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Millenium - dark secrets

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Millenium - dark secrets

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Millenium - dark secrets
  • Good Charlotte Secrets
    "In the dark In the darkness you will find Dirty little secrets we all hide Cause we all have a darker side A place we keep where no one else will find Cause everybody wants to hide their secrets away Nobody"
  • Nicki French Secrets
    "Don't go so many things that I must know Please stay there's too many things that we must say I don't wanna waste your precious time But since when he's talking such a lie You know that all my love is"
  • Mary Lambert Secrets
    "I've got bi-polar disorder My shit's not in order I'm overweight I'm always late I've got too many things to say I rock mom jeans, cat earrings Extrapolate my feelings My family is dysfunctional But we"
  • Becky G Secrets
    "could tell you’re keeping secrets from me why you always keeping secrets from me? I know that you got some secrets don’t know how long you could keep it why you tryna hide these secrets form me but what’s"
  • Tunng Secrets
    "find a pine tree up in the hills with a hole that's silent and dark place your hands and stand as you feel whisper secrets into her heart small black stones with glass at their edge soft red squares that"
  • God Dethroned Into A Dark Millenium
    "When your soul is free to wander, where would it go? Do you think it is safe with God in heaven? But what if the angels took over his power and might They could torment it ofr milleniums to come Oh, angelface,"
  • Piano Magic Dark Secrets Look For Light
    "Get me an ugly wife - no man will look twice I can fall asleep at night and dream of someone else I found an ugly wife and she'd led an ugly life Take my hand, this ray of hope, crawl out of this hole She"
  • Before Dark Secrets
    "Chorus: keep it close to your heart don't ever let it go they'll always be part of you life those secrets we have inside Verse1: i know a girl i don't know how she feels but in her life she, knows"
  • Beborn Beton Psychologic Secrets
    "I close my eyes - like a tear my brain is falling Crashing on concrete ground They step on it They step on it like on tears And I close my eyes Then the sun is flashing dirty Moving in dark Areas - Dish Scum"
  • Subseven Family Secrets
    "Past the party - outside the walls Into the dark - we all follow Cool night air - no words spoken The plans they made - We all broke them Made for abundance In this torch lit - in this circle We are the"
  • Blodsrit Secrets Unveiled
    "(Music & Lyrics: Nazgl) In the poisoned veins of my being lies infinite wisdom and secrets unveiled Injected, the knowledge of the earth consumed inhaled, the dust of an angel inside me at dusk I fell"
  • Robbie Williams Millenium
    "Weve got stars directing our fate And were praying its not too late Millenium Some say that we are players Some say that we are pawns But weve been making money Since the day that we were born Got"
  • Grits Millenium
    "The last days Charactered by skin nature Lustful galavantin You choose the nomenclature Clearer than water As I overturn The cistern My story's complete Pass to bone When it is his turn Time's unnecessary For"
  • Republica Millenium
    "Everybody's talking about a new beginning A new place to drink in, a fast new boyfriend. A new science for a brand new century A message to the future, electronic holiday Let the clock roll. So let the"
  • Killing Joke Millenium
    "I was born to see two thousand yearsOf man's effect upon the planetExtinction seems to be a plausible riskWhatever happens well i'm part of all thisMy life i've been waiting for this momentAll my life"
  • Lustro Millenium
    "widziałem ludzi bez szans na lepsze jutro od których odwrócił się świat odwrócił się świat a obok pałac ze snu gdzie w morzu świateł szaleństwu oddawał się tłum oddawał się tłum tak wita świat z nim"
  • Stratovarius Millenium
    "More that I live More clear it's each day We got to change our ways There is no way to go back anymore Eons rumble through space We must find new ways to live I know there's so much more to give Millennium"
  • Outkast Millenium
    "Me and everything around me, is unstable like Chernobyl Ready to go at any moment, jumpin like a pogo stick I never lived up to my expectations, so I accept the patience Expect the worse but now I'm pacin Back"
  • Funeral Dark The Secrets Of The Black Arts
    "Lucifer Show me the secrets enshrined The hidden source of eternal wisdom That dwells within the abyss Infernal majesty Guide me in my eternal search Lead me to the ancient empire Of dark treasures that"
  • Heimdall Secrets Of Time
    "From his infernal and divine gaze a dark malediction rained So the anger of the god was appeased I promised you eternal love, Infinite light And access to the world of the gods Now i give you a new"

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