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Moby the beach

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Moby the beach

  • Moby Dick - Peter
    "A noble king you ruled the ocean A million years or maybe more Before our hands had set in motion The killing wheel of love and war. You saw the sailing ships that found you And thought it must be all"
  • Moby Octopad - Yo La Tengo
    "Locked in a kiss, outside eyes cease to exist We'll shut it out (of the fist) Spying eyes cease to exist We'll shut it out Eight o'clock, the lights are on at Shea Phone turned down, we've nothing much"
  • Beach - Underworld
    "Some are winners some are losers and some are fighters till the day they die some try to make a living some others always give in many are stopped before they get to try and many others are forced to leave"
  • Beach - Ray Wilson
    "Let's all go down to the beach Breathe in the air, take in the sun Lie there trying not to notice What goes on around you Buried and unseen I know it wasn?t done on purpose It rests beneath the surface"
  • Raunchola / Moby Dick - Nirvana
    "If it's a hard, cold beat You can go dance every night You won't get it shown It won't be missing the spice You won't know that it hit ya Nothing'll make you win Even the law won't fight Yeah! Looking"
  • A$AP Forever (ft. Moby) - A$AP Rocky (ASAP Rocky)
    "Gang /3x They talking down on my name don’t let them run with the name man I just run with the gang Asap boys came with the flame Gang /3x They talking down on the gang they wanna rep with the name but"
  • The Beach - Ashengrace
    "This fear descends on me Believer torn in disguise beyond memory, I understand where we will go from here... she's taking me down, we're going down into the believer's doorway staring down we begin again,"
  • The Beach - All Time Low
    "Well, you're a long walk from my street And I'm dying in this summer heat I hope like hell you're waiting, waiting Everybody's living like they're crazy in love I'm a dizzy mess and everything is so above"
  • The Beach - Andy Davis
    "Full moon is shining on this beach Wrapped in a blanket you and me Oh, and the tide is rising Just like we pictured it to be, The rest of the world slipped out to sea Oh, and the tide is rising I'm happy"
  • The Beach - Dr. Dog
    "There's a hole in the roof, and the rain's comin' down, The roads are all flooded, there's no way back to town, And this ship we came in on, has just run aground, You know fate has a funny way of comin'"
  • The Beach - Wolf Alice
    "Whne will we there meed again? In thunder, lightening, in rain Still sink our drinks Like every weekend But i am sick of circling the drain Let me off Let me in Ler others battle We don’t need to battle"
  • Rockaway Beach - The Ramones
    "Chewin' out a rhythm on my bubble gum The sun is out and I want some It's not hard, not far to reach We can hitch a ride To Rockaway Beach Up on the roof, out on the street Down in the playground, the"
  • Beach Ball - The Supremes
    "(Brian Holland/Lamont Dozier/Edward Holland,Jr.) Come on, come on Come on to the beach ball with me Come on, come on Come on to the beach ball with me The surf band is playing loud They swim and they"
  • Dover Beach - Bangles, The
    "Bangles, The All Over The Place Dover Beach (s. hoffs/v. peterson) Susanna If i had the time I would run away with you To a perfect world We'd suspend all that is duty or required Late last night you"
  • Vital beach - The Blood Brothers
    "i've fallen face first into a painting of hallucinogenic sunset. vital beach, vital beach, vital beach yeah vital beach, vital beach. i'm the boy on the beach with the guitar, all the shark's beretta's:"
  • Beach House - The Chainsmokers
    "Woke up on the west side Listening to beach house taking my time She’s just my type Dark hair waving out the passenger side then I start to think as she pulls me on the bathroom floor thi is myt type"
  • Elvis Beach - The Bear Quartet
    "we were big shirts in the wind walking headaches on Elvis Beach mouth full of different songs and out of reach mouth full away from the flames mouth full, (like a whisper) crashing the waves come on Hopey we"
  • Dover Beach - THE BANGLES
    "If I had the time I would run away with you To a perfect world We'd suspend all that is duty or required Late last night you cried And I couldn't come to you But on the other side You and I, inseparable,"
  • Sunset Beach - The Teenagers
    "she left with the sunlight i cried to the moonlight this crazy bitch has stole my mind she left with the sunlight i cried to the moonlight this fucking bitch deserves to die she left with the sunlight"
  • Beatnik Beach - The Go-Go's
    "Dance to the poetry It's gonna be just you and me We'll groove on that groovy beat It'll be boss keen neat yeah The gang they'll all be there Join the fun and don't be a square We'll lipsync a go-go Just"

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