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Middle lies

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Middle lies

  • White Lies - Jennifer Chung
    "I started thinking about yesterday, And all the plans that we had made Wanted so bad to talk to you But I knew what I had to do. I put down the phone and let it go 'Cause I knew that my voice would reveal"
  • The Middle Kingdom - Cruachan
    "We who are old yet fair of face, Thousands of years this world did grace, Beneath the earth away from men, Our Middle Kingdom it lies hidden. With sword in hand and our shields by our sides, We march in"
  • Sucker Upper - Murmurs
    "Asexual, far from intellectual Fashion stealer, free-wheeler Bats her eyes to cover up her lies She's a sucker upper, starfucker And I'm gonna blow her cover My friend, my friend saw you in a coffee shop She"
  • Sweet Lies - Robert Palmer
    "By Robert Palmer / Frank Blair / Dony Wynn We tell sweet lies, fooling one another (We gain a fake upper hand) We get outsmarted when we rediscover We underplay You took me in I never minded You broke"
  • Middle Of The Night - Elley Duhé
    "I summoned you Please come to me Don’t bury thoughts that you really want I fill you up Drink from my cup Within me lies what you really want Come lay me down Cause ya know this Cause ya know the"
  • Straight Down The Middle - Bing Crosby
    "F O R E ! Straight down the middle It went straight down the middle Then it started to hook just a wee wee bit That's when my caddie lost sight of it That little white pellet has never been found to this"
  • Middle Of The Land - Gurus Hoodoo
    "Here I stand in the middle of the land Take my hand in the middle of the land You'll see something that's new in the sunshine You'll be the winter that's turning to springtime Here I stand in the middle"
  • Man In The Middle - Bee Gees
    "You've got a plan that could never go wrong You took advantage and the damage done It all comes back to me baby It all comes back to me I played the fool and I went off the track And when I think of all"
  • Furthest From The Middle - Ensign
    "Hold me down, force me further and further away Make me focus, all of my strength on bringing this down This power structure, this symbol of hate and deceit Lies based on lies nothing more, it's all I've"
  • Middle - Rocket From The Crypt
    "Are you stuck in the middle? (Way-oh-ay-oh) Say (4x) Are you broke? (Yeah) Are you down? (Yeah) Are you broke? (Yeah) And down? (Yeah) Broke? (Yeah) And down? (Yeah) Stuck in the middle? (Way-oh-ay-oh)"
  • Middle - Demi Lovato
    "Knew where I was going when you left the roomyou're the kinda guy that makes me want tofollow through to youI've been trying to leave you for the longest timeThe second that I saw you I just knew I found"
  • Middle - Kind Of Like Spitting
    "The middle man what a miracle Of common calculations, Compressed and erratic Hung out to fade like ribbons Through wall-to-wall maybes So I gave it my soul, Got wasted sick and trashed it It's midnight"
  • Middle - Moonlyght
    "I am in front of a falling empire I am standing right in front of you all! I know you're there Somewhere between love and hate I would die to see you fall in tears Do you believe hope may still exist? My"
  • The Middle Goes Down - The Black Dahlia Murder
    "Cold winter cuts - a heart that couldn't heal destroyed by it's own stupidity a frozen smile - cracks backing frigid lies I shelter beneath a veil of happiness - a delicate facade and snow falls as"
  • Middle - Fifteen
    "I heard a song once and it was beautiful and it was free and it was my dream I lost my housing at the sweet young age of fourteen I heard a song on the radio, it was my dream I found the value of a song"
  • Sound of Lies - The Jayhawks
    "Chorus: Its a matter of time Till I fall In the middle of the town There stands a tall brick wall In the middle of a dream Where time plays in between The sound of lies rings funny Against the truth When"
  • In The Middle Of Me - Todd Agnew
    "I need a little more sunshine in the middle of rain Need a little more joy in the middle of pain Need a little more color in the middle of this plain jane I've looked as deep as I can see And I think"
  • The Upper Art - Ad Hominem
    "I am filled with admiration for the visionary canvas Painted with the will of giving life to the forthcoming final war And of spreading the wildest terror May it show them all Life is drawing to an end May"
  • Lies, lies, lies - Ministry
    "Gentlemen we have called you together to inform you that we are going to overthrow the United States government Do you still think that jet fuel brought down the World Trade Center? Does anybody else see"
  • Lies, Lies, Lies - Toni Braxton
    "I see you coming through the door Creepin' It's a quarter past four And I smell the scent of cheap perfume Who is she? You step in the room With a guilty look upon your face Busted And you started to say"

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