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Metal Church Into Dust

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Metal Church Into Dust

  • Metal Church - Metal Church
    "Many, many years ago on a distant shore Men did gather secretly beyond a hidden door They travelled long and travelled far Dark into the night Yes, this is the place they've chosen To build the Metal site. Congregation"
  • Into Dust - Metal Church
    "When everything's coming up roses The thorns will still leave scars on my hands Just pour me a scotch and a soda I'll get drunk and I'll act like a man I gotta get some of that magic I hear the voices"
  • Dust - Cypress Hill
    "When people stare at the scene like a machine of the team looking for theme between cracks searching for cream physical image can never be lost never be cleverly read or took on into the search of your"
  • Metal & Dust - London Grammar
    "And so, you built a life on trust Though it starts, with love and lust And when your house, begins to rust Oh it’s just, metal and dust We argue, we don’t fight We argue, we don’t fight And all foundation"
  • Into Dust - Mazzy Star
    "Still falling Breathless and on again Inside today Beside me today Around broken in two Till your eyes shed Into dust Like two strangers Turning into dust Till my hand shook With the way I fear I could"
  • Dirt Into Dust - Dust For Life
    "Not even time can kill me I am the candle that burns an endless flame I breathe the sand of your waiting and all the darkness and hate that you embrace Nothing can buy me Nothing can tie me down Nothing"
  • Church - T-Pain
    "(feat. Teddy Verseti) Ladies and Gentlemen You already know what it is Ok, Yea, Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww shit Im tryin to run in this mutherfcka Im tryin to anyways Got two hard lookin mutherfckers Ca mon I"
  • Church - Lyle Lovett
    "(Lyle Lovett) I went to church last Sunday So I could sing and pray But something quite unusual Happened on that day Now church it started right on time Just like it does without a doubt And everything"
  • Church - Outkast
    "Man, have you ever really wondered Like why are we here? What the meanin to all of this? Sometimes life can keep you down, with your face all in the dirt (HALL-LE-LU-JAH) Now if you feel that left"
  • Dust - Red Delicious
    "I lost myself again I don't know who I am I don't know where you are I must've gone too far And I'm too tired to try and find My way back home now All my love has crumbled into dust I don't know what"
  • Dust - Diamond Head
    "I've tried believin' even tried cheatin' myself of almost everything just to fashion reason out of what must have been nothin' at all Now I can't when exactly I saw through the darkness and into the light Fantastic"
  • Dust - Abby Travis
    "All the little things I've done Will cease to exist when I'm nothing Tears that fell things I've made will degrade When the sun shines All the thoughts I've thought will slip away Others might perceive"
  • Pounded Into Dust - Cannibal Corpse
    "Forces of hate meet Gather for the siege Encircling their foe The raid begins Their revenge is sought Through violence, smashing, killing, stabbing, pounding Iron weapons clash Evil warriors strike Hammers"
  • Brothers Of Metal - Manowar
    "Strike while the iron is hot Steel is strongest so say we all And if we all were not brothers of metal would we fall? No They tried to test our spirit They tasted steel before we were done Grinding their"
  • Dust To Dust - Red Sea
    "Take these fears that bind me Lord, I can't use them any more Life so cold I feel My prayers don't reach the sky no more Formed from the dust of earth and water You kissed the breath of life into me I've"
  • Dust to Dust - Godkiller
    "the day of death is better than the day of one's birth (Ecclesiastes 7:1) better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof (Ecclesiastes 7:8) therefore i went about to cause my heart to despair of"
  • Dust To Dust - Monstrosity
    "Non existent in a plane of void before Merely dust in the winds that form the storm. Now restored as lord of my world Or disperse into a realm of discord. The extraction of my energy Evolution or descend"
  • Into The Dust Of Eden - Graveworm
    "When the moon is full The stars are shining bright Children of the night Following the path Searching for the light The visions of the time As the rain starts falling to the ground The angels flying"
  • New Church - The Adverts
    "Maybe - maybe a fool for trusting. Maybe - maybe a fool for following. The God of wisdom not of love. But I'm riding with the new church. I'm riding with the new church. Relying on the new church, And"
  • New Church - Adverts
    "Maybe - maybe a fool for trusting. Maybe - maybe a fool for following. The God of wisdom not of love. But I'm riding with the new church. I'm riding with the new church. Relying on the new church, And"

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