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Milquetoast Bracing Yourself

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Milquetoast Bracing Yourself

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Milquetoast Bracing Yourself
  • Helmet Milquetoast
    "Today's another day you won't deny that It came so slow you don't remember When you got so fat Up above the bathroom mirror the light'll Make you weak but It's that pacifying lie that grows now Every week And"
  • Manic Street Preachers Yourself
    "Your ritual everyday A mild shower soak in aftershave Best clothes do your best Look in the mirror go on Belittle yourself yourself yourself Belittle yourself yourself yourself You go on day after day Dreaming"
  • Faktion Yourself
    "If everything turns into nothing, will you have anything to show Will you be left alone If this day were just a memory, how would you view it How would you view yourself Chorus: We should live our"
  • Timbaland Yourself
    "Get out..Get out! You can't be in here! You have to get out! I implore you...Please? Please? You're all going to die down here.. '''Timbaland''' It's life or death Either one The king is back Take heed"
  • Crematory Yourself
    "Softly touched by lascivious breath The strange feeling like in a dream The face gleaming in full glory Touches of provoking beauty Step back Deprive yourself of the spell Seduction is death Is death Step"
  • Line Life Yourself
    "1: This day was terrible! I thought, that I extrabeat all! You was bad, must you be always such? You laughed at my bad sense of humor. You are identical as my former boy, it did not accept this idiot too"
  • Our Lady Peace Yourself
    "Unreleased rarity played live Yourself Are you older than your enemy self You're not big I'm not strong enough to carry you here You're there You're well I believe you are a victum of this You're so"
  • The Chemical Brothers Free Yourself
    "Free Yourself Free me! Free Yourself Free Yourself Free Yourself Free Yourself Free me! Dance Free them Dance Free Yourself help to Free me! Free us Dance"
  • Ozark Mountain Daredevils Establish Yourself
    "(NO INTRO) establish yourself, get down establish yourself establish yourself, boogie create your existence establish yourself (whooh) establish yourself establish yourself hey "
  • The Kinks Reveal yourself
    "Reveal yourself, Reveal yourself, Reveal yourself, Reveal yourself. Life on earth is so bizarre, We must find a way to fulfill, What we really are, Yes it's true, I love you, And there's nothing you do"
  • Michael Jackson Enjoy Yourself
    "Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself Enjoy yourself for me Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself Enjoy yourself for me You better enjoy yourself You better enjoy yourself You sittin' over there Starin' into space While"
  • Death In Vegas Help Yourself
    "You can't change without someone's shadow 'Cuz then it's gone when you still shine You can't change to solve somebody's name Don't blink until you're made When all destroyed, broke all in Hell, and you"
  • Solefald Hate Yourself
    "(C:) Hate yourself and I will make you happy I am not a happy boy I refuse to believe That if I hate myself I will become happy When the trendy believers refuse to relieve Relieve me of their lies (L:)"
  • Ministry Watch Yourself
    "Watch yourself Someone's watching Watching you Big brother Will discover Just what you do Someone's watching Someone's listening Watch yourself Someone's watching Someone's listening Watch yourself Someone"
  • The Temptations Check Yourself
    "Otis (& then Melvin - spoken) By and by, you knew that you make me cry. (By and by, knew you'd make me cry) And my love for you will never die. (My love will never, never die) But I had to find out on"
  • Sting Rehumanize Yourself
    "He goes out at night with his big boots on None of his friends know right from wrong They kick a boy to death 'cause he don't belong You've got to humanize yourself A policeman put on his uniform He'd"
  • Radio Head Prove Yourself
    "I can't afford to breathe in this town Nowhere to sit without a gun in my hand Hooked back up to the cathode ray I'm better off dead I'm better off dead I'm better off Prove yourself Prove yourself Prove"
  • Paul Hardcastle Foolin' Yourself
    "You're playing games and messing up my life making everything go wrong. How much of this do you think I can take ? I'll have to change before too long. Now the games that you play and the words that"
  • Morcheeba Be Yourself
    "Too much of a good thing Has really burnt me out I'm sick of satisfaction And living in a drought Just be yourself Anyway that you want to Just be yourself Anyway that you can Just be yourself Anyway"
  • Tin Machine Sacrifice Yourself
    "Some days he feels so empty Just a talking head Married to a Klingon Who could cream him in the press God could detonate him God's the one we pick to curse us And 35 years pass him Like an evening at"

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