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Miami Collabo

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Miami Collabo
  • Inoki Bolo Collabo
    "Featuring Shezan Il Ragio, Lamaislam Nasce nelle strade del Mazzini dove i vecchi insegnano ai ragazzini Dove si cresce tra piazze e giardini Megajams ai gardens sui gradini della casa bianca In freestyle"
  • Against Me! Miami
    "We charge into danger. No guarantees or safe places. No one can be trusted, everyone is a suspect. And all the money's worthless. The town is trite and exaggerated. The food is turning and the water is"
  • Bob Seger Miami
    "They saw the lights on the horizon Out of the seas it came shinin' The buildings so high They seemed to touch the sky Miami, Oh Miami They felt the warm breezes blowing From off the strange new ocean They"
  • Taking Back Sunday Miami
    "The whole truth and nothing but the truth Stop me if you've heard this one before The whole truth is nothing but a good excuse So long as you don't torture me with my past Let's be honest; a secret silenced"
  • U2 Miami
    "Weather 'round here choppin' and changin' Surgery in the air Print shirts and southern accents Cigars and big hair We got the wheels and petrol is cheap Only went there for a week Got the sun got"
  • The Underdog Project Miami
    "Everybody loves Miami (2x) Every body loves Miami The ocean drives to spend the days on the Jet Ski There's a one thing I know for the shore I don't want to leave this place no more Everybody loves Miami The"
  • Popek x Denis x EW Miami
    "Na początku czerwca 2017 roku trio Popek, Denis i EW udostępniło okładkę albumu "Lata 80" (premiera planowana jest na wakacje 2017) i zapowiedziało nowy klip - powstanie do piosenki "Miami", a ujrzy światło"
  • Randy Newman Miami
    "There's a girl over there With the rhythm everywhere She's a very fine girl And she's been awfully nice to me When we walk as we sometimes do All the way out Collins Avenue Well it's very, very fine Very,"
  • Counting Crows Miami
    "Guess I think I feel alright You come circling through the light The skyline, baby, is bright tonight One more perfect rendezvous Sundown paints the shadows through Daylight aiming on what we do It"
  • Olsen Twins Miami
    "What is that tropic spot that people like alot?Mi-i-i-ami.What is both cool and hot?Mi-i-i-ami.Even the hurricanes cannot resist it.No hurricane has ever missed it.I hear the timbales. I taste the tamaloes.It's"

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