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  • Melty Love - Shazna
    "Melty Love Melty Love Melty Love.... Melty Love Melty Love Melty Love.... Melty Love Melty Love Melty Love.... Melty Love Melty Love Melty Love.... kimiga akogareteta koi wo ima oikaketeyukouka tatoeba"
  • Autonomy Melts - Agathocles
    "the older you get, the deeper you get sucked in sucked into society, your autonomy melts freedom a joke, follow their rules and choke your autonomy melts, strapped by society's belts autonomy melts, autonomy"
  • Patty Melts - Candypants
    "The nicest boy in town says Patty hello And she turns and walks away She has some better thing to do But when another boy comes strolling along And he's bitter and forlorn Like an April snow she's through In"
  • The Icicle Melts - Dolores O'Riordan
    "When When will the icicle melt, And when When will the picture show end I should not have read the papers today 'Cause a child,child he was taken away There's a place for the baby that died And there's"
  • The Icicle Melts - The Cranberries
    "When When will the icicle melt, And when When will the picture show end I should not have read the paper today Cause a child, child he was taken away There's a place for the baby that cried And there's"
  • Sorud-e-Melli - Hymn Afganistanu
    "Da watan Afghanistan di Da ezzat de har Afghan di kor de soli kor de tori har baczi je kahraman di da watan di tolo kor di de baloczo, de uzbako de Pasztun aw hazarwu de Turkmano de Tadżeko worsara Arab,"
  • Metal melts the ice - Jag Panzer
    "Yea, I'm out to get you Get inside your brain Gonna unleash my lust Try to drive you insane Can you feel my power? Pulsing in your head I'm a vicious tiger Roaming across the land You know it's over When"
  • Quick, Before It Melts - Cinerama
    "And when you said: "I've got nothing on beneath this dress", that was such great flirting! I usually find such candidness sort of disconcerting But you said: "I don't wear underwear because it leaves a"
  • As the candle melts away - Insania
    "You are like the ground Collect my thoughts and My emotions just like the earth - Droplets for the spring You lead everything I am You lead everything I got Through and out of the dark Into the overflowin'"
  • Our Candle Melts Away - To/Die/For
    "We bled all we had Wouldn't like to bleed again We have suffered too much Wouldn't like to suffer anymore There is no hope in our souls Only cold chilling our bones Ones with misery Ruining life for evermore"
  • Ice That Melts The Tips - Curve
    "Blue, I'm blue as the water It's true, I'm cleaner than the air You breathe, I'm clearer than sunsets And the picture, of that woman in your heart Push me into (...) Push me into (...) I'm Cold, I'm colder"
  • KICKS! - Mell
    "aishiteru yori gomen to iwasete zetsubou no mae ni kitsuketa tsunde taoshita shiawase hirou soredemo kimi ni furetai yurushi no kaze ga fuku rizumu akumu ga sari chi no hate ni hitori michi o fusagu"
  • No vain - Mell
    "Inner world carry on me wo honoka ni tojite In the world chain of pain vomit futo kasanaru wagami amai noroshi wo sasagete hana, kakussabaku yoko de kenryouku no abura ni inoritakikuberu tami wa nee, nan"
  • Red Fraction - Mell
    "I have a big gun I took it from my Lord Sick with Justice I just wanna feel you Im your angel Only a ring away You make me violate you No matter who you are Its all up to you No one lives forever Been"
  • Rideback - Mell
    "Squeez'n step on it hard Try to feel my heart beat High, as high as you can All your blood will turn to fountain water We're surrounded by plot in this universe Wash away the stain of blood with tears We"
  • Virgin's High - Mell
    "Please call it ready, sky-girls ! Raising for these. Don't worry, we are the sky-girls ! Do what to do. tereta me wo koutetsu no hada (tsutsunde kakushite) FIITTO shita FIIDAA nigireba (hikazu ni"
  • Love Melts Even The Coldest Hearts - Sherrie Austin
    "I've spent some time on the hurtin' side Of a love that only let me down You've been alone out there on your own Tryin' to find something you never found I thought for sure I had given up 'Til I felt the"
  • The Snow It Melts the Soonest - Anne Briggs
    "Oh the snow it melts the soonest when the winds begin to sing And the corn it ripens fastest when the frosts are setting in And when a young man tells me that my face he'll soon forget Before we part,"
  • Lost Another Soldier (Tribute To Big Mello) - Z-RO
    "I really hate it that we lost another soldier Time and time, it seems this world be getting colder You never really know when your time gon be over It feel like it's forever riding on our shoulders Why"
  • 6 Kiss (ft. Juice WRLD, YNW Melly) - Trippie Redd
    "pourin up fours mud in my cup won’t look at the past it’s behind us fallin’ on the bottomless pit find up life is a purge sound of the sirens do whatever I want don’t give a fuck life my life I got your"

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