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Mick Mars

  • Mick - Dinosaur Jr.
    "When you find a girl You found a friend If you wait too long The story ends If I look to you, you wave to me I can't take it, honestly But I found you, and there you are If the tides have turned And"
  • Rosey & Mick - Jewel
    "Mick came home late last night He drank enough beer to take the edge off a knife And she opened the door, looking older than before He said, "Rosey, you're too good a girl" She let him in, he lifted"
  • Rosey and Mick - Jewel
    "Mick came home late last nightHe drank enough beer to take the edge off a knifeAnd she opened the door, looking older than beforeHe said, "Rosey, you're too good a girl"She let him in, he lifted up her"
  • Cut Me, Mick - Yellowcard
    "I can't keep this together And I might lose this year I can't get through December And you know all my fears Someplace somewhere behind me I walked right through the truth Truth is that you're the one"
  • Cut Me, Mick - Yellowcard
    "I can't keep this together, And I might lose this year. I can't get through December, And you know all my fears. Someplace, somewhere behind me, I walked right through the truth. Truth is that you're the"
  • Resurrection Mary - Ian Hunter
    "(Ian Hunter) (Studio version) (Transcribed by Justin Purington) In 1935 I was living in paradise, I had a friend up in Cicero. We used to go out to the track, we'd knock a few whiskeys back. I'd lose"
  • Mars - Soulfly
    "The new millennium is here The smell of napalm and fear All this confusion and mass hysteria Welcome all to the new frontier This fucking hate gets bigger and bigger Consume ourselves in nuclear fear And"
  • mars - YUNGBLUD
    "She was only seventeen Had the saddest pair of eyes that you ever seen Wore them lips in the cold, it was matching green But she can't be herself when she's somebody else In the morning, she would take"
  • Mars - Manfred Mann
    "Rifle butts and band aids Mortar bombs and hand grenades Match battle cruisers Who came out the losers Lie in the long grass Can't let them pass Bullets flying all ways Let me get through the day Mars"
  • Mars - Television
    "Guess I need some education Grab some whilst I have the chance to free Twice upon a time hear yea hear yea hear yea Plastic bow wow no can't remember... can't remember No.....! In my arms she's warm"
  • Mars - Litfiba
    "Nella foresta di cemento armato Viveva un cieco Figlio di Mars Lui conosceva la felicit E disse che poteva darla a me "Piccolo Straniero Se vuoi farla tua a volte nel silenzio riesco ancora a sentire"
  • Mars - Lori McKenna
    "Well there's a hole wearin' through this couch of mine And all of the cushions are falling out One little piece at a time You might see yourself in me But I don't see nobody I know This isn't the way I"
  • Mars - Eureka Birds
    "With little atmosphere on Mars It's just an empty floating ball It's not for you It's not for me Then there's the other one you see Close to the sun, it's Mercury It's burning hot And freezing cold oh! It's"
  • Mars - Kelis
    "(feat. Neptunes) Earth to your brain Yo, yo, yo, yo Yo, yo, Houston I think we have a problem Yo, yo, I think we have a problem Yo, yo, we have a problem Yo, yo Days, you know those days When everyone"
  • That's What I Like Mick - Tori Amos
    "Cheese and onion sandwiches on derby chinaware Fiddles and jigs and woogie my dog and tv havin' a swear Takin' my dad for a pint or two, a sunday morning stroll Licorice pipes and baggy suits, glen hoddle"
    "zimna matcha latte Robię joge, leci gangsta raper Miałem całe lato skakać w trasie No a siedze w chacie Robie kase na herbacie Kubek za odwołane szoł Kumple maja gorzej Bo chcą money ale skąd? Moje miasto"
  • Flying Blind (feat. Mick Moss) - Michał Łapaj
    "Are you there? Do you hear me? Can you, please, just make a sound We both know It's so easy Indifference don't make you tough And we’re still lost in what’s left unsaid I fall behind Alll these nameless"
  • Shattered Memories (feat. Mick Moss) - Michał Łapaj
    "Is there any way out of here? We go round and round restlessly Chasing illusions of control that make us all go numb So you run through the night alone Trading courage for disdain As if you had another"
  • Mars Ill - Mars Ill
    "(Verse 1) Put reverb on my vocals, I don't want to repeat myself Like no one else before or after on the grill of the mic Mars ILL, in the still of the night when the feeling is right Look through the"
  • Mick & Keith (Wie Kent Ze Niet) - Skik
    "daor kommen ze veurbij in heur geskeurde spiekerboks ien toet wat met de lippen en wref zien haor in 'n fozze de ander stek 'n peuk op dot dat hiel nonchalent en om heur hen wat wichter want speulen"

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