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Michael Bolton Heart Of Mine

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Michael Bolton Heart Of Mine

  • We're Not Makin' Love Anymore (Duets With Michael Bolton) - Patti LaBelle
    "(feat. Michael Bolton) Patti: here we are going through the motion one more time you look into my eyes and you don't see. micheal: and here I am feeling like a stranger in your arms I touch you I hold"
  • Heart Of Mine - Michael Bolton
    "You say you're sure You wanna stay with me I don't think You better play with me You fool around I gotta lose I don't need it And pretty soon you want Our love to last I think your mind Has got you moving"
  • Dear Michael - Michael Jackson
    "She wrote "Dear Michael You'll probably never get this letter Michael, I wrote you a hundred times before Knowing how I feel I'll write a hundred more" "Dear Michael, every time your record's on (Michael"
  • Michael Picasso - Ian Hunter
    "(Ian Hunter) (Transcribed by Justin Purington) Once upon a time not so long ago people used to stand and stare at the Spider with the platinum hair they thought you were immortal We had our ups and"
  • Michael - Son Of Sam
    "I've been waiting patiently for this day to arrive and I have spoken not a single word, Now hand to hand my voice shall be heard No Michael not this time, I've been waiting for oh so long, oh so long I've"
  • George Michael - Tapes 'N Tapes
    "Up in the light Holding the knife So quickly Out of the morn fighting for sun So quickly Dead in the night In the dead of night Biding you time away In the light of the glow All alone, All alone It's"
  • Michael - Prefab Sprout
    "All the jobs I've ever held, positions I have known The one I was a fool to leave was Right hand to the throne Ambition took me speed of light To God's exclusion zone Michael if you're listening, Michael"
  • Michael - Red House Painters
    "michael, where are you now? somehow in my excitement the last time you called, it slipped again to ask your hidden whereabouts i got a lead from your old triple ex-girlfriend, she said i heard he lost"
  • Michael Learns To Rock - Someday
    "In my search for freedom and peace of mind I've left the memories behind Wanna start a new life but it seems to be rather absurd when I know the truth is that I always think of you chorus: Someday someway together"
  • Michael - Joan Baez
    "In the time spent in the foggy dewWith the raven and the doveBarefoot she walked the winter streetsIn search of her own true loveFor she was Mary HamiltonAnd lover of John RileyAnd the maid of constant"
  • Michael - Antigone Rising
    "Driving down a dark road On the last night of his life Michael's in the back seat Thinking every thing's alright He was young, and so invincible The radio was blasting In the car he got from dad Tail lights"
  • Heart Of Mine - Left Alone
    "All I want is peace of mind So in the end I know that you're mine In my heart, in my mind Inside of me until the end of time And all the money in the world don't mean a thing If you're not mine To me"
  • Heart Of Mine - Norah Jones
    "Heart of mine, Be still You can play with fire, But you'll get the bill Don't let him know Don't let him know that you love him Oh, don't be a fool, don't be blind Heart of mine Heart of mine, Go back"
  • Heart Of Mine - Maria Muldaur
    "(Bob Dylan) Heart of mine be still You can play with fire but you'll get the bill Don't let her know Don't let her know that you love her Don't be a fool, don't be blind Heart of mine. Heart of mine"
  • Heart Of Mine - Bob Dylan
    "Heart of mine be still You can play with fire but you'll get the bill Don't let her know Don't let her know that you love her Don't be a fool, don't be blind Heart of mine. Heart of mine go back home You"
  • Heart Of Mine - Bobby Caldwell
    "One day I may Find true love that will last forever And ever Till then I'll spend A lifetime of wishing us together I never thought she'd say goodbye And I'll never understand The reasons why Heart of"
  • Heart Of Mine - Ella Fitzgerald
    "I can't believe you really love me That I can call the sun to shine I'm so afraid there'll be Another after me Heart of mine And yet when I receive your letter I'm reassured by every line I hope they"
  • Heart Of Mine - Front Porch Step
    "I watch you dance, and I can't help but want to take your hand. And spin you 'round in circles as we sway across the room, each others eyes will be the view. And I can't help but think that I'd be dying"
  • Heart of mine - Peter Salett
    "Do you want to knowIf everything glitteringWill turn into the goldI see in your hairI feel it could be thereSomehow tonightAnd do you want to findSomething worth savingThe change would do me rightCause"
  • This Heart Of Mine - Pain Of Salvation
    "I lie awake watching your shoulders Move so softly as you breathe With every breathe you're growing older But that is fine if you're with me I pledge to wake you with a smile I pledge to hold you when"

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