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Miranda Lambert Fastest Girl In Town

  • Fastest Girl In Town - Miranda Lambert
    "You’ve got the bullets I’ve got the gun. I’ve got a hankering for getting into something I hit the bottle, you hit the gas, I heard your 65 can really haul some ass. I’m feeling frisky, you're feeling"
  • Dry Town - Miranda Lambert
    "Well the road was hot and flat as a ruler Good hundred miles between me and Missoula That vinyl top wasn't gettin' no cooler I stopped at a Quickie Sack Well I figured I'd need about a six of Miller And"
  • Miranda - Fleetwood Mac
    "At the end of the day The end of the light She keeps the remains of all of her foes Miranda is dying with all of her might She never comes She always goes She sticks the camera right into her arm Anything"
  • Miranda - All
    "All Pummel Miranda (LYRICS AND MUSIC $) 2:33 Miranda, we met face to face and I lost me head Miranda, I saw your smile and felt something click inside Miranda, fifteen hours together in Arizona I cou;dn't"
  • Fastest Horse In A One Horse Town - Billy Ray Cyrus
    "On a windin' dirt back road In the hills of Arkansas In a little country farmhouse With his mama and his pa Lived a plain old plough boy By the name of Colton Mall. He'd never took to farmin' He had racin'"
  • Miranda - Phil Ochs
    "E D Do you have a problem, E D Would you like someone to solve them, E D B7 Would you like someone to share in your misery? E"
  • Famous In A Small Town - Miranda Lambert
    ""Famous In A Small Town" They say life is so much sweeter Through the telephoto lens of fame Around here you get just as much attention Cheerin' at the high school football game I dreamed of going to"
  • Fastest Healing Wounded Heart - Michelle Wright
    "(Pat Bunch/Curtis Stone) (Track 9 - Time 3:01) You're not gonna drive me crazy Someone new can call me baby Someone who knows how to treat me right I'm leavin' you on the old back burner Cross my heart"
  • Fastest Growing Heartache In The West - Ringo Starr
  • Smokin' and Drinkin' (feat. Little Big Town) - Miranda Lambert
    "It was one of those times when a real good time felt like a long time ago It was one of those fires that burned all night and made your blue jeans smell like smoke Hangin’ with friends, goin’ against our"
  • Allison Miranda - Garth Brooks
    "On a two lane north of Casper is where this all begins Heading back to Oklahoma for a week to visit friends She was walking 'long the highway so I pulled off to the side And asked her if she needed a"
  • New Girl in Town - Fransisca London
    "hey look out for that moving van driving down our street you better lock up your man before he meats.... chours the new girl in town who just came on the scene the new girl in town.(make up a verse)the"
  • New Girl In Town - Ramones
    "here comes that new girl everybody, check her out she wants to be part of the city well, i'll treat that girl just like a queen she looks kinda like a hopeless drug fiend hey new girl you just arrived"
  • Meanest Girl In Town - Elvis Presley
    "She'll tell you that she loves you, make you feel just like a king She'll cry to you and lie to you, she'll do most anything She'll get right up next to you and the first thing that you know You'll be"
  • Girl About Town - Bananarama
    "You do no rest To join the best With your smart tall good looks You spread your wings In deeper things Your better than it looks Good times from the clothes you took Far from the bottle Your friends"
  • The Only Girl In Town - Jedd Hughes
    "Written by Jedd Hughes, Terry McBride and Tommy Lee James You're not the only girl in town All my friends keep tellin' me You're not hte only girl in town But you might as well be There's more than one"
  • The Toughest Girl In Town - Sparks
    "(Ron & Russell Mael) She won't marry you She don't look good in white Don't try sweet talk Unless you're hot for a fight Still there's something that Drives the guys half-insane Ain't they heard that"
  • Small Town Girl - Dusty Springfield
    "(Arnold Goland / Aaron. H. Schroeder) Am I just a small town girl With big town dreams That won't come true? Thinking everything that means anything to me Means something to you, too? Am I just a small"
  • Small Town Girl - Kellie Pickler
    "I grew up where I could see the stars Drinking sweet tea from a mason jar Dogwood trees like leaves through the pines People on the porch watchin' fireflies And drivin' round the Wal-Mart on a Friday night I'm"
  • The Toughes Girl In Town - Sparks
    "She won't marry you She don't look good in white Don't try sweet talk Unless you're hot for a fight Still there's something that Drives the guys half-insane Ain't they heard that their love For her is"

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