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Metro Station - Every Time I Touch You

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Metro Station - Every Time I Touch You

  • Metro - The Vincent Black Shadow
    "Sick. I'm walking. Tick? I'm talking. Down the street, and I'm sick of the talk of the 'trick' that's every time we meet, but... Oh, I don't know why. Oh, I don't know why. Blinking, thinking, something's"
  • Metro - Betty
    "I beg of you not to tellI beg of youShame on youNow go to sleep without your dinnerAnd cry in the morning without your wayCaf au laitI sold my soul for fresh hot breadYou sang in the metro and woke the"
  • Metro - System Of A Down
    "I'm alone, sitting with my broken glass My four walls follow me through my past I was on a Paris train I emerged in London rain And you waiting there swimming through apologies I remember searching for"
  • Metro - Alkaline Trio
    "I'm alone Sitting with my empty glass My four walls Follow me through my past I was on a Paris train I emerged in London rain And you were waiting there Swimming through apologies I remember searching"
  • Metro - Reef
    "Rushes inside me, when were together. I know you feel it, and that I'm not alone. It's sometimes frightening and sometimes fragile. It seems so precious that I don't want it to Personal feeling shared"
  • Every Time I Touch You (i Get High) - Charlie Rich
    "Charlie Rich Miscellaneous Every Time I Touch You (i Get High) EVERY TIME YOU TOUCH ME (I GET HIGH) Charlie Rich Every time you touch me I get high And every time you're near me I can fly High above the"
  • Touch 1- Touch All - Tony Touch
    "(feat. Dead Prez) Yo, down south, niggaz know about crackas and black people When I came up north, I started hangin' with Latinos The Borikens and Tainos and even the Arawaks It's the language that"
  • The Metro - Sleepthief
    "Im alone Sitting with my empty glass My four walls Follow me through my past I was on a Paris train I emerged in London rain And you were waiting there Swimming through apologies... I remember searching"
  • Every Time You Touch Me (I Get High) - Charlie Rich
    "Lonely Weekends Charlie Rich (Rich) Well I'm makin' alright (Well I'm makin' alright) From Monday morning till Friday night Oh, those lonely weekends Since you left me (since you left me) I'm as lonely"
  • Every time - Lionel Richie
    "Everytime i hold youi get that though and feeling all over meand everytime i touch you honey,oh brings back those feeling and those memories.Everytime i thinking you babe , i realice that hurt girlthat"
  • Touch - Darren Hayes
    "One touch, spark, electricity Flame, burns, hot and viciously Microscopic, glittery Catalystic energy Time need glow so flickering Scintillation, glittering Ember heat so viciously Pulsing flow Electricity (Touch) There's"
  • Touch - Amy Grant
    "There's a fire in the sky The stars are burning Like this passion tonight Slowly stirring You and I A way we've never known Now we're here alone You're the one in my life and Nothing matters More to"
  • Metro - Metro
    "Gdy zmęczy cię obcego miasta ulic szumGdzie nie dla ciebie są wystawy na ulicachNie możesz przebić się przez obojętny tłumDo metra zejdź, tam całkiem inne żądzą prawa.To dla banitów świetny azyl, uwierz"
  • Rong Radio Station - Benjamin Zephaniah
    "My ears are battered and burned and i have just learned that i have been listening to the wrong radio station My mind has been brutalised now the pain can't be disguised I've been listening to the wrong"
  • Every Time you Say Goodbye - Alison Krauss & Union Station
    "Look at the sky, baby What do you see? Looks like the tears that I cry Fallin' down like rain on the ground Every time you say goodbye Take a look around now Why don't you feel The way that cold wind stings"
  • Walking On Sunshine (Metro Remix) - Jennifer Lopez
    "I can't wait, wanna see How this night is gonna be Just a touch, away From a feeling that is here to stay B-Sect We can make it last forever, baby your love will stand the test of time In the middle"
  • Boston Station - Room 2012
    "Oh oh oh oh oh oh - ah ah (3x) I've been swimming in the sea I've been thinking 'bout the time A time we were togeth' You were always on my mind You and me (you and me) (Oh we) just you and me Something"
  • Skybound Station - Blackie And The Rodeo Kings
    "people all arising in the morning bright and breezy thinking back to yesterday when life seemed to be so easy CHORUS and is it just imagination pictures in my mind just like waiting at some skybound"
  • Groovy Station - Montevideo
    "You won't lie here by yourself Let me give you a hand My self in a frame with you around, Come on let's go!! Have you got any change? What!? I'm just speaking my mind It's hard to hear a deaf sound in"
  • Station Master - Gordon Lightfoot
    "In the dawn's early light from a long and sleepless night She returned again this morning from her long and restless flight And her red hollow eyes did not show her much surprise As she lay right down"

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