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Mia Martina - HeartBreaker

  • Martina - Baustelle
    "Martina per abitudine miele infinito per anima piccola speranza di non deludere mai pi per morire un attimo per calvario un angelo incontri per solitudine mascara denso per nudit piccole catastrofi per"
  • Martina - Barbra Streisand
    "I can see Martina as a child of three In the sad seclusion of her nursery Go outside, Martina! Go outside and play Never speak, Martina, put your toys away So her days were loveless And her nights the"
  • Martina - Part Time Punx
    "Ich mag es wenn Du meinen Namen sagst. Ich mag es wenn Du sagst, da Du mich magst. Ich mag Deine blauen Augen. Deine Schnheit hat mich schwer getroffen, Doch jetzt hab' ich mich blind gesoffen Beim "Damiano""
  • Martina - Karel Kryl
    "V oblce dbn a kvtina a list, v nm pt se Martina, jak chutn chleba, co jm, kdy zem vymetm a pro jsem tady - a ne tam, kde je mne teba? Smam si vejce na peku a, a je om do breku, sta se smj, kdy nad otzkou"
  • Heartbreaker - Airbourne
    "She's so hot, she's so fine I thought it out a thousand times It's dangerous, no fear What she wants I got right here I'll bite 'n' howl and tear her to bits She's the one to scratch my itch Oh yeah she's"
  • Heartbreaker - B.B. King
    "She's a real heartbreaker, don't you know? Oh, real heartbreaker, don't you know? She's a real heartbreaker, mean man hater She's a real heartbreaker, don't you know? When she holds my hand I get warm"
  • Heartbreaker - Axel Rudi Pell
    "Not long ago we saw each other For the first time at a show of a friend We talked for hours in a round We were glad that we've been found And the sparkle in your eyes Tells me (for) sure you don't know"
  • Heartbreaker - Grand Funk Railroad
    "Once I had a little girl, sometimes I think about her, But, buddy, you know she's not really there. When memories do call, I just, I just can't live without her But tryin' all the time is so hard to bear."
  • Heartbreaker - The Walkmen
    "I have no business asking you the words I know the reason you exaggerate I know the answers to all your demands I have no secrets I'm not your heartbreaker Some tender ballad player I'm not your heartbreaker These"
  • Heartbreaker - Pat Benatar
    "Your love is like a tidal wave, spinning over my head Drownin' me in your promises, better left unsaid You're the right kind of sinner, to release my inner fantasy The invincible winner, and you know that"
  • Heartbreaker - Jordin Sparks
    "Your love is like a tidal wave, spinning over my head You drown me in your promises, better left unsaid You're the right kind of sinner to release my inner fantasies The effects of a winner, and you know"
  • Heartbreaker - Natalie
    "Heartbreaker Please take a step away from me Don't wanna give it to you Heartbreaker Please don't take my song Ooh, don't wanna give it to you Baby, you kinda cute I love your body language Ooh"
  • Heartbreaker - Must
    "I as mad as you are obsessively completely Scouring the backwoods in a mind-warped frenzy Hallelujah the night is white at the deep end Heartbreaker My God and saviour There no such thing as home no Except"
  • Heartbreaker - Matt Wertz
    "Hey! What ya wanna do about this thing? Be careful with that game you're tryin to bring I'm trying so hard just to ignore But all of my thoughts just seem to form around you And the subtleties you start"
  • Heartbreaker - Metronomy
    "I heard she broke your heart again So now you're gonna come and see me We're back to the start again When's she gonna set me free I've been there time and time again The girl's no good for me and you She"
  • Heartbreaker - Brick & Lace
    "It's Brick&Lace and you know popstylie To you again cah yuh know we come irie Mess up de track wid style and fashion Two sistas so we deh pan a mission Murda dem wit di remix flow Kingston six lets show"
  • Heartbreaker - Dolly Parton
    "(David Wolfert/Carole Bayer Sager) Here I sit all alone, thinkin' 'bout what I should have known You made me think that I could need you You weaved your magic spell and I believed you Lookin back on you"
  • Heartbreaker - Aquanote
    "I saw him standing there Something 'bout him just so unique The things in his demeanor Spoke to me of his mystic It got me curious But I had heard that he was troubled My girl took me aside, said I don't"
  • Heartbreaker - Danity Kane
    "See me on the t.v. Tryin to talk you sex You got a load of me And now you have that wet (so wet) But you wish that i told you that you was next I'll ring the bells I'll make you sweat You'll lose you breath"
  • Heartbreaker - Pink (P!nk)
    "I keep thinkin' bout that little sparkle in your eye Is it a light from the angels, or your devil deep inside? What about the way you say you love me all the time Are you liftin' me up to heaven, just"

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