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Memories of of dreams

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Memories of of dreams

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Memories of of dreams
  • Gabry Ponte Memories
    "Memories in my dreams Memories of what I've seen Memories every time I hear that magic melody Memories of days gone by Memories of you and I Memories every night Until theres nothing in my mind Memories..."
  • Joey Albert Memories
    "Seems like I just touch your hand Feels like I've known you so long Dreams like the ones that we made out of sand Made out of fire, burning strong And it seems like the day has not passed Feels like you've"
  • Maggie Reilly Memories
    "(Memories) (Memories) Falling through the space between our dreams Absence is a way to let us know And never understand what leaving means But some things have to break and let it go Memories won't let"
  • George Jones Memories
    "MEMORIES Almost every Sunday we'd gather around the home place That's badly in need of my mamma's loving hand Us kids we offered everything from easy chairs to money But his pride won't let us lend a"
  • Sunny Side Up Memories
    "Turn around and face the crowd, order of the day take the blame and close your eyes, let it slip away where is the shining light, where is the face in the rain faith is like burning sand, think they are"
  • 10CC Memories
    "The summers were longer, they went on forever Oh and the sky so blue We never worried about anything We didn't question the nature of things We didn't want to know Talking in whispers and wondering Oh"
  • Akashic Memories
    "Before the dawning breath Wander in my deepest thoughts, I still remember There was a time on earth, People thought they were so strong They were so fearless Winds of sadness brought reminescences to me Long"
  • MaveRick Memories
    "Memories of a real world where I live my fantasy of love nothing more in my dreams you will be like a stranger in my life There's a girl doesn't know what to do to believe that in my heart she's always"
  • Kathy Mattea Train Of Memories
    "Every time you come around I hear that lonesome sound Ooh, train of memories Boxcars go flying by With all my dreams inside Ooh, train of memories I see you waving Hear you say goodbye Rollin' down"
  • Frank Sinatra Memories of you
    "Waking skies - at sunrise Every sunset too Seems to be - bringing me Memories of you Here and there - every where Scenes that we once knew And they all - just recall Memories of you (Oh) How I wish I could"
  • Bette Midler Memories Of You
    "Why can't I forget like I should? Heaven knows I would if I could. But I just can't keep you off my mind. Though you're gone, I have to explain, all around me you still remain. Wonder why fate should"
  • Jeannie C. Riley Box Of Memories
    "The class reunion invitation was delivered to me today It brought back burning mem'ries of a happy yesterday I went to my cedar chest got down on my knees The chest that once was full of hope is now a"
  • Cryptopsy Memories Of Blood
    "I awake remembering nothing the next day, my nostrils assailed by the stench of decay Dreams of dismemberment, fantasies of torture Mopping up affords me a reminiscense of death; Gooey bits and"
  • Dreamtale Memories Of Time
    "Time is running so fast This moment that you live Instantly everything is past And you wonder where the time has gone When you were young You thought I can do that tomorrow But in moments the years have"
  • Enslaved Storm Of Memories
    "In the land described as the beyond In lack of better directional insight Something stirs and leaps Casual roads of reason intersect Conceptual wormholes in the lawless black In ancient matter Unknown"
  • George Jones Book of memories
    "You've stolen my world from under me my cheating end deceving meAnd now you've gone and set me free it's in my book of memoriesInside the book of pages black with photographs that take me backI hide the"
  • Perry Como Toselli's Serenade (Dreams And Memories)
    "Dreams and memories, Are all that you've left me, Only lonely thoughts, About the one I worship and adore! Dreams and memories, Are what I must live with, Sad remembering, Of golden moments that"
  • House Of Krazees Violent Memories
    "Nuthin in my mind but violent memories Oh shit how can it be Preminitions of me shootin heroine in my vain Call me insane Never knw what i did could be labeled As horror bitch suck my dick Memories did"
  • Garden Of Shadows Citadel Of Dreams
    "When the cerulean sky Is painted over with crimson And the sun descends into the horizon When the moon sings oneiric serenades And we are coaxed into lethargy Its seductive power enchants us And opens"
  • Van Morrison Memories
    "Memories All I have is memories All I have is memories Memories of you Now you're gone They linger on, these memories All these precious memories Memories of you How they linger in the twilight In the"

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