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  • Hummingbird - BB King
    "Sometimes i get impatientBut she cools me without wordsAnd she comes so sweet and so plainMy hummingbird and have you heardThat i thought my life had endedBut i find that its just begunCause she gets me"
  • Too bad - Dido
    "Last time I saw youYou left me crying on the floorYou just stepped over meRunning for the doorAnd if you think I want you backYou must be madEven if you were the last manCruel does not describe what you"
  • Ask for more - Ricky Martin
    "Feel you, hold you, taste you as you travelDeep into my senses, so refreshingSoon you will open up the doorFeel my eternal loveSo pour yourself right into meToo much is never enoughI love loveYou need"
  • Indian girl - The Hollies
    "I see the snowflakes fallingI hear the drumbeat callingI am just only lonely Indian girlBraver than all the brave nowI sit at every pow-wowI fought a million men for Indian girlTen hides and twenty horsesthats"
  • Kinsale Harbor - Third Eye Blind
    "A bicycle ride through the country sideStaring through the dark with a halogen lightA goat lapped smile faced girl besideSlowly makin our wayTo Kinsale HarborA trust I brokeI'm tryin' to repairPushin up"
  • Your heart out - Fall
    "Just take for instancea time of great depressionmade out of reasonbad time's in seasonDon't shut your heart outDon't cry your eyes outDon't cry for meand make sick thoughta savage pencilI'm nearly healthyAnd"
  • Take a walk - Mr.Big
  • Get buzy - Guano Apes
    "What I am, what I am getting olderwhat I need is a man by my shoulderwhat I am, what you areallright I'm sick of your lying thereLook at me, look at me growing coldereveryday, I get a little bolderwhat"
  • Shadow of the king - Valhalla
    "Battle has called me I am waitingWith no fear left in my heartDead fleshs smell is what I`m feelingIn a rough fight tonight in the darkBy power of gods I am fightingTo drive evilmen back to hellLike dragon"
  • Hometown - Akira Yamaoka
    "He spoke of tortured soulsSo outrageous the tollYou can lose all you haveHe refused to give in to the town that takes allSurvive, you must have the willThis movie doesn't end the way we want all the timeThen"
  • Goodbye apathy - OneRepublic
    "I can't sleep now, no, not like I used toI can't breathe in and out like I need toIt's breaking ice.. now, to make any movementWhat's your vice? you know that mine's the illusionAnd all at once (as i'm"
  • Kick Him Out (Next Ex) - Beyonce
    "OoohhhI know that youTreat me rightBut still I think I gottaMake u my next exI'm on to the nextAnd I think you're niceBut I saw something elseI likeAnd I think I GottaMake you my next exI'm on to the nextOooohToday"
  • U me & she - Eve
    "(chorus 1)you, me, and shewhat we gonna dobaby, baby(eve)i did it to myself, couldn't help the way I felt about himsick when he wasn't there, like I never delt without himplayed the fool by choice, all"
  • U me & she - Ruff Ryders
    "you, me, and shewhat we gonna dobaby, baby i did it to myself, couldn't help the way I felt about himsick when he wasn't there, like I never delt without himplayed the fool by choice, all I had was this"
  • Waitin' for warfare - Bizzy Bone
    "There is no way in hell (marching factions...)That the blind can lead the blind (...regime takin' over my body...)Unless somebody play the dog (...intertwined into my soul)Split personality, -ality, -alitySplit"
  • Gigolette - Roy Orbison
    "Written by Orbison/Dees. Oh, they call you Gigolette,they say that you're the Devil's pet. They say beware for you destroy,the heart and soul of everyboy. They say that your lips are soft and warm.and"
  • Don't you wish you were me - Fozzy
    "I see the way you look at me,You envy me, and it's killing you,And you know it makes me smileWhen i look in the mirrorThinkin' how good is to be king.ChorusAnd don't you wish you were me?The king of all"
  • Toxic - Alesana
    "Baby, can't you see?I'm calling.A guy like you,Should wear a warning.It's dangerous,I'm falling.There's no escape,I can't wait.I need a hit,Baby, give me it.You're dangerous,I'm loving it.Too high, can't"
  • Black destiny - Sacramentum
    "Black destiny what's to fear.Torn from reality leave me be.Alone with the shadows from my past, a past wherein I will never last.A thick twisted voice I hear, it fills my mind with despair.The silent sadness"

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