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Miles Away Slow Waltz

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Miles Away Slow Waltz

  • Miles Away - Figure Four
    "Holding on to a dream. I sacrifice. Holding ont to this dream that I had without a solid plan. And nothing's falling in my lap. I'm making sacrifices. I never let it go. With everything in front of me."
  • The Waltz - Kaci Brown
    "The touch - The rush...oh [3x] You turn around and make me wanna make you think I'm in to you An easy catch - the perfect guy with perfect lines - it's nothing new I guess I'll let you have a little taste"
  • The Miles Away Girl - Wildhearts
    "she's always busy caring 'cos that's all she's ever done she's a thousand Florence Nightingales all rolled up into one and (well) people take advantage but she loves her fellow friend with a slow, slow"
  • Miles & Miles Away - Edyta Górniak
    "The nights get colder, around this time of year Nothing helps to keep me warm The days get older, oh so slowly gone When you're far away from home Nothing can stop the night from falling Nothing can stop"
  • Waltz - Mary Chapin Carpenter
    "(Mary Chapin Carpenter) Fetch me a glass, let's fill it with fine romance Pour slow the wine, then let your eyes kiss mine You, you with the charming eyes Lately I've found myself truly beguiled If this"
  • Waltz - Gerry Rafferty
    "We can make home when the dream comes true There's nothing that we couldn't do for you There's no use sitting on a fence When you know it all makes sense. There's enough room for you, there's enough room"
  • Miles Away - John Foxx
    "Miles away I'm walking in like someone else again Miles away I'm watching summer through an English rain And I'm a new man when I walk away It's crazy Shaking the daze from my head again I know I must"
  • Miles Away - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    "As the cars go by under the sun like an enemy You Wonder As a spider comes and looks at you like an enemy You Wonder Yeah Miles, miles away She's hurting people in a better world Miles, miles away Dressed"
  • Miles Away - Great White
    "(music: Russell, Kendall, Lardie / lyrics: Russell, Kendall) Wheels keep on rollin', mindless of our flight; as towns lie in slumber, we fade into the night. The cities, so familiar, are like a long-lost"
  • Miles Away - MARC COHN
    "My friends will ask me how I'm doin' But I just can't lie to 'em Not feeling fine today I saw my dreams they were a Ship on the ocean now it Looks like they're miles away Miles away Hey, hey --"
  • Miles Away - Labyrinth
    "Time has changed our lives I'm searching for the answers picking up the pieces of my live somewhere along the way. Can't you look me screaming? I look for your face in this light and you're reaching for"
  • Miles Away - Madonna
    "I just woke up from a fuzzy dream You never would believe the things that I have seen I looked in the mirror and I saw your face You looked right through me, you were miles away All my dreams, they fade"
  • Miles Away - Goldfinger
    "How deep is your love? How deep is the ocean? How deep is the sea? and how deep is my love? How deep is your love? How deep is the ocean? How deep is the sea? and how deep is my love? (Chorus) It's"
  • Miles Away - Tesla
    "Such a heavy price to pay, all the time that I spent missing home, and I try not to complain, but sometimes it won't leave me alone, and I think that I know myself better than anyone else. Cause I'm me"
  • Miles Away - Treaty Of Paris
    "So you've heard it all before I'm not sure But I think it's becoming more than I can take But I'm still trying to be brave about this So you've been right here before Got your heart ripped out And thrown"
  • Miles Away - The Sleepy Jackson
    "Cross San Fran border on the speedway. Fly into Paris on a new plane. A pirate laughed at me in LA, then I'm smiling at you. Couldn't tell you why, couldn't tell you why. I just been bowling in Nebraska, not"
  • Miles Away - Jackson Browne
    "I got my head down between my knees I got my back against this bedroom wall I hear my voice saying baby please But I know you don't hear me call You're staring at that far horizon I don't even know why"
  • Miles Away - The Verve Pipe
    "Today was a great day I said but I meant Today was the worst day I've ever spent I'm trying to be what you want me to be So you'll settle down Stop driving me into the ground Well it might be how you"
  • Miles Away - Honeydogs
    "Dear, I sit in a room, (in my bed) And I think of all the things that went wrong As the truth, unfolds before us, like a flower And that blank stare still tattooed on your face Now, you've gone away Where"
  • Miles away - A
    "Not messing about, got a mile of self doubt Yeah, you're not even close, yeah Because you're miles away Another day in bed, sorting out your head You don't know what you're talking about You're not right"

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