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Mj billy Jean

  • Billy jean - Michael Jackson
    "She was more like a beauty queen from a movie screenI said, don't mind, but what do you mean I am the oneWho will dance on the floor in the roundShe told me her name was Billy Jean as she caused a sceneAnd"
  • Billy Jean - Chris Cornell
    "Chris Cornell Carry On Billy Jean She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene I said don't mind, but what do you mean I am the one Gonna dance on the floor in the round She said I am the one who"
  • Invincible Legend Of Billy Jean - Pat Benatar
    "This bloody road remains a mystery this sudden darkness fills the air what we waiting for? wont anybody help us what we waiting for? (Chorus) We cant afford to be innocent stand up and face the enemy its"
  • Mj - Mystery Jets
    "Don't tell anyone Don't tell anyone Don't tell anyone We share a joke in the Well fine, i know how to make you laugh No hang ups between us Not like the other girls in love You're different, confident"
  • MJ anthem - Montell Jordan
    "Yeah, It's #5, I'm almost a veteran_And don't think I don't see you n****s lookin' VERSE I Since 1995 I've been blowing on tracks like this_Got a lotta gold and platinum plaques like this + But I had it"
  • Billy Christian - Jean Shepard
    "Are you listening Billy Christian if you are then come on home Everything is like you left it I spent all my time alone Guitar pickin' never thrills me like it did when you were here Come on home if you're"
  • Jean - Les Trois Accords
    "Jean, Jean provoque des bagarres criminelles (bagarres criminelles) Jean voudrait se faire tatouer les aisselles (tatouage d'aisselles) Jean a plein d'amour dans ses ventricules (dans ses ventricules)"
  • Jean - Jimmy Dean
    ""Jean" Jean, Jean, roses are red; All the leaves have gone green. And the clouds are so low, You can touch them, and sow Come out to the meadow, Jean. Jean, Jean, you're young and awise; Come"
  • Jean - Walter Egan
    "by Walter Egan Jean was a girl with style, Boy, heads turned every time she'd smile, Envy turned her girlfriends' eyes green Whoa oh oh Jean. Soon days of youth slipped past, Jean had to grow up fast, Working"
  • Jean - David Hasselhoff
    "Jean, Jean, roses are redAll the leaves have gone greenAnd the clouds are so lowYou can touch them, and soCome out to the meadow, jeanJean, jean, you?re young and aliveCome out of your half-dreamed dreamAnd"
  • Jean - Jeanette
    "Just the other day I started thinkin' how we messed up our love and fell apart an' I really couldn't keep on playing "hangin' tough" I'm feeling weak an' I'm gonna lose my guard Don't you stay away need"
  • Jean - Kelly Jones
    "Jean take me down Just take me to your place And do what you do to me Take me to the place you wanna go Now that you've been there I've seen it. I've been it. I'd mean it I don't know where you're going Long"
  • MJ V intro - Montell Jordan
    "Man, who would've thought I would've made it this far? It's number five Five albums I recognize that it's because of you (c'mon) It's only by your grace that I'm even here So, how can I keep it hot? *beat"
  • Billy - Fatal Flowers
    "Billy is crying and hundreds of people surround him Billy is crying and evryone around him is smiling He knows he should be out there laughing with them But he just can't force a smile upon his face He"
  • Billy - Bon Jovi
    "Since you're been gone now honey life ain't nothing but sad luck days I begged on my knees now, sugar You acted like you never knew my name My friends saw you at the station I guess you must have missed"
  • Billy - Bob Dylan
    "There's guns across the river aimin' at ya Lawman on your trail, he'd like to catch ya Bounty hunters, too, they'd like to get ya Billy, they don't like you to be so free. Campin' out all night on the"
  • Billy - Kid Capri
    "We interrupt this program to bring you a special report We are looking for a man named Billy who has just been accused for use of fake credit cards; use of UPS trucks; and trying to sell crack to an undercover"
  • Billy - Keith Urban
    "Billy left on Friday night with twenty dollars cash Had a thousand more and a diamond on his hand When he got back I don't know just where Billy got that dough. Saturday he spent in style Drinks were"
  • Billy - Ranch
    "Billy left on Friday night with twenty dollars cash Had a thousand more and a diamond on his hand When he got back I don't know just where Billy got that dough Saturday he spent in style Drinks were on"
  • Billy - John Entwistle
    "Billy and me we've been friends since '65 Thought there were days that would never end Man we were so alive Now I'm bald with a little bit older gone our separate ways Hey boy if you're still out there"

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