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Milik montana jojo

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Milik montana jojo

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Milik montana jojo
  • Jacques Brel Jojo
    "Jojo Voici donc quelques rires Quelques vins quelques blondes J'ai plaisir te dire Que la nuit sera longue A devenir demain Jojo Moi je t'entends rugir Quelques chansons marines O des Bretons devinent Que"
  • Patricia Kaas Jojo
    "On a tous des mots d'amour Cachs au fond de soi Un quai de gare Cherbourg O l'autre ne viendra pas On a tous laiss des larmes Dans un htel du Nord Pour un homme ou une femme Qui s'appelait encore Si tu"
  • Sprung Monkey Jojo
    "It's catching up the time that's gone by And mirrors reflect the worries in my eyes Submerge me in your expectations I'll dazzle you with my performance Someday I just might take your life But for now"
  • Malik Montana Jojo (prod. OLEK)
    "Empire Music Studio prezentuje trzeci singiel z nadchodzącego albumu Malika Montany oraz Diha "Naaajak". Tym razem jest to solowy numer Malika pt. "Jojo". Za produkcję bitu odpowiada Olek, a video do utworu"
  • Frank Zappa Montana
    "I might be movin' to Montana soon Just to raise me up a crop of Dental Floss Raisin' it up Waxen it down In a little white box That I can sell uptown By myself I wouldn't Have no boss, But I'd be raisin'"
  • Manic Street Preachers Montana
    "Luddite lover Forgiving father Unhappy forever Live it to where you can Those skies must drive you wild This earth around you This silence around you Be with the sky tonight You've ruined more than you'll"
  • Slowride Montana
    "techniques forgot things fall apart ignore your problems long enough just like a match it burns you down my songs compatable with yours but still you fight your stupid wars when you could drop your fists"
  • Rocky Votolato Montana
    "driving north on 35 heading into the night the suns getting easier for me to look at I've been singing these songs about you Montana for so long without ever even knowing it the things that you can't see if"
  • Venus Hum Montana
    "Panic start it's 8o'clock 28 Mach 10 to get to the school on time Throw a dress on over my head Jump in my freedom ride Fill me up with sound The world sings with me a million smiles an hour I can see"
  • Szpaku MOJO JOJO
    "Power Rangers Ciągle rośnie mój sukces fala tamtych kitowców ciągle krzyczy że tych suk chce mega zordy to mój zony bo się zbijamy w jedną całość na te gibony zeschizowany jak ten chojrak, a kotem jest tchórzliwy"
  • Mr.President Jojo action
    "JoJo c'est la vie His name is JoJo He's sexy talking - hip hip hip And JoJo go-go He's funky walking - tip tip tip He's sweet as honey can be A Coconut tree When JoJo's acting Selecting he says - you you"
  • Mr. President Jojo Action
    "I`ll follow the sun Into a new day I`ll follow the sun Right to the place I wanna be We can make the world go round Why don`t you follow me Right to the place I wanna be Yeah, we can make The world go"
  • Andra & The Backbone Saat Dunia Masih Milik Kita
    "Apakah kau pernah, merasa semua, yang t'lah kau dapatkan, terbuang percuma dan seakan semuanya, menghilang, sia-sia Begitulah rasa, yang sedang ku rasa, saat dirimu, meninggalkan luka, yang tak kan pernah"
  • Ayaka Hirahara Hello Again, Jojo
    "Nee kimi wa mou Shitteru no ka na JoJo no koto Sou JoJo wa mou Kimi-tachi no koto shitte iru yo Sekaijuu subete no kodomo-tachi Hitori ni hitotsu JoJo no UINKU Hello Again? Hajimete atta no ni Doushite"
  • Claude Nougaro Jojo Le Projo
    "Dans un simple rond d'lumireje faisais mon numroDans un simple rond d'lumireavec Jojo au projoJe poursuivais ma carriredans un music-hall cradoarrachant quelques bravosj'gambadais dans mon cerceaudans"
  • Joe Dassin L'equipe a jojo
    "Lulu vendait ces toiles Jacquot plongeait dans un bistro Dd gotait les vins Moi, j'tais fort au hale Et Jj lavait les carreaux Pierrot ne faisait rien On s'tait fait les poches Pour se payer un vieux tacot"
  • Eve 6 Hey Montana
    "Hey Montana take your daughter back From the bathrooms evangalist bound She believes in destiny Her name's always misspelled Waitressing to pay the rent Drinks to quell the smell Of people breathing way"
  • Emmylou Harris Montana Cowgirl
    "(Ray Park) For many long years I've played a lone hand I rode my horse in many strange lands Until one day I stopped for awhile For two blue eyes and a sunny smile So howl away you old coyote I hear"
  • Franks Enemy Tony Montana
    "Los otros latinos tienen a Ricky y Carlos Santana Pero nosotros un italiano llamado Cara Cortada No hay raza ni orgullo no jugamos ese juegito Tumbamos al mundo en los ochentas con el perico Lo merecemos"
  • Terry Allen Helena Montana
    "Hey he stumbled from Some derelicts bar Throw out his hands An leaned on a car An pretty soon this girl Come up to him Said "hey how bout some fun now, Slim" Yeah he stuck his hand In his pocket An he"

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