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Michael Patryck Kelly Shake away

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Michael Patryck Kelly Shake away

    "Most of my days I spent life on the road Took backroad highways to meet the simple folk Nights ran together in a haze of drink and smoke So I left with the rising sun, all alone Go! Go! Shake away, shake"
  • Michael - Antigone Rising
    "Driving down a dark road On the last night of his life Michael's in the back seat Thinking every thing's alright He was young, and so invincible The radio was blasting In the car he got from dad Tail lights"
  • R. Kelly - R. Kelly
    "Down low double life 1, 2 equals us, she, she and me, I fell in loves How could something so right go so wrong Just coming in on flight 412 But she was listening on the phone I thought I had it all together But"
  • Michael Learns To Rock - Someday
    "In my search for freedom and peace of mind I've left the memories behind Wanna start a new life but it seems to be rather absurd when I know the truth is that I always think of you chorus: Someday someway together"
  • Shake - L.L.A.M.A, Ne-Yo, Carmen DeLeon
    "Muevelo Muevelo Shake it Just in time You came around, came around, came around Love me overtime You do, you do Everyone, Everyone needs that soemone Brighter than the sun They do I don’t care what you"
  • Shake - Brian Head Welch
    "Forget all the rules - Forget everything - You took my name out of schools - I'll take back my blessings - How can I bless the things I don't believe in? - Isn't right - Remember who's planet it is - Mine"
  • Shake - The Creepshow
    "I love what you love, you love what I lack But that was once upon a time Hey there pretty boy don't walk away from me Cause you know it just ain't right You got me shakin' down to my knees And I'll never"
  • Machinegun Kelly - Eugenio Finardi
    "( Danny Koortchmar ) Have you heard about Machinegun Kelly He walked upon the outlaw trail Machinegun Kelly was a simple man But his woman was as hard as hell Watch out Machinegun Don't let her"
  • Michael Caine - Madness
    "We'll get ya ya ya We'll get ya ya ya (I am Michael Caine) la la la la la la la la He's walking where I'm afraid I don't know I see the firemen jumping from the windows There's panic and I hear somebody"
  • George Michael - Tapes 'N Tapes
    "Up in the light Holding the knife So quickly Out of the morn fighting for sun So quickly Dead in the night In the dead of night Biding you time away In the light of the glow All alone, All alone It's"
  • Michael Buble - Guess I'm Falling For You
    "When I look into your eyes I see sunshine The coulds are blown away I hope you're here to stay 'Cause I've got me needing more of you Guess I'm falling for you You walk away My eyes caress you Then you"
  • Michael Caine - And One
    "He's walking where i'm afraid i don't no i see the firemen jumping from the windows (there's panic and i hear somebody scream) he picks up useless paper and puts it in my pocket i'm trying very hard to"
  • Shake Baby Shake - Chumbawamba
    "Shake it, shake it Shake it, shake it Shake, baby, shake the memories away ( Shake it, shake it ) Shake this grown-up Barbie doll of a day ( Shake it, shake it ) She gets Hugh Hefner, but she forgets the"
  • Shake Some Action - Monroe Michael
    "I will find a way to get to you some day Oh but I, babe I'm so afraid I'll fall. Yeah! Now you can hear me call CHORUS Shake Some Action's what I need To let me bust out at full speed And I'm sure that's"
  • Shake dog shake - The Cure
    "Ha ha ha!!! Wake up in the dark The aftertaste of anger in the back of my mouth Spit it on the wall And cough some more And scrape my skin with razor blades And make up in the new blood And try to look"
  • Shake Shake It - Unlv
    "Verse one: {tec-9} Still got a lot of dog bitches on my list Who be f**kin' for office and under cover suckin' dicks I rapped about 'em back in my first rhyme I'm a kick it once again because they still"
  • Machine Gun Kelly - Angelic Upstarts
    "Machine gun kelly is on the street Hes got a uniform, hes on the beat So watch out what you do One false move and he'll shoot you Hes got a gun and it frightens me A picture you thought that you'd never"
  • Machine Gun Kelly - James Taylor
    "(Kortchmar) I'll tell you about Machine Gun Kelly he rode along the outlaw trail. Machine Gun Kelly was a simple man but the woman was as hard as hell. Watch out Machine Gun, don't let her run you round. Don't"
  • Message To Michael - Dionne Warwick
    "Message To Michael Dionne Warwick Spread your wings for New Orleans Kentucky bluebird, fly away And take a message to Michael, message to Michael He sings each night in some cafe In his search"
  • Accidently Kelly Street - Frente!
    "Here's a door and here's a window Here's a ceiling here's a floor The room is lit like a black and white movie The T.V's on that's what it's for And if you walk real slowly You can feel the planet breathe There's"

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