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Mirel Wagner No Death

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Mirel Wagner No Death

  • No Death - Mirel Wagner
    "My baby has a swollen face long stiff limbs them eyes are black pits of a place where I've been her hair is long still smells like mud she answered to my kiss with a rotten tongue no death can tear us"
  • Luiz Wagner Guitarreiro - Jorge Benjor
    "Luiz Wagner guitarreiro Liga essa guitarra E anima o terreiro Toca jongo, samba partido Maracatu e calango Funk, rock e baio Toca Luiz Wagner guitarreiro Meu amigo partideiro Mostra um som de Jime Hendrix Que"
  • Caruso (Con Mirela) - Pastora Soler
    "Aqu donde el mar reluce y sopla fuerte el viento sobre una vieja terraza mirando al golfo de Sorrento un hombre abraza a una muchacha ahogado por el llanto luego se aclara la voz y da comienzo al canto. Te"
  • No More Tears (Con Mirela) - Pastora Soler
    "It's raining. it's pouring. my love life is boring me to tears after all these years. No sunshine. no moonlight. no star dust. no sign of romance. we don't stand a chance. I always dreamed i'd find the perfect"
  • F. Wagner - Fahnenflucht
    "Je lnger man fllt desto Hrter schlgt man auf Und wohin fllt heute einer Der aus der Welt fllt? Welche Netze halten Ihn noch auf Wenn die gewohnte Ordnung Vllig wegbricht? Er blst den Qualm in den"
  • Death - Judas Priest
    "I will take your final breath And I will be your last regret Cold blood - runs in my blackened heart Tearing - every soul apart Messenger of death - wields the scythe Of man's damnation Messenger of death"
  • Death - Klaus Nomi
    "Thy hand, Belinda; darkness shades me On thy bosom let me rest More I would, but death invades me Death is now a welcome guest. When I am laid in earth, may my wrongs create No trouble, no trouble In"
  • Death - Cam'ron
    "I swear to God it feel like death is fucking callin me. But naw you wouldn't understand.... Ayo hit wit at least ten, beat again Hey Cam'Ron need a friend? Aww man we meet again Heres your suit and tie"
  • Death - Luxt
    "Ain't no god. Ain't no heaven. Ain't going anywhere. Only black to these dead eyes. Ain't no hope. Ain't no magic. Ain't no spirit in these bones, That chose me to call it home. Ain't no faith."
  • Death - Skinny Puppy
    "holding his hands dream the whole week radiance hissing rodent speak elective evil once started shot struck home so it goes inches towards flattened back on all fours drawn and racked doesn't mean a"
  • Death - Toni Childs
    "Oh mother, can you hear me Can you hear me now Did you die alone and afraid That no one knew the pain That still remained Inside your breast this night Inside this holy place A place into the void Can"
  • Death - Denis Leary
    "I'm sick and tired of my generation getting blamed for the state of the planet. I'm sick of my generation getting called the TV generation. "Well all you guys do is watch TV." What'd you expect!? We watched"
  • Private Death - Napalm Death
    "On your own again, trapped alive in your grave. You're gonna die wasted, no way to be saved. Private death, private death, private death, you're dead again. Private death, private death, Private death,"
  • Final Death - Death Angel
    "Scream in pain as you gasp for breath Now it's time to face your final death Melted faces blood is on the ground Earth and darkness utters not a sound Flash of light fills the midnight air Scraps of metal"
  • Death March - Faith No More
    "There's nothing I'd like more than to let you in But now you're on the other side and there's no way... To feel your breath of life upon my face Cause with the state you're in there wouldn't be a trace No"
  • Death To Death - Crucified
    "there is blood on the street and tears in their eyes and life moves so fast until you realize...it's gone the world is a corpse it hardens with time and so harden the hearts as they draw to the line the"
  • Circus Of Death - Death SS
    "We're just puppets left to parch Dancing to a deadly march The evil circus can't be stopped If the lamb of God gets dropped The ragin' fury gives the clown power Leads the game to a bloody shower Flowing"
  • No Life After Death - Hate
    "There was time one Nazerene disguised himself as god And led all human astray-that selfish holy slut! Every day Christ's servents making use of your fear Try to make your mind submissive and believe in"
  • True Love Knows No Death - Kele
    "True Love Knows No Death"
  • Death Don't Have No Mercy - The Grateful Dead
    "Y' Know Death Don't Have No Mercy In This Land Death Don't Have No Mercy In This Land, In This Land Come To Your House, You Know He Don't Take Long Look In Bed This Morning, Children Find Your Mother Gone. I"

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