Minta bicoran sgp .bntangnya d suru2 brpa angka yg akn kluar sore niii -

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Minta bicoran sgp .bntangnya d suru2 brpa angka yg akn kluar sore niii


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Minta bicoran sgp .bntangnya d suru2 brpa angka yg akn kluar sore niii

  • Sore - Wintersleep
    "You've been awake all morning Wanting to tell me something I know you are scared You can tell me everything I wouldn't care You know that I'll always be there Right by your side no matter what No"
  • D - Pinhani
    "Yalnz kaldysan, kalkp pencerenden bir bak Gne am m, yamur dm m Dn bak dnyaya Herkes gitmise, sakince arkana dn bir bak Dostun kalm m, akn solmu mu Dn bak dnyaya, dn bak dnyaya Bir sonbahar kadar yalnz,"
  • Slide (ft. YG) - H.E.R.
    "you always wear them glasses you don’t wanna let no sucka look you in your eyes, huh better show off them eyelashes you love what you do whit a passion oh that shit attractive I fuck whit you girl all"
  • Omen Sore - Era
    "Are ameo Are omen sore Are doriu sore Legane diato Peru sero Legone dia mise Ameno diu soliva Ameu devono rera Devo carime Ario Peru sero Domi santo lione Ameno diu soliva Ameu devono rera Devo carime"
  • Sore Loser - The 69 Eyes
    "Down to the wire down on me Down to the wire you're down on me I can see for miles whatcha trying to achive You just can't hide your jealousy You're a sore loser You're a sore loser You're a sore"
  • Sore feet - Olsen Twins
    "There's a blister on my sister from too many Grande JeteAnd there's nothing I can do to make it go awayWith bandages applied, she looks so undignifiedIt's a sad athlete who's got sore feetChorus:Welcome"
  • Sore Eyes - Brandon Heath
    "Your down all the way down Can't shake the feeling I know you know that I know You got your reasons Sore eyes what's up with that face Maybe well trace these lines Back to fine I'm sure You've been here"
  • Sore spots - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Sore spots I stop, my memory is nothing but a gallery of sore spots Can't you see I carry on but I don't wanna hold on to the retrospective life I don't wanna overestimate this"
  • Sore Loser - Dog Eat Dog
    "You tried out for the high school team So you would have some childhood dreams That you and your father could share Football coach said you're too small Don't even think of basketball You knew you were"
  • Sore Losers - Bigwig
    "I'm guessing that some things never change. Sore losers when they've lost the game. Trying to win the battle lost. Some just can't accept it some just want to reject it. Their hearts have been consumed"
  • Sore Loser - Bigwig
    "I'm guessing some things never change Sore losers they've just lost the game Trying to win the battle lost Some just can't accept it Some just wanna reject it Their hearts have been consumed by hate It"
  • Sore Thumb - Format
    "Forgive me you cut out again, it seems so easy just to blame the reception but theres something wrong and i dont know why Why you, you never say goodbye so please just leave, you dont mean that much to"
  • Eye Sore - A New Found Glory
    "Forget me not Those weren't your words I'm home haven't you heard the ring? The sound of my voice I know it isn't much That's why I say your name When I fall, when I hit the bottom Say your name When I"
  • Grimey Thirsty (feat. YG) - Far East Movement & Rell the Soundbender
    "Police pull me over Driving while black Search the car for an hour Trying to find the strap"
  • This Side (feat. YG) - A$AP Ferg (ASAP Ferg)
    "On this side kids do drugs On this side kids gang bang On this side better know your codes On this side damu hang On this side we talk slang On this side we the hat gang In the Bronx that's the mac game That's"
  • I Don't (ft. YG) - Mariah Carey
    "Said me another lie Whisper in moment in time Given you everything that you needed I was even down to repeated Said, that you always be mine I mean nothing but lies I was so … - I admit it Having this"
  • PROUD ft. (YG, Offset) - 2 Chainz
    "true University i pull it up and murk a beat momma’s house was filled up with bags of Hercules as soon as I finish passing I put the seat down or my momma gonna curse my damn ass out only child no sisters"
    "Właśnie tak, To dla was ten rap To dla was ten rap To słowo, 2013 Dziś oddaje wszytko ziomal na twoje ręce Chcesz więcej? Szczerość za szczerość łapię w podzięce Pod sceną znowu jest tłoczno i światła"
  • Don't Tell 'Em (ft. YG) - Jeremih
    "Rhythm is a dancer, I need a companion Girl I guess that must be you Body like the summer, fuck you like no other Don't you tell 'em what we do Don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em, you ain't even Don't tell"
  • West Coast (ft. ALLBLACK, YG) - G-Eazy, Blueface
    "ay oh, ay oh you can’t imagine the way that this cash feeling don’t know what’s harder the first or the last million my last album took care of my grand children you try to win cracked you head on the"

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