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Michael angle bedoes

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Michael angle bedoes

  • Angle - Gotthard
    "I need a woman, that holds on that gives me time to think it over time for movin' on that's all i want, right now, by me I wanna meet a real heart, a true one too many words, too many lies bring confusion"
  • Michael - Franz Ferdinand
    "This is where I be so heavenly So come and dance with me, Michael So sexy, I'm sexy So come and dance with me, Michael I'm all that you see, you wanna see So come and dance with me, Michael So close"
  • Michael - Suziquatro
    "(Quatro/Tuckey) Michael It's final Scratch off my insane gain I bought it I fought it Michael you'll never change Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm Mr. Vain Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm Mr. Vain You flirted and hurted Why"
  • Michael - Prefab Sprout
    "All the jobs I've ever held, positions I have known The one I was a fool to leave was Right hand to the throne Ambition took me speed of light To God's exclusion zone Michael if you're listening, Michael"
  • Michael - Son Of Sam
    "I've been waiting patiently for this day to arrive and I have spoken not a single word, Now hand to hand my voice shall be heard No Michael not this time, I've been waiting for oh so long, oh so long I've"
  • Michael - Red House Painters
    "michael, where are you now? somehow in my excitement the last time you called, it slipped again to ask your hidden whereabouts i got a lead from your old triple ex-girlfriend, she said i heard he lost"
  • Michael - Suzi Quatro
    "MichaelIt's finalScratch off my insane gainI bought itI fought itMichael you'll never changeHmmm Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm Mr. VainHmmm Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm Mr. VainYou flirted and hurtedWhy must we act insaneIt's certain"
  • Michael - Joan Baez
    "In the time spent in the foggy dewWith the raven and the doveBarefoot she walked the winter streetsIn search of her own true loveFor she was Mary HamiltonAnd lover of John RileyAnd the maid of constant"
  • Michael - Antigone Rising
    "Driving down a dark road On the last night of his life Michael's in the back seat Thinking every thing's alright He was young, and so invincible The radio was blasting In the car he got from dad Tail lights"
  • Every Angle - Ani DiFranco
    "I'm imagining your frame every angle and every plane I'm imagining your smell the one that mingled with mine once upon a time thoughts of you are picketing my brain they refuse to work such long hours"
  • Angle Park - Big Country
    "--------- Bad weather gathers all along the coast When the storm clouds gather And my blood runs cold If we can't go further When we get to the shore Then we have to turn around And fight some more We'll"
  • Annie's angle - Mando Diao
    "I was a stoned drunk silhouette of my pastI lost my nerves when he took me onHe was this high-healed smooth talking middleclass bastardWho tried to stab me for where I was fromAnd though his words was"
  • Tri-Angle - DBSK
    "maeil boneun sagn kkeunimpsi jugeumdeureul mandeur naeneun goshi ddangen jabiran ge sarajin glkka? nan ije boji angesso deutji angetso churakanun hynshil kachiroman kyesan hajima inganeui jonjaeneun"
  • Tri-Angle - Tvxq
    "maeil boneun sagn kkeunimpsi jugeumdeureul mandeur naeneun goshi ddangen jabiran ge sarajin glkka? nan ije boji angesso deutji angetso churakanun hynshil kachiroman kyesan hajima inganeui jonjaeneun"
  • Anemone Angle - L'Arc~En~Ciel
    "Taisetsu na hitobito sono yasashisa ni Tsutsumarete ayumidasu Anata e to Kagayakashii omoide Kizamareta mama Kaze wa aoru minato e tsuzuku michi Itoshii sono hito wo omou Kimochi wa fuyu wo koeteyuku Azayaka"
  • (What's Your) Angle? - Andrew Bird
    "I've got a new-found fangled fandango tango angle and it keeps things curious yes, and it makes folks furious it takes two part tango and a little tingle tangle and two orangutans like me and you I used"
  • (What's Your) Angle? - Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire
    "I've got a new found fangled Fandango tango angle And it keeps things curious Yes, and it makes folks furious It takes two part tango And a little tingle tangle And two Orangutans Like me and you I used"
  • Dear Michael - Michael Jackson
    "She wrote "Dear Michael You'll probably never get this letter Michael, I wrote you a hundred times before Knowing how I feel I'll write a hundred more" "Dear Michael, every time your record's on (Michael"
  • East Coast Angle - Joe Christmas
    "What can you see in the daytime sky What do you see in the sky at night You've been taking cold showers everyday of your life Looking for the lost parts since '89 Searching for the sum as it all flys"
  • Besos (feat. Bedoes) - Beteo
    "'Na "Bejbi" Beteo jestem na featuringu w "Besos". W piątek się przekonacie jaki to sztos.' - taką wiadomością powitał fanów Bedoes, na swoim profilu Facebooku w poniedziałek, 22 maja 2017 roku. Album Beteo"

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