"
  • Excited - Bad Company
    "Bad Company Dangerous Age Excited I've had enough of watching everything you do It's just too much, I feel I'm going crazy over you When you smile, I'm burning with a hundred flames You're my dream, and"
  • Excited - Doobie Brothers
    "Week by week, day by dayYou got me changin' in so many waysThinking of you I feel the callSomebody get a doctorI'm starting to fall I get excited don't you understandI get excited 'cause it's part of the"
  • Excited - The Doobie Brothers
    "T. Johnston/J.L. Williams Week by week, day by day You got me changin' in so many ways Thinking of you I feel the call Somebody get a doctor I'm starting to fall I get excited don't you understand I"
  • Excited - Little Birdy
    "I'm excited to be with you Latches off the lie I'm running from In my life Love you wanna change Take it so you're all alone for A long time It's love you had the love you had a long long time I can't"
  • Excited - Bubbles
    "Want it to be like a fairytale Where the boy gets the girl in a ponytail Like in the movies there's always a happy ending So lets get away on a motorship We can go on a beach we can take a dip And it's"
  • Excited - Beatsteaks
    "I'd sell myself to get excited. There ain't no car I can't get started. And if you want to be a part of it you can share my dream and get lost. There ain't no way to stay a smart boy. If you crack up who's"
  • Excited - Mr. Shadow
    "(Mr. Lil One) (Laughing) Hey Shadow (Mr. Shadow) Sup Dawg (Mr. Lil One) See that mothaf**ka over there tryin to mad doggin He's lookin like the sun's up in his face You know why (Mr. Shadow) What's"
  • So Excited - Christine McVie
    "Written by Christine McVie, Todd Sharp, and Billy Burnette Well, I'm so excited My baby is on his way I just can't wait I can't wait another day Well, I know any minute He'll be knockin' on my front"
  • So Excited - Idols Teen
    "Tonight's the night we're gonna make it happen, Tonight we'll put all other things aside. Give in this time and show me some affection, We're going for those pleasures in the night. I want to love you,"
  • So Excited - Stevie Ray Vaughan
    "As far as I know, the only time Stevie sang the lyrics of this song was on March 18, 1985 in Manor Downs, Manor, TX. Well, I'm so excited, darlin'... every time I think of you so excited, baby every time"

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