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Men i love

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Men i love

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Men i love
  • The Dodos Men
    "This is the sign I use to wear This is the line It says I care I found a reason I found a tear Last year I am a boy You are a man I am indifferent You want a plan I'm getting out I'm getting there Next"
  • Men Without Hats Hey Men
    "Hey! Somebody told me to live is a lie But I know better got a woman inside Tells me things that I should understand 'Cause I know better even though I'm a man So many things go in so many ways Every"
  • Etta James The men I love
    "Someday he'll come along The man I love And he'll be big and strong The man I Love And when he comes my way I'll do my best to make him stay He'll look at me and smile I'll understand And in a little while He'll"
  • Few Good Men Few Good Men
    "Have i never, told you i love you? Have i never, told you i care? Have i never, told you how much i need you? Have i ever, ever not been there? If i never, told you i care Girl i swear to you, it's not"
  • Cole Porter I Hate Men
    "I hate men. I can't abide them even now and then. Then ever marry one of them, I'd rest a maiden rather, For husbands are a boring lot that only give you bother. Of course, I'm awful glad that mother had"
  • Chao Manu HOMENS (MEN)
    "Chao Manu Proxima Estacion: Esperanza HOMENS (MEN) Men I like them all Brunettes, mulatos, whities, blondes, blacks But they have to be men There are suckers, short men, fat men ungrateful men, smartasses,"
  • Julie Roberts Men & Mascara
    "Sunday dress hangin' on the bedroom door; Empty bottle of wine on the hardwood floor. Last night, he said she was the one: Oh, but men an' mascara always run. Did I give my love too soon or wait too"
  • Bette Midler Married Men
    "The world is full of married men with wives who never understand. They're looking for someone to share the excitement of a love affair. And just as soon as they find you they'll wine you and dine you. Fly"
  • Abby McDowell Men Wanted
    "Heather has a man, But wants another, But he don't want her. He's got a girl. And that's how the story goes. DJ wants a man. She actually told him, But he's got a girl, Who he loves. And that's how the"
  • Stem Marble Men
    "Tear it off Put it on Play with the mask of being bold Take it up Throw it up Just for once do as you're told So take it up Throw it down Your practice smooth-talk and the smile you don't own You open"
  • Big Mike Made Men
    "Lets lock it up whut,whut Hit the street nigga I been watching these gotti niggaz for while now I like they style and I like they style now I like the way they travel close like a family,huh Tightly knitted,"
  • Kitchens Of Destinction 4 Men
    "Stars are falling down onto this broken-hearted hungry clown because he cannot get his fill. Never thought that he would ever want this much from a man, but love is the steepest sharpest slide. Oh here"
  • Billy Dean Real Men
    "(Billy Dean) I came home from college to see my old man He was sittin' on the porch swing, with a book in his hand He stared at my earring, and at my tattoo He smiled and shook his head and said It's"
  • Fractured Machine Men
    "If it were a science, a product of pain, a machine of flesh with no blood to drain. Two sockets for eyes that see through lies, I am your god and I'll never die. To be human is to feel, when you're hurt"
  • Sporty Thievz Independent Men
    "Yo question tell me what you know about me Got the dice game nothing less than a G Got my own ride and got my own bread Even with the Chick Strap wearin on your head Question, ask me how i feel about chicks Best"
  • Herbert Gr Men
    "Men will open their arms men assure security men will cry in their beer if you don't treat them tenderly so vulnerable, here are the men whatever in the world would the world become without them? men do"
  • Monster Blomster Men
    "Livet byr p muligheter Det gr som det gr S lenge det gr Livet er en prvelse & kampen for rettferdiggjre 1 eksistens Ens eksistens p jorda Men Langt nede i jorda Der bor Faan Der har han gjemt seg S ingen"
  • Alesha Dixon men
    "i like girl poliszmen"
  • Jessica Sutta If I Was a Men
    "If I was a man Just for a day I'd take my time on you That's what a man would do If I was a man Just for a day And once I had my way I'd get up, get up and walk away Uhh, Monday night Tuesday night Friday"
  • Gerald Levert Men Like Us
    "I know it's gonna take someone Who can understand you I know you're tired of all these men lying to you It's gonna take someone Who can really understand your needs I'm not tryin to be a player hater"

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