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Metallica: The Call of Ktulu

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Metallica: The Call of Ktulu

  • Call Of Fame - Freedom Call
    "We're lost on the run Without any fears we are gliding Into the sun Ready to follow the call of fame We aren't the ones to die Far from home we are strangers We aren't the ones who cry We are lost in"
  • Call - Janna Long
    "If your shine is fading If your light seems dim You've got nothing left to lose And you've got nothing left to win Call If you're close to broken With your last dreams spent If you're searching"
  • Call - Ashanti
    "When you call I come running baby, baby when you call I'll be right there baby, baby when you call I come running baby, baby when you call I'll be right. I know you feel the chemistry What's the deal"
  • Call - Fireflight
    "The light behind your eyes tells me that you've cried sometime tonight. I offer down My hand but without your plans you cannot hide. The white snow falls on my black heart I can never understand."
  • Call - Backstreet Boys
    "{Hello Hi, it's me what's up baby? I'm sorry listen, I'm gonna be late tonight, so don't stay up and wait for me ok? Where are you? Say that again you're really dropping out. I think my battery must be"
  • Freedom Call - Freedom Call
    "An island lies in the sea of stars So far from time The wisemen came foretelling my heart I'll reach for the sun Deep inside my eyes you see the tears of long ago Telling tales of loneliness before Standing"
  • Ktulu (He's So Heavy) - Beatallica
    "Ktulu, Ktulu so bad Ktulu, Ktulu so bad He's driving me mad He's driving me mad Ktulu, Ktulu so bad Ktulu, Ktulu so bad He's driving me mad He's driving me Ktulu, yeah, Ktulu so bad Ktulu, Ktulu so bad He's"
  • Reaper's Call - Legion Of The Damned
    "Cursed with an empty life, senseless existence Suffering consumes my mind, internal world of fear Scarred by the horror of enduring nothingness No reason to live on, in this endless misery For years I"
  • Call 911 - Ghost Of The Robot
    "The sun no longer shines on your side Remember this cold When the fog won't lift in your town And you turn old I heard you killed your only friend last year You're such a disease You can buy your other"
  • Call of Dragon - Therion
    "From a lonely star Beyond the verge of universe A sound is echoing (A) call from another world Lights from Sirius Will take you from oblivion: Dagon is here again When you watch the sky You feel"
  • Ports of call - America
    "I cant help thinkin as those ships sail awayWhat sirens beckon and callHow long at sea this time how long betweenThe ports-of-call, ports-of-callUnder the bridge they move to far off landsMaybe australia"
  • Call of dagon - Therion
    "From a lonely starsBeyond the verge of universeA sound is choing(A) call from another worldLights from SiriusWill take your from Oblivion:dagon is here againWhen you watch the skyYou feel a longing from"
  • Call of Darkness - Winterstorm
    "evocation is complete source of evil full defeat with this stone I have the power over you you will burn for what we went through for long time we've searched a way come see the dark one is coming to"
  • Call of love - Vanessa S.
    "I've never been a friend of true love Its not really a word I discus But Im lying here in the arms of someone I long to trust Cupid never once shot at me So I would be a fool to believe That my heart says"
  • Call Of Arms - Manowar
    "When they see us they will run for their lives To the end they will pay for their lies So long did we wait now we are home Here once again there's a battle to fight Gathered together for the sound and"
  • Call Of Revolt - Benefit
    "We dare not forget today that we are the heirs of that first Revolution. Critical, outlook on life seems miserable Criminals running one nation indivisible Reality is struck, morality is fucked You"
  • Call of dispair - Ikon
    "Something beyond the shadowsHiding beyond the lightEnter the darkened forcesNo one to hold you tightTry to control such emotionI must control these thoughtsLook beyond the day nowOr suffer in silenceI"
  • Call Of The West - Wall Of Voodoo
    "he got the high sign so he jumped a bus and along the roads that wind on through the hot mojave and the jericho / he'd start his whole life anew and what he'd left behind he hadn't valued half as much"
  • The Call Of Lust - Trail Of Tears
    "Which pleasures await me in the chambers of lust? Will you grant me redemption for my feelings so cold and unpure? I thought you'd never reach me but you're here by my side I'm ready to be enlightened I'm"
  • Call Me, Call Me - Matisse
    "I tried to make up verses and came up with a magic spell tried to unveil something but was distracted by the bell I tried rites of passage my house became a lively tomb I tried self indulgence sad noises"

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