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Mesum aril dan luna maya

  • Maya & Luna - Mysteries Of Life
    "See A face in a photograph See And now it has come to pass Try to turn it around Don't try To turn it around Don't try It won't be the same All of the regulars moving away And I see Maya and Luna Waving"
  • Maya - Ramses Shaffy
    "Draai om en om en alsmaar om De bergen van de Himalaya Moet zien hoe ik daarboven kom Want boven op de berg woont kleine Maya Oke, beginnen bij de onderste tree Oke, misschien valt het wel heus wel mee Maar"
  • Luna - Lube
    "Da, staia, ia starik, Ia slovno stiortyj klyk, Ne peregryzt' mne pamiat' vol'nykh snov, V nikh pyl davno zatikh, I bol'no b'iut poddykh Glaza moikh druzej, glaza moikh druzej - volkov! Ia rany zalizhu, Ia"
  • Dana Dan - Bloodywood
    "I put a fist through the face of a rapist And yeah, I tape this For the viewing pleasure of the nameless faces he disgraces And yeah one day I may change his kind With my mind, but I won't bow to the"
  • Luna caprese - Dalida
    "Oh cumme cantate 'sta canzone Vuie a suffrite 'e pene de l'amore Capri ve po 'ncant cu 'na parola Tu luna luna tu luna caprese Tous les amants d'un soir toujours se plaisent Ces jours des amoureux prennent"
  • Bianca Luna - Anna Oxa
    "(R.Callero - G.Belleno) Bianca luna neve dal cielo tutto fermo gi qui riposa il cuore sole caldo oro dal cielo questa vita che ci ci riempie il cuore dir con dolci e amari istanti di non lasciarlo andare"
  • Luna Fortuna - Francesco Guccini
    "Notte calda come tante vicino al fiume che canta, aria piena del barlume di un lume fioco in distanza e di lucciole sfuggenti con cui la notte si ammanta. E si ammanta di fantasmi o di un ricordo lontano,"
  • Bella Luna - Jason Mraz
    "Mystery the moon A hole in the sky A supernatural nightlight So full but often right A pair of eyes a closin' one A chosen child of golden sun A marble dog that chases cars To farthest reaches of the beach"
  • Pica Luna - Arab Strap
    "Every man needs a tit to suckle but some days I'm sure my legs will just buckle. Good morning, mister magpie, how's the lady wife? You've been sitting there for years now, studying my life. So you"
  • MAYA - donGuralesko
    "Okiem rozwartym pochłaniam horyzont Klisza wspomnień płodzi mętny film Księstwo tego świata, Paradiso Stąd do drzwi – 5 zielonych mil MAYA To tylko To tylko MAYA Przecie, to tylko MAYA"
  • Maya - Church
    "When, how did you noticeWhy, what can't you seeYeah, if that's all the difference it makesYeah, it makes it all different for meNow you're lost in this momentNow outside of timeNow, now you remember it"
  • Maya - The Church
    "Where, how did you notice Why, what can't you see Yeah, if that's all the difference it makes Yeah, it makes it all different for me Now you're lost in this moment Now outside of time Now, now you remember"
  • Maya - Vandroya
    "I close my eyes, kissed by the morning sun, it's first rays of light Wondering why I am walking in this earth There was dark night, the deepest pain, why I've been so blind? Winters of ice, illusions of"
  • Maya - The Incredible String Band
    "The dust of the rivers does murmur and weep Hard and sharp laughter that cuts to the bone Ah, but ever face within your face does show Going gladly now to give himself his own And twelve yellow willows"
  • Maya - Sugababes
    "Maya this song's for you I have your name print tattooed upon my skin There's so much to say to you And where do I begin? Cos all these prayers must be going somewhere Somewhere I can never trace But"
  • Maya - Zapato 3
    "Como canto de sirena Es tu voz que me envenena Hoy sent que me mirabas Eres fuego y yo soy nada Puedes ver dentro de m Tu nombre es un perfume La ilusión que nos une Hoy sent que me mirabas Eres fuego"
  • Maya - Garret
    "Who can see what is hidden behind the fence Who will tear off the blinds and bring some sense Into this world that became a threat to men Where even prejudice can be blessed with amen? Save all that you"
  • Canto Alla Luna - Nomadi
    "gi mattina e bevo un altro caff guardo le nuvole sopra di me Nella stazione della grande citt Ancora mi chiedo cosa faccio qua Basta torno sulla strada suono la chitarra che magari faccio qualche lira"
  • Notti Senza Luna - Loredana Bert?
    "Notti Senza Luna Nel silenzio della sera sono qua e ascolto una preghiera come f se cercate dentro me forse un cuore di neve c' Come un bacio dell'inferno questo maledetto cuore e un bacio dell'inferno"
  • Canto Alla Luna - Mia Martini
    "Io sto abbaiando come un cale alla luna Anche stasera stessa preghiera Ma chi saspetta una risposta dal cielo Sangue neglocchi e pianto nel seno E che purtroppo il nostro canto alla luna Cade spesso"

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