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Miles Kane - First Of My Kind

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Miles Kane - First Of My Kind

  • First Of My Kind - Miles Kane
    "True romance, Is what i'm after darling, As it stands, in the shoe thats cruising crawling through like midnight panthers, growling at the moon, I'm on higher ground, your the last of your kind, all in"
  • Nellie Kane - Phish
    "As a young man I went riding Out on the western plain In the state of North Dakota I met my Nellie Kane I met my Nellie Kane She was living in a lonely cabin With a son by another man Five years she"
  • Kane & Abel - Kane & Abel
    "Kane and Abel, who you ridin' with Kane and Abel, and who we thuggin' with Kane and Abel strikes back again Kane and Abel, who is this Kane and Abel, who you ridin' with Kane and Abel strikes back again "
  • Fresco Kane - Fresco Kane
    "Ay d'S ..on the line change my life I've been dope boy fresh like my whole life fresh cocaine what the hoes scream got em addicted to me like I'm go game drug shit yeah our whole way told east ain't side"
  • Warm it up, Kane - Big Daddy Kane
    "Come, get some, you little bum I take the cake but you can't get a crumb from the poetic, authentic, superior Ultimate - and all that good shit I'm the original, Asiatic, acrobatic There you have it, now"
  • Here Comes Kane, Scoob & Scrap - Big Daddy Kane
    "Surprise! guess who's on the rise? And competition, I'm takin, and breakin em down to size I operate around the clock like city bus Never take five, cause yo when you rest, you rust Be advised, that I"
  • It's Hard Being The Kane - Big Daddy Kane
    "Uhh! Put your weight on it Uhh, and uh, Prince Paul, bring me on and uh Aiyyo Botch, bring me on and uh Mad Money Murph just bring me on and uh Just bring me on, yo This is a world premier and I'm here A"
  • Wrath Of Kane - Big Daddy Kane
    "He has arrived, at the apollo Big.. daddy.. kane! * fans screaming * One two Can I get a stand? can I get a mic stand? A mic.. Aiyyo whassup y'all ready to party or what? * fans screaming * We gon'"
  • The Kane Mutiny - Project 86
    "Verse 1 Enter emergency You were once an ally to me Now your cold war sinks with mutiny Undermine, secure your eyes I can see the plans in your eyes You want the helm For a mission of suicide Pre Chorus So"
  • First Blood - First Blood
    "They drew first blood NOT FUCKING ME The institutions that try to decide how I should live my life With their traditions they expect me to fall in line, but their will, their way is not for me Anyone"
  • Miles - Hearts Of Black Science
    "City birds flying home Fading eyes bleeding eyes Clap your hands sing for me What have we done to ourselves Paranoid whats my name Bleeding ears and flowing tears In the streets of lonely souls The"
  • Miles And Miles Of Pain - Tripping Daisy
    "Do you know the reason people die When wanna take a ride through the world holding nothing at all Looking high, looking low Everything is great until You bust your little bubble falling gently down below Well"
  • Candy Kane - Ceasars Palace
    ""Sometimes I feel like im drifting to far I think Im losing site of the shore But my sweet girl she will catch up all And then Im not so lost anymore Ohh My Candy Kane My sugar love ohh my Ohh my Candy"
  • Candy Kane - Caesars
    "Sometimes I feel like I'm drifting too far I think I'm loosing sight of the shore But my sweet girl she will catch my fall And then I'm not so lost any more You're my candy kane My sugar love Oooh my! Oooh"
  • Kandy Kane - Will Hoge
    "this one quiet till she came to town oh but everything was different the moment that her feet touched town the green lights all were red and the boys all should've been we heard her when she said that"
  • Miles - Mother Mother
    "Miles, and miles, and miles. Before we reach the sand. Cacti and cacti for miles.. miles of dry land, dry land. We gonna make it, ohh we gonna make it. We gonna take it, ohh we gonna take it easy. Once"
  • Miles - Dave Dudley
    "(You have the good times) I got the miles While in the ways of love I stood still And each mile that I've traveled they've all been up hill And when I think about 'em I just cry like a child You have the"
  • Miles - Sponge
    "two brothers the walking dead pray for silence the said one shot to the sky the other held down by disguise sex for an angry man to whores they can count on him 0ne made of paper the other glass one will"
  • Miles - Christina Perri
    "I'm scared today, more than I told you I was yesterday. Give me a moment to catch my breath and hold me every second left. Proud of me, that's the only way I want you to be. Look at me and love what you"
  • Miles - Denison Witmer
    "We'll get in my car around 10:30 at night For the New York City skyline destination of our sight It's the biggest healing session that I've had for some years The laughter and the driving and the letting"

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