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  • To Feel That Way At All - Patty Loveless
    "(Lauderdale/Tempchin) He brings her flowers they talk for hours But he never really says what's in his heart The way he needs her the way he wants her It's a miricle to feel that way at all Oh I can't"
  • We've Got Time - Broadcast
    "You and I, got something Why don't we try What fools cannot buy What lives cannot hide You wrote your name, in silver light The question still unanswered Just in case it's not right We've got time to work"
  • Lady Lady Lady - Babyface
    "Lady if you care for me then let me know That you care for my sweet lady I want to care for you for the rest of our lives That what i want to hear I don't mean to be a bore but I was hoping you would know"
  • Wnyu 89.1 X-Mas Freestyle 12/23/1999 - Necro
    "(Intro) Yo, it's Scrooge... Scrooge Scrooge is up in here...ho ho ho!!! (Chorus) I wish you a merry crucifixion, I wish you would get a new religion I wish you a merry crucifixion, and a crappy new year (Verse) Jesus"
  • Da Game Got Switched - Ludacris
    "I hate it when there's (Chorus) Too many n*ggaz Not enough hoes Too many rookies Not enough proes Da game got switched on some Ludacris shiz So all y'all can suck my di-ak Be-ach! (Verse 1) I got a whip"
  • Punished For Hard Livin - Yung Ro
    "The Bible say we all equal, we the same in the end So when you fuckin with Yung Ro, then Nobody gone win So here I am, full of pain, with a mic in my hand I sacrafice the truth to let you know Nobody'll"
  • Bonofide Hustler - Young Buck
    "(feat. 50 Cent & Tony Yayo) (50 Cent:) Yeah, I'm A Special Kinda Nigga With Mine's I Grind, I Get's My Paper, You Know What I Mean? Hahaha I'm A Bonafide Hustler, Nigga Get Outta Line I'll Cut Ya' Me,"

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