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Miraculum Ladybyg and chat noir

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Miraculum Ladybyg and chat noir

  • La Fille Du Chat Noir - MATMATAH
    "Elle est toujours la bourre , la fille du Chat Noir . Avec sa petite gueule d'amour , toujours elle nous gare . Ses grands yeux bleus s'tonnent , quand on est trop bavards . Aprs deux , trois verres de"
  • Noir - Saturnus
    "Tears to fill the despair dreams to hunt forever so fill up my cup with emptiness again and chase those blackenened dreams on more time Nevertheless I'm gone The drone of snow as i breathe every second"
  • Miraculum - Enya
    "Oh semel canebamus. Fabulam magnae diei. Lunae lucem in aqua. Litora, stellam, caelum. Vela dare. Miraculum. Vela dare. Vero. Semel salum sub Hesperus. Ita vela dedimus. In hodierna die canimus albae"
  • Back Chat - Queen
    "(Deacon) Back Chat Back Chat You burn all my energy Back Chat Back Chat Critising all you see Back Chat Back Chat Analysing what I say And you always get your way Oh yeah see what you've done to me Back"
  • Miraculum - Zag Heroez
    "Tak na co dzień, jestem Marinette. Zwyczajna dziewczyna ze zwyczajnym życiem. Ale skrywam w sobie coś, o czym nie wie nikt. To moja tajemnica. Każdego dnia do szkoły gnam bo tam jest on cudowny tak gdy"
  • Back chat - Eminem
    "Back when Cain was ableWay before the stableLighting struck right down from the skyA mother ship with fate said let's give it a tryConscience was relatedMan he was createdLady luck took him by surpriseA"
  • Simpsons chat - Mc Vapour
    "1,2 out to the sleepy sleepy crewIn springfield u'll find a family of marge bart lisa and maggieand in the front room on the seteeu'll find a father watchin t.vit's homer, the king of the showdrinking"
  • Hotel Noir - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "Two glasses on a glass-top table. Lights are low, the ashtray's full. he talks of all his conquests--letters ringed with hearts and crosses. He left them in the drawer (at Hotel Noir)--unanswered, yet"
  • Film Noir - The Gaslight Anthem
    "I'm all washed out by the side of the road. Broken bones Matilda left a note and a rose. Saying "Baby, honey child, I love you so long but you deserve much better than me" So I'm just burning all around,"
  • Film Noir - Carly Simon
    "(J. Webb/C.Simon) Got on in New Haven Last car on the train. Put my hat on the seat, Wipe the tears from my eyes. I watched my life go by, Like a movie in my brain. Scenes unreeling; In a sceneless chain On"
  • Film Noir - Peter Hammill
    "He casts himself as an adventurer, all foot on floor and hell for leather; she never told him what he meant to her perhaps that's for the better. She's never clearly seen dividing lines between real life"
  • Noir Excursion - Gotye
    "A handsome stranger Gave me a ride He had a suitcase full of lies That he sold me I sensed no danger When I was there right by his side He said I compelled him to confide So he told me Take this car And"
  • Expresso Noir - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "Crushed in the corridor, swimming in smoke. Broken leg, aching head - tried polite conversation in braille. Broken French. Though my friend chews his garlic, he's dead from his head to his sandles. I tear"
  • Guitar Noir - Helldorado
    "The most sensitive string in my soul was tuned so high that it menaced to break It shivered in fear of its own song, but dared not the calm to awake I thought that I had to, my premonition said don't, let"
  • Filth Noir - Zeromancer
    "Sometimes you Just have to Risk it all to get what you want Sometimes you Just have to Risk it all to get what you want Now tell me (I just want you to know) Now tell me (I just want you to know) We're"
  • I Wanna Chat - Booty Full
    "(Voice) Welcome, you've got a mail (Boy) Ha, haha, haha I wanna chat Ha, haha, haha I wanna chat with you (Girl) screen boy!!! I wanna chat with you (7 times) Chat, chat with you... (Girl) You wanna"
  • Chat Too Much - Mavado
    "Ha-ha- Gangster for life Gangsters ayyyy informers perpetrate us .ayyyy. Spy and instigate us.anyway Dem want fi kno the reason Why marrow paste pon the ceiling inna middle evening Ay TRUE, Some Bwoy"
  • Fired-Side Chat - Dillinger Four
    "Did you hear the latest one About the footprints on your back About how they lied About how they stole To keep each other in the black I really wonder when it all comes down Who will be dancing at the"
  • Rouge Et Noir - Modern Talking
    "Someday, We'll Be Together - Tonight's Gone Forever The Night Just Comes Falling - Your Heart, It Is Calling Oh, I Know And I Swear - I Alway's Will Be There There Is You And Me - Oh, Baby Can't You See Rouge"
  • Chat - Closterkeller
    "J'avais beau ouvrir mes mains Elle en voulait plus J'avais beau ouvrir mon corps Elle en voulait plus J'avais beau lui pardonner Toutes ses erreurs Un matin elle m'a piege Elle a pris mon corps Elle m'a"

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