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Metallica Leper Messiah

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Metallica Leper Messiah

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Metallica Leper Messiah
  • Metallica Leper Messiah
    "(Hetfield / Ulrich) Spineless from the start, sucked into the part circus comes to town, you play the lead clown Please, please spreading his disease, living by his story Knees, knees falling to your"
  • Fightstar Leper Messiah
    "1..2..1..2..3..4 Spineless from the start, sucked into the part circus comes to town, you play the lead clown Please, please spreading his disease, living by his story Knees, knees falling to your knees,"
  • Metallica Metallica
    "Hey Hey Hey Here I go now Here I go into new days Hey Hey Hey Here I go now Here I go into new days Im pain, Im hope, Im suffer Yeah Hey Hey Hey Yeah Yeah Here I go into new days Hey Hey Hey Aint no mercy Aint"
  • Metallica Lespa Messiah
    "--- ( Last Caress ) --- I've got somethin' to sayI killed your baby today and itDoesn't matter much to meAs long as it's dead I've got somethin' to sayI raped your mother today and itDoesn't matter much"
  • Sepultura Messiah
    "This our way, we can not turn. We've reached our time, this world must burn. Messiah Judgement day, no guilt Our task, let us pray six six six, in the works demon seed, invades the earth Messiah This"
  • Cryptic Wintermoon Messiah
  • Phil Wickham Messiah
    "Look, the road is narrow and hard to find With secret battles inside our minds Who can last God we need your strength to find Your light to guide us through the night You're our only chance Messiah,"
  • MoZella Messiah
    "Amazing grace came in the form of a slap in the face, Now I don't believe what I see anymore, 'Cause it's all the same, We wander in and out of love like it's meant to scar us and we never change, No we"
  • Circle II Circle Messiah
    "Virtual darkness Imposing disturbance Forcing of will Upon the innocents Dawn of a new day Losing what they deserved Kneel down and pray And hope it will be heard Still the world keeps turning Through"
  • AmperA Messiah
    "I don’t wanna wait Wait for a sign Waiting for the fairness I wasted my mind Wanna give no promise Do it my way Here let’s make our heaven Brothers, sisters together Waiting for Messiah Makes no sense"
  • Madonna Messiah
    "I am the promise That you cannot keep Reep what you sow Find what you seek I am the sorceress Down in the deep Under your feet I am moon with no light of my own You are the sun guarding your throne I"
  • Angel Sanctuary Messiah
    "You, Messiah Clockwork angel, Wake up, shine bright, on the endless night. Release all my glacier time. From him who is and who was and who is coming, "I am the Alpha and the omega, the first and the last,"
  • MONSTA Messiah
    "I'm waiting here for you Singing my song to you I'll testify the truth Mmm 'Cause you called out to me in the middle of the night Got down on my knees and so wide-eyed The rivers are deep and the mountains"
  • Dead Celebrity Status Messiah
    "Move out the way when I'm passing through. I got heads to the front and the back of you. I got the world in my hands you can have it, too. I got two middle fingers and they're pointing at you. Move out"
  • Steel Prophet Messiah
    "We look, into the skies, We're searching for a sign - Something to find - We need to find reason to be Send us a sign To know you'll come Send us a sign Your faithful's here We don't, believe you're"
  • Sodastream Messiah
    "The messiah's come and gone he's left half a dozen flags to stake his claim maybe i should jump start, singing the national anthem lie belly up in the sun blistering out like a bottle of beer i need a"
  • Dinosaur Jr. The Leper
    "Embarrassed to be alive Sit with my life, open wide Your stare is forcing my face open A leper crumbling, never joking Who should I believe Safest to wallow in my own esteem Afraid, stick my neck"
  • Dinosaur Jr. The Leper
    "Embarrassed to be alive, Sit with my life open wide. Your stare is forcing my face open. A leper crumbling, never joking. Who should I believe? Safest to wallow in my own esteem. Afraid, stick my neck"
  • Beatallica Leper Madonna
    "Leper Madonna-spineless from the start Like a Virgin comez to town, you're sucked into the part Living by your story, spreading your diseaze Suffah for your glory, falling to your kneez Friday nite-a"
  • Melechesh Leper Jerusalem
    "What lurks within, your parallel twin The magnificient source of my construction Lustrate rancour on the trident of the righteous This is your domain paranormal and meta-typical You are for none, you"

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