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Mike mechanic anotcher cop coffe

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Mike mechanic anotcher cop coffe

  • Morocco Mike - Murs
    "(Murs) Ay it's like, me and this nigga Eclipse been workin on this shit hella hard for hella days Y'know, knahmsayin? Been since like '95, both graduated and shit Shit changed a grip for me this year '95"
  • Black Coffe - All Saints
    "All Saints Miscellaneous Black Coffe night swimming Beach walking Always silent Never talking Then you call my name And i know inside i love you Sail away I miss you more Until you see the shore There"
  • Coffe Breath - Sofia Mills
    "Ba ba dum Ba ba dum badumba Da ba bum Ba ba dum Woke up in your new apartment In your twin-size bed Coffee starting Don't remember much All I know is that you talk too much Time to go Ba ba dum Ba ba dum"
  • Blind Mice - Digital Underground
    "All that's cool but, yo, what's up with me and you? See the blind mice? We the blind mice Trying to get in where we fit in Doing anything to be down Two hundred million blind mice Running through this"
  • Cop - Alkaline Trio
    "Wonder what it was that made you this way. Maybe as a baby you dropped your rattle And it still rattles you to this day. You better practice your evil looks in the mirror, They won't work on me. Slowly"
  • Some dumb cop gave me - Beastie Boys
    "Ummmm.... yea baby Don't you know it like, don't it feel good Like you know it should In '89, right on time Always so quick with the rhymes Aghhh.. Girl you know it's true You know you know it's true Mike"
  • Quantum Mechanic - Thomas Dolby
    "Quantum Mechanic the matrix mathematic my Honda is erratic I ll show you the schematic Quantum Mechanic it s costing me a packet I know that you can hack it I wanna see you jack it - jack it - c mon now.. move"
  • Mike - Xiu Xiu
    "dad, what was Nigel supposed to do with your body? a life that I will never understand whose false teeth were gently pushed back into your mouth by your daughter's husband what am I supposed to do with"
  • Mechanic Hippie - And Oceans
    "Mechanic Hippie What are these penetrating colors Of this soundscaping noisefloor? Is this the old empty future or the black eletric nature? Colors circulate inside of O Ambient mind, the overdose (...and"
  • Flesh Mechanic - Placebo
    "He tries to embrace her she wants him to race her he needs a laser to get it through her skull means and lies and hatreds tears that fall in sequence cold caress imprints conversation growing dull Says"
  • Bio-Mechanic - Front Line Assembly
    "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Animal rights ????" "Keeping the brain going with microshocks." Melted faces Fractured cells Implanted memories Syringe of hell Crippled mutants Strapped with chains Tortured users Laughing"
  • Manic Mechanic - ZZ Top
    "You want to race? If you insist. At that price, I can't resist. That's right, that's right, that's right. Tonight it ain't right, I got to have me a week. But I'll be back for you, jack, And I'll let"
  • The Mechanic - 50 Cent
    "Man i run this rap shit Get your hands up high, hands up high, hands up high Rest in piece to Biggie Smalls Get your hands up high, hands up high, hands up high R.I.P. to Tupac Get your hands up high,"
  • Cigarettes and coffe - Otis Redding
    "It's early in the morning About a quarter till three I'm sittin' here talkin' with my baby Over cigarettes and coffee, now And to tell you that Darling I've been so satisfied Honey since I met you Baby"
  • One cup of coffe - Bob Marley
    "One cup of coffee, then I'll go; Though I just dropped by to let you know That I'm leaving you tomorrow; I'll cause you no more sorrow: One cup of coffee, then I'll go. I brought the money like the lawyer"
  • Mechanic God Creation - Arch Enemy
    "The human race Like a chromatic stain Lost in concrete fields Hybrids of steel Mechanic god creation Enter annihilation We are rendered obsolete Just a relic at their feet Not cold enough - too human The"
  • Shade Tree Mechanic - Joe Louis Walker
    "I want you to put me under your shade tree Please get me out of the sun I want you to put me under your shade tree Please get me out of the sun Cause I'm your shade tree mechanic And heaven knows that"
  • Trust Your Mechanic - Dead Kennedys
    "TV invents a disease You think you have So you buy our drugs And soon you depend on them Pain is in your mind Gotcha commin' back for more Again and again and again and again Gonna rip you off Rip you"
  • Shade Tree Mechanic - Cledus T. Judd
    "Well his house was nothin' more than a big junkyard A retirement home for old lawnmowers and them blocked up rusty cars He couldnt read or write a word and he stu-stuttered when he spoke But he was Albert"
  • Ted The Mechanic - Deep Purple
    "Playing pool and drinking beer Nothin more'n the occasional tear But this man's life goes on and he gets greased all over from time to time At the strip joint, where we met He said 'Hi, my name is Ted See"

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