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Metallica Green Hell

  • Green Hell - Metallica
    "Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme that which I desire, oh Turn on, I see red Adrenaline crash and crack my head Nitro junkie, paint me dead And I see red I run across through black and white War horse, war"
  • Last Caress / Green Hell - Metallica
    "(Danzig) [1st verse:] I've got somethin' to say I killed your baby today and it Doesn't matter much to me As long as it's dead I've got somethin' to say I raped your mother today and it Doesn't matter"
  • Green Hell - Misfits
    "here in this place lies the genie of death touch it, see it whoa here in this place is a means to your end touch it, feel it green hell you've come to this like no one could i bet you never knew you woke"
  • Green Hell - Pepper
    "I can hear your soft, soft voice sliding down the walls And I feel a green light kissing my face Tell me when you wake up is this where your gonna be You don't think I'll notice but I can wait for you"
  • Metallica - Metallica
    "Hey Hey Hey Here I go now Here I go into new days Hey Hey Hey Here I go now Here I go into new days Im pain, Im hope, Im suffer Yeah Hey Hey Hey Yeah Yeah Here I go into new days Hey Hey Hey Aint no mercy Aint"
  • Metallic Intuition - Yung Lean
    "43XL on my baggy tee Freddy G, and scars on my shoulders see Wannabe, they all look like some wannabes I'ma leave, every leaf that grows after me Come and see, bitch, we deep, human centipede On my feet,"
  • Metallic Tragedy - Magic Kingdom
  • Sanitarium (Mtv: Icon Metallica Cover) - Limp Bizkit
    "Welcome to where time stands still no one leaves and no one will Moon is full, never seems to change just labeled mentally deranged Dream the same thing every night I see our freedom in my sight No locked"
  • Master of Puppets (Metallica cover) - Polish Metal Alliance
    "End of passion play, crumbling away I'm your source of self-destruction Veins that pump with fear, sucking darkest clear Leading on your deaths construction Taste me you will see more is all you need you're"
  • Lost in the Green Hell - Gruesome Stuff Relish
    "Drinking on the airplane Looking through the windows Somewhere in Malaysia But the pilot lost control Panic in the night Airplane catastrophe Only a few survivors The jungle will be our tomb Crushed faces"
  • Emerald Green - Babylon Whores
    "Darling There is an angel To teach you see With the eyes of Emerald Green For darling All love is witchery God forsaken deviltry To draw our blood For all world to drink And love will come"
  • Green Machine - Kyuss
    "I've got a war inside my head It's got to set your soul free I've got a wheel inside my head A wheel of understanding I'm a loadin', loadin' my war machine I'm contributing to the system, the break"
  • Follywood Green - Glenn Kaiser
    "It ain't my real hair It ain't my real name It's just my p.r. It ain't my real fame Now ya' see it but ya' think you don't You gonna buy it but ya' think you won't Image imagine, electric facade It's"
  • Metallica 808 - TACONAFIDE
    "Chcieli grać, ale nie ta liga Oni to Nickelback Fifi, Kuba to Metallica Wróć! Kuba, Fifi to Republika Czarno na białym to już movement, nie muzyka Chcieli grać, ale nie ta liga Oni to Nickelback Fifi,"
  • Frantic (Metallica St Anger) - Metallica
    "If I could have my wasted days back Would I use them to get back on track? Stop to warm at karmas burning Or look ahead, but keep on turning? Do I have the strength To know how I'll go? Can I find it inside To"
  • Purify (Metallica St Anger) - Metallica
    "Tear it down Strip the layers off My turpentine Old pain, old looks Cover up the past White heat, white light Super white bones Bones of you and I Pure if I... Can't you help me? Pure if I... Won't you"
  • Dirty Window (Metallica St Anger) - Metallica
    "I see my reflection in the window It looks different, so different than what you see Projecting judgment on the world This house is clean baby This house is clean Am I who I think I am? Am I who I think"
  • Invisible Kid (Metallica St Anger) - Metallica
    "Invisible kid Never see what he did Got stuck where he did Fallen through the grid Invisible kid Got a place of his own Where he'll never be known Inward he's grown Invisible kid Locked away in his brain From"
  • My World (Metallica St Anger) - Metallica
    "The motherfuckers got in my head Trying to make me someone else instead It's my world now Mama, why's it rainin' in my room Cheer up boy clouds will move on soon Heavy fog got me lost inside Gonna sit"
  • Sweet Amber (Metallica St Anger) - Metallica
    "Wash your back so you won't stab mine Get in bed with your own kind Live your life so you don't see mine Drape your back so you won't shine Ooh then she holds my hand And I lie to get a smile Using what"

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