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  • Millenium - Robbie Williams
    "Weve got stars directing our fate And were praying its not too late Millenium Some say that we are players Some say that we are pawns But weve been making money Since the day that we were born Got"
  • Millenium - Grits
    "The last days Charactered by skin nature Lustful galavantin You choose the nomenclature Clearer than water As I overturn The cistern My story's complete Pass to bone When it is his turn Time's unnecessary For"
  • Millenium - Republica
    "Everybody's talking about a new beginning A new place to drink in, a fast new boyfriend. A new science for a brand new century A message to the future, electronic holiday Let the clock roll. So let the"
  • Millenium - Killing Joke
    "I was born to see two thousand yearsOf man's effect upon the planetExtinction seems to be a plausible riskWhatever happens well i'm part of all thisMy life i've been waiting for this momentAll my life"
  • Millenium - Lustro
    "widziałem ludzi bez szans na lepsze jutro od których odwrócił się świat odwrócił się świat a obok pałac ze snu gdzie w morzu świateł szaleństwu oddawał się tłum oddawał się tłum tak wita świat z nim"
  • Millenium - Stratovarius
    "More that I live More clear it's each day We got to change our ways There is no way to go back anymore Eons rumble through space We must find new ways to live I know there's so much more to give Millennium"
  • Millenium - Outkast
    "Me and everything around me, is unstable like Chernobyl Ready to go at any moment, jumpin like a pogo stick I never lived up to my expectations, so I accept the patience Expect the worse but now I'm pacin Back"
  • Satans Millenium - Eric Burdon
    "Kill, rape, burn, destroy (???) lord of lies HAIL SATAN!!! Millennium of Satan (???) to darkness Millennium of Satan Final battle Sacrifice the lambs of God Crucify the bastard son Sodomize Jesus Christ Kill,"
  • Satans Millenium - War
    "Kill, rape, burn, destroy (???) lord of lies HAIL SATAN!!! Millennium of Satan (???) to darkness Millennium of Satan Final battle Sacrifice the lambs of God Crucify the bastard son Sodomize Jesus Christ Kill,"
  • Niebieskie millenium - Smerfy
    "Smerfy życzą dzieciom radości, wszystkim dzieciom małym i dużym, wszyscy dziś w dobrych nastrojach smerfujemy w nowe millenium. Niech słońce dla nas świeci, niech świat się smerfnie kręci. REF. Hej, hej,"
  • Millenium Blues - Matthew Sweet
    "Well you can make your way through living and loving Looking good from where I sit But with your great big eyes you see what is coming And you're not a part of it Millenium blues Lived half in one and"
  • New Millenium - Dragonheart
    "The time is getting over And everething you hear Are echos of the past All that you see Is the fire in the sky The human race believe The end is coming near All turning to darkness They are living in"
  • Millenium Gone - Elysium
    "golden age forever fallen our empires turn to dust without faith, no sign from heavens humanity on it's knees slowly drowning under pressure the dominions of black sun once so proud, the blood divine dance"
  • Millenium Sun - Angra
    "Angra Miscellaneous Millenium Sun An eagle breaks the silence and overflies the field My eyes will try to follow till it vanishes away Like candles in the darkness we fight against the wind Devotion to"
  • Fractured millenium - Hypocrisy
    "I came from second universe Ive travelled far Im a god, Im not pleased Is this the way thats supposed to be Youre free from the game Doesnt anyone care any more Killing your own world, theres nothing to"
  • Winter Millenium - Borknagar
    "Through milleniums of winter so waste I have passed eras to following time I have faced the force of the nocturnal course Where the winter comes resounding On the plains of the earthly wisdom I have walked"
  • New millenium - Dream Theater
    "A single star behind me A red sky burns ahead A lonely light below me Awake among the dead An overwhelming feeling Leaves me numb and strange A sense of new beginning I sense a wind of change Out with"
  • Millenium Dawn - Saints of Eden
    "A barren scene, no counter veil, everything stands still. Intensity, a pre-empted tale, where silence the air does fill. What do you believe 'Millennium'It's time to see. It was a mark that seemed so far"
  • Millenium Sport - Jan-rapowanie & NOCNY
    "eb jił spierd*, miał housik gać jił młoda, masz jakieś kogy na taxify? halabardy i księżniczki, joł łop rap na żarty i kieliszki ty, dobra bo trzeba ustalić jakiś plan jak stoimy z kwitem masz coś , coś"
  • Fuck the millenium - Scooter
    "Transmission, hereis the forceAre you ready for the new technology?Introducing the cool crewYes!!!There's Rick, there's Axel and there's meI'm the candyman, also known as Dave, Dave from SheffieldFurthermore"

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