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Mflex Sounds

  • Sounds - William Tell
    "Take a breather, let your air out This can get you somewhere She's the queen of screaming shit out If she lets you stand there You keep ringing in my head You always do this to me You keep ringing in"
  • Sounds - Yukka
    "Lonely eyes, no one notices the change Bowl of ice turning to water I sit here watching nature in progress I believe that we should be more like this She stands inside She's waiting for something more I"
  • We are the sounds - The Sounds
    "we're not afraid anymorecause we've got nothing to losei've played this game beforeand i will never sing the bluesno waywe take our hearts and soulscan't use them anymoreand you and i went outand we had"
  • The Sounds - Ten Years After
    "(Alvin Lee) The sounds are in my head, I can't hear what is said The sounds are all around, from the sky - from the ground All I want is just to live, I have everything to give But the sounds are on my"
  • Natural sounds - Barbra Streisand
    "My heart would make Natural sounds With you my love The happy sound Of water on stone The quiet sound Of waves on sand When you hold my hand My heart makes Natural sounds With you... My head makes Natural"
  • Minimal Sounds - Rita Redshoes
    "Bicycles, hats Pianos and cats Blue is my pillow Red is my bed Umbrellas, cakes Planets and milkshakes Pink is my heart White is my flight Minimal sounds Incredible view I've got a treasure Shelter with"
  • Ocean sounds - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Ocean sounds Life is sweet and sweet is life Things you see, along the line Hurry up, come figure out What's behind, a million clouds All in time, we hang around Let it slide,"
  • Softer Sounds - Horse
    "the sheep----- tonight they weep FEAR -----for the feeding GASP------clutched in groups no they dont no they dont hope X2 these poor sheep tonight they weep begging for death but they settle for sleep sound"
  • Sweetest Sounds - Barbra Streisand
    "What do I really hear What is in the ear of my mind Which sounds are true and clear And which will never be defined The sweetest sounds I'll ever hear Are still inside my head The kindest words I'll ever"
  • The Sounds - Alan Jackson
    "I can hear her heart beat It seams a little strong I can hear the things I did wrong I can hear her thoughts By looking in her eyes I can hear her all the times she cried I can hear the memories As they"
  • Ocean sounds - Caesar
    "Life is sweet and sweet is life Things you see, along the line Hurry up, come figure out What's behind a million clouds All in time we hang around Let it slide in ocean sounds Hurry up, come figure out"
  • Nature Sounds - Moxy Fruvous
    "((Murray) Play and record again. (Dave) Play and record at the same time. (Jian) Actually, do that shhhhh again. That's good. If we...if we record enough of that, we can release one of those Nature Sounds"
  • Softer Sounds - Horse The Band
    "The sheep----- tonight they weep Fear -----for the feeding Gasp------clutched in groups No they dont No they dont hope These poor sheep tonight they weep Begging for death but they settle for sleep Sound"
  • Country sounds - Tweenies
    "If you take a ride Through the countryside And you listen you could hear Lots of different sounds From all around That would echo in your ear Cock-a-doodle-do, cock-a-doodle-do Cock-a-doodle-doodle-doodle-do"
  • Silly Sounds - Barney
    "Silly sounds get sillier When you hear them once again And maybe you're hearing an echo Or maybe it's only a friend Me, oh, my (Me, oh, my) Doodledaddledoo (Doodledaddledoo) Ticka, tocka, tick, tock (Ticka,"
  • Sweetest sounds - Perry Como
    "The sweetest sounds I?ll ever hear, Are still inside my head! The kindest words I?ll ever know, Are waiting to be said! The most entrancing sight of all, Is yet for me to see! And the dearest love in all"
  • Velvet Sounds - Holly Williams
    "(Holly Williams) Velvet sounds you made Sleeping symphony as I would lie awake In the crevice of your shoulder soft and warm That's where I miss your breathing Black and pink and white These are colors"
  • Sounds Wrong - Swingin' Utters
    "The Devil Dog Has got you pinned to the ground You try so many ways And you look how that sounds You got me telling me the differences Between night and day I thank the Lord I wouldn't have it any other"
  • Comforting Sounds - Mew
    "I don't feel alright in spite of these comforting sounds you make. I don't feel alright because you make promises that you break. Into your house, why don't we share our solitude? Nothing is pure anymore"
  • Reggae Sounds - Linton Kwesi Johnson
    "Shock, black double down-beat bouncin' Rock-wize tumble doun sound music Foot drop, find drum blood story bass his'try is a-movin' is a-hurtin' black story Thunder from a bass drum soundin' Lightnin' from"

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