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Metallica - Lords of Summe

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Metallica - Lords of Summe

  • Lords of Summer - Metallica
    "Sight Pale riders into the night Galloping harder and faster Through your dreaming wake Walk through the fire innate Frost bitten soul below zero Excitation Are you remembering the sound Recall the shaking"
  • Lords of Black - Lords of Black
    "In the shadows I run I will chase you at nightfall Soon you will be so helpless When it's dark, when it's black I'm the mirror you can't lie No one will hear you screaming No more twist of reality Now"
  • Lords On 45 - Lords Of Acid
    "Let's get high and have fun (Crablouse) Sit on your face, I wanna sit on your face Sit on your face, I wanna sit on your face (Rough Sex) Feel the rhythm, feel the soul, Lords of Acid take control Feel"
  • Da Summa - Three 6 Mafia
    "(Lord Infamous) Intro Uh- uhh, the Three 6 Mafia. Loungin' in the studio. Finna' give y'all a little demonstration of how we kick it here in the M-town Finna' drop somethin' like this...... (DJ Paul) See"
  • Purify (Metallica St Anger) - Metallica
    "Tear it down Strip the layers off My turpentine Old pain, old looks Cover up the past White heat, white light Super white bones Bones of you and I Pure if I... Can't you help me? Pure if I... Won't you"
  • Frantic (Metallica St Anger) - Metallica
    "If I could have my wasted days back Would I use them to get back on track? Stop to warm at karmas burning Or look ahead, but keep on turning? Do I have the strength To know how I'll go? Can I find it inside To"
  • My World (Metallica St Anger) - Metallica
    "The motherfuckers got in my head Trying to make me someone else instead It's my world now Mama, why's it rainin' in my room Cheer up boy clouds will move on soon Heavy fog got me lost inside Gonna sit"
  • Invisible Kid (Metallica St Anger) - Metallica
    "Invisible kid Never see what he did Got stuck where he did Fallen through the grid Invisible kid Got a place of his own Where he'll never be known Inward he's grown Invisible kid Locked away in his brain From"
  • Dirty Window (Metallica St Anger) - Metallica
    "I see my reflection in the window It looks different, so different than what you see Projecting judgment on the world This house is clean baby This house is clean Am I who I think I am? Am I who I think"
  • Dragon Lords - Wizard
    "Blackeyed giants with a skin of leather With wings of steel and crawls of stone Mighty black kinks high in the sky they fly They have no weapons to win the fight They're spitting fire burning so hot Like"
  • Some Kind Of Monster (Metallica St Anger) - Metallica
    "These are the eyes that can't see me These are the hands that drop your trust These are the boots that kick you around This is the tongue that speaks on ths inside These are the ears that ring with hate This"
  • Lords Of Destruction - Black Label Society
    "Walk in my world of war and mass confusion Peace is a word that noone cares of knowing Death is the drug of choice amongst the masses Engines of helll, forever burning faster Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... The"
  • Lords Of Destruction - Zakk Wylde
    "Walk in my world of war and mass confusion Peace is a word that no one cares of knowing Death is the drug of choice amongst the masses Engines of hell forever burning faster The shotgun of life, the spread"
  • Lords Of Terror - Undercroft
    "They swore to clean To kill the unbelievers To christen and cleanse Humankind To kill in the name of god To get his blessing Was the highest aspiration For the lords of terror Their blessed swords In holy"
  • House Of Lords - Bee Gees
    "The butler henry baker extinguishes the fires Whilst sir fred'rick harold robinson casually retires Another day tomorrow cries alan crayon steel All must be up early to have the morning meal The maid comes"
  • Lords Of Salem - Rob Zombie
    "((Crowd Chants:) Zombie! Zombie! Zombie! Zombie!) I speak the truth, I dare not tell a lie, One child is in fits, The other child dies, Now the yellow bird sits upon her finger, The yellow bird a specter"
  • Lords Of Depravity - Sodom
    "Awaking when the sky turns red Spilling blood upon my face The evil takes control I'll follow your advice Now I'll rape I'll slash I'll dominate I will degrade The silent calls of solitude Believe me"
  • Lords of Tomorrow - Power Quest
    "I know the feeling You think all hope is gone There is no one to turn to Nowhere to run You're hearing voices that I heard so long ago Saying nothing you can do is feeling worthy I dodged the bullets"
  • Lords Of Bedlam - Hollenthon
    "Hordes of rings bear demons of despair Hungry bellows brought by gales Vigils of the night remember well Fear-flung shadows of a lie Herald of War Exiled from light Domination Eagles of ruin A flash"
  • Lords Of Lies - Crematory
    "Use the lies you tell To destroy others You feel like a king In his deceptive kingdom Pull the people who don't Suit you through the mud Slander them with nasty words Your lines are your weapons Terse"

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