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Michael Bolton Show Her The Way

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Michael Bolton Show Her The Way

  • We're Not Makin' Love Anymore (Duets With Michael Bolton) - Patti LaBelle
    "(feat. Michael Bolton) Patti: here we are going through the motion one more time you look into my eyes and you don't see. micheal: and here I am feeling like a stranger in your arms I touch you I hold"
  • Show Her The Way - Michael Bolton
    "You can't deny it When that once in your life Comes that one of a kind Once she's inside it She can shake up your heart She can make up your mind Everything in your life will change When your love is"
  • Michael - Prefab Sprout
    "All the jobs I've ever held, positions I have known The one I was a fool to leave was Right hand to the throne Ambition took me speed of light To God's exclusion zone Michael if you're listening, Michael"
  • Michael - Joan Baez
    "In the time spent in the foggy dewWith the raven and the doveBarefoot she walked the winter streetsIn search of her own true loveFor she was Mary HamiltonAnd lover of John RileyAnd the maid of constant"
  • Michael - Antigone Rising
    "Driving down a dark road On the last night of his life Michael's in the back seat Thinking every thing's alright He was young, and so invincible The radio was blasting In the car he got from dad Tail lights"
  • Show - Terry Allen
    "Standing in the spotlight Listening to the crowd Screaming for his insides Wantin him to let it out But can they handle what they want? Can they handle what they get? There's a creature coiled inside Been"
  • Dear Michael - Michael Jackson
    "She wrote "Dear Michael You'll probably never get this letter Michael, I wrote you a hundred times before Knowing how I feel I'll write a hundred more" "Dear Michael, every time your record's on (Michael"
  • Evolution of Michael Jackson - Pentatonix
    "Oh baby give me one more chance Come on girl! When I had you to myself, I didn't want you around That pretty faces always made you Stand out in a crowd (I want you back) Oh baby, give me one more"
  • Show - Nelly
    "(ali) Yeah, yeah, check, check See I aint about playin, leezy bout cash in advance Cash in on the casual, actual, factual plan Makin a killin man, went from that to makin a livin Rightous willin, the only"
  • Michael (Hedges Here) - Crosby & Nash
    "written by Graham Nash I saw you there like a fire in the sky then all I knew of you was gone except your music that I know will never die going on and on going on and on in my life you were such a"
  • Show Her - Ronnie Milsap
    "You can tell her That you love her, A hundred different ways. But it won't mean as much, As just the right touch, At just the right time of day. You've got to show her a little each day. Really show her,"
  • Show her - Hot Action Cop
    "She got me cursed like the Kennedies, I'm trippin' like a freak, Strokin' on her solar plexus, Tickle behind the knee, Giggle cause the vibrator, It make her wanna pee, Chickie chickie perculator, I slip"
  • Show me the way - Natasha Thomas
    "Show me the way, show me the town, walking around around around...Walking away, walking the sound, walking around around around...When you walking,Down the see of love,Feel sensations,And the turns off"
  • Show Me The Way - Marc Anthony
    "Show Me The Way I just assumed love was something I knew Said the words and believed they'd come true Afraid to let go of my pride To admit I was empty inside There were days when it took all I had Just"
  • Show me the way - Bad Boys Blue
    "All the lonely nights are full of shadows. Cause you went away.I walk alone a million miles.And I nearly died cause my lucky star is gonna fade to gray.I feel alone a million times.And you push me down"
  • George Michael - Tapes 'N Tapes
    "Up in the light Holding the knife So quickly Out of the morn fighting for sun So quickly Dead in the night In the dead of night Biding you time away In the light of the glow All alone, All alone It's"
  • You Show Me - Michael McDonald
    "(Harry Garfield And Michael McDonald) Not every hope is a dream come true Not every heart is made of steel Not all love sees the end of time And more hearts than not will be broken tryin' But I believe"
  • Let Me Show You The Way - Michael W. Smith
    "I'm looking at you Old friend of mine It's no use pretending That everything's fine So don't be so brave Don't be so proud I want you to know that I'm here for you now I can see you hurting and it's"
  • Show & Prove - Big Daddy Kane
    "Verse one: scoob Hah hah, hey hey, laugh now nigga My man's right behind you, kane pull the trigger I don't play, I'm from the hill where shit is real And I'll be on your ass like bugs on a windshield So"
  • Michael - Franz Ferdinand
    "This is where I be so heavenly So come and dance with me, Michael So sexy, I'm sexy So come and dance with me, Michael I'm all that you see, you wanna see So come and dance with me, Michael So close"

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