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  • Loving You (feat. Melanie C) - Matt Cardle
    "Leave your door open, I wanna come over The night is only young I wanna get under your body Take you over, come undone But why do we only give it up? Give it up in the dark Cause I can't help thinking It's"
  • Water - Melanie C
    "I've been waiting all my life to fly so high Unbeliable, now the sun is shining in my life Every day I want you more, we will endure Anything they say, anything they throw away Stronger now than yesterday Feel"
  • Melanie C-Here It Comes Again - Spice Girls
    ""Here It Comes Again" Hey, don't you worry, everything's alright you know We're gonna be just fine If the rain crashes down over you I will love you dry There is nobody in this world could ever take me"
  • Around The World (feat. Melanie C) - Alex Christensen & The Berlin Orchestra
    "The kisses of the sun were sweet I didn't blink I let in my eyes like an exotic dream the radio plays it songs that i have never heard I don't know what to say ohh not another word just lalalalala it goes"
  • C. Columbus - Hammet Melanie
    "some men are born with strong hearts that raging tides won't tear apart but not me i am Christopher Columbus it was 1987 when i sailed away to the edge of my sea it was an uncertain start i was born with"
  • Melanie - Puhdys
    "Sie war wie alle andren war'n Voll Lebensdurst, doch unerfahr'n. In ihren Augen brannte heiss die Glut, die Glut, die Glut. Wo was los war, war auch sie. Man nannte sie nur Melanie. Sie ging die Wege zwischen"
  • Melanie - Toto
    "Watching Driving through the night I'm all alone Empty Endless road A thousand miles to go Midnight Five million thoughts Passing in a row Will you Still be waiting there? God only knows I can"
  • Melanie - Guster
    "Melanie is smiling at the sky If it were up to me I'd give everything for that Oh... There's so many that claim to know divine Is it stupid to think am i jealous missing that? Would you be? Would you define? Being"
  • Melanie - Donna Summer
    "Melanie is sweeta vision on her feetso young so faira bridge of ironstanding tall between two parted spheresshe's a novelty of realitythough she tried so hardmy sweet darling MelanieShe's glad for what"
  • Melanie - Celine Dion
    "Mlanie Pardonnes-moi si je t'appelle ainsi Mais les chagrins sont des millions Et je rassemble en un seul nom Tous les enfants de ma chanson Les enfants qui sont au bord de la nuit Les enfants qui ne deviendront"
  • Melanie Davis - Supergrass
    "Melanie Davis stands all alone in her room, Feeling unsteady 'cos when you're alone, you're alone, Do you need someone, I need anyone, Do you need someone, I need everyone, Light up a fire, trying to"
  • Water - Mel C
    ""I've been waiting all my life to fly so high Unbelievable, now the sun is shining in my life Every day I want you more, we will endure Anything they say, anything they throw away Stronger now than yesterday Feel"
  • C. Purpose - Deep Puddle Dynamics
    "chorus: "i tippy-toe across your dream each night, so as not to wake you." sole: odd mannerisms, strictly cultured, with a compilation contorted jigsaw puzzle. these shoes were made to tip-toe through"
  • C-Minor - Me Without You
    "Our house wrapped in disrepair, A small mouse peeked out from a hole beneath the stairs nearby to where my dad sat in his favorite chair, Thinking about the gov't and muttering a prayer I scattered some"
  • I Want Candy - Melanie C
    "I know a girl who's tough but sweet She's so fine she can't be beat Got everything that I desire Sets the summer sun on fire I want candy I want candy Ought to see her with her hair hung down Ain't no"
  • Overload - Melanie C
    "How long can i float In shark infasted water? No rosking the boat Don’t move Sit quiet The way i oughta I don’t wanna be your acceptable versin of me I do better alone Cos you know You’re being careless"
  • Forever Again - Melanie C
    "Sometimes I try sometimes I don't Sometimes the way I feel inside is gonna show You know we're all the same I know you're tired you try to talk But you think I don't hear you anymore Here it comes again But"
  • Good Girl - Melanie C
    "I feel so bad Never felt like this, about anything, I never have, no Please, don't tell me that What's lost is lost, it's never gonna come back home I walk in circles when there's no one around Try"
  • I Wish - Melanie C
    "Lookin back on when I Was a little nappy-headed boy Then my only worry Was for Christmas what would be my toy Even though we sometimes would not get a thing We were happy with the joy the day would bring Sneaking"
  • Fire Water - Big Punisher
    "(feat. Fat Joe, Armageddon, Raekwon) (That's how the east side gets down, word up!) (4:30 in the morning, mira you know what I mean, mira let's get this money sorted and counted, word know what I mean,"

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