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Middle finger bohnes

  • Middle Finger - Cobra Starship
    "Yeah And i feel like Put your middle fingers up like Uhhhhh Got my middle finger up And it’s pointed to the clouds Rollin’ in with my whole entourage Too many of us to count Tell baby girl i’m on that Danger"
  • Middle finger up - Chamillionaire
    "YeahAnd I'm feelin like And I'm feelin likeWhat the heck is this, if you say you dissImma tell you this, you gon' shoot and miss, imma shoot and hitNever blow a kiss, all I blow is chipsTakes you off"
  • Up Middle Finger - Oxide And Neutrino
    "(Up middle finger I show dem) Didn't wanna back we Now they beg friend Up middle finger I show them Back in the day, They didn't wanna know They wanna dis Bound 4 da reload They wanna talk to Neutrino, No"
  • Up Middle Finger - So Solid Crew
    "Ha, ha, ha, whatcha laughin at? Up middle finger I show dem Didn't wanna back we Now they beg friend Up middle finger I show them Back in the day, they didn't wanna know They wanna dis Bound 4 da reload They"
  • Up Middle Finger - Oxide & Neutrino
    "(up middle, finger I show dem) Chorus: Didn't wanna back we Now they beg friend Up Middle Finger I show them Back in the day they didn't wanna know they wanna dis bound 4 da reload They wanna talk to Neutrino,no"
  • Middle Finger Response - Propaghandi
    "Bowl of cherries in Waskasoo creek. A sylvan way of life for those who seek none beyond a parkland mall. This landscape oasis now feigns City Hall. And they call this peace. That's not how it seems to"
  • Middle Finger U - Sauce Money
    "Fuck these niggas I don't give a fuck about nothin And you either This is for you Tommy Tuckers, you know em, neighborhood suckers We all got em, stupid motherfuckers Wanna-be rap brothers--ruggers--,"
  • Middle Finger Response - Propagandhi
    "Bowl of cherries in Waskasio Creek A sylvan way of life for those who seek none beyond a parkland mall This land scape oasis now feigns city hall And they call this peace Not how it seems to me Sugar-coated"
  • Vicious (Middle Finger Mix) - Fight
    "(Halford) Would I lie to you man I'm your only friend Always on your side Till the bitter end Vicious, vicious Fucker, fucker Vicious, vicious Fucker, fucker Let me plan you future I know what does"
  • Standing In The Middle - Linkin Park
    "I'm standing in the middle of it Middle of it, middle of it Yo, y'all better wake up; you think we don't see y'all drifting? Sleeping on the job and forgetting your position? (position) Sit straight and"
  • Middle - Rocket From The Crypt
    "Are you stuck in the middle? (Way-oh-ay-oh) Say (4x) Are you broke? (Yeah) Are you down? (Yeah) Are you broke? (Yeah) And down? (Yeah) Broke? (Yeah) And down? (Yeah) Stuck in the middle? (Way-oh-ay-oh)"
  • Finger Weg! Finger! - Asp
    "Sag mir nicht was ich brauche sag mir nicht was mir gefllt und ich will auch nicht eintauchen in deine schne neue Welt. Dein Text, so viel steht fest, macht mich bestimmt sobald nicht heil Dein Sex-Appeal,"
  • Middle - Demi Lovato
    "Knew where I was going when you left the roomyou're the kinda guy that makes me want tofollow through to youI've been trying to leave you for the longest timeThe second that I saw you I just knew I found"
  • Middle - Kind Of Like Spitting
    "The middle man what a miracle Of common calculations, Compressed and erratic Hung out to fade like ribbons Through wall-to-wall maybes So I gave it my soul, Got wasted sick and trashed it It's midnight"
  • Middle - Moonlyght
    "I am in front of a falling empire I am standing right in front of you all! I know you're there Somewhere between love and hate I would die to see you fall in tears Do you believe hope may still exist? My"
  • Middle - Fifteen
    "I heard a song once and it was beautiful and it was free and it was my dream I lost my housing at the sweet young age of fourteen I heard a song on the radio, it was my dream I found the value of a song"
  • Finger Weg - Acid Rain
    "Du weit genau, du machst einen Fehler Doch das zhlt jetzt fr dich nicht Dein Verstand ist ausgeschaltet Und das bricht dir das Genick Du schaust ihr dabei nicht in die Augen Und streichst ihr langsam bers"
  • Photo finger - A
    "I bet it's not the first time I bet it's not the last time that you try There's not a second wasted And all I get is flashes in my eye Don't point that thing at me And don't you tell me I am just the one"
  • Finger Puppetz - Bio Killaz
    "Daddy, daddy What son? Take me to a puppet show Okay YAY! Thank-you daddy Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the world famous Finger Puppet Show (Laugh) Finger Puppets, feature presentation Animation,"
  • The finger - Danko Jones
    "Nobody Really cares what you have to sayYou get cut off in traffic cause everyday's a bad dayWhat do you do you don't wanna cause a sceneBut If you do nothing they'll step all over you, you're too naiveThis"

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