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Modern Life Is War

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Modern Life Is War

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Modern Life Is War
  • Regurgitator Modern Life
    "well you know they make you want it when you see it on the tv shows and maybe then you might buy it if it makes you feel home and hosed you want it (x4) then they try to tell you this is modern life you"
  • Peter Hammill Modern
    "Jericho's strange, throbbing with life at its heart - people are drawn together, simultaneously torn apart.... Foundations are shattered in the city inside the barricaded doors; hiding behind their walls,"
  • Modern Life Is War War
    "Between the world and me Pressure-splitting seams Imminent danger in the headlines Glamour on the T.V. Chasing fools gold Growing cold Drowning in anxiety Lack of reason Pushing symbols and clever phrasing False"
  • Less Than Jake Modern World
    "This is the modern world this is the modern world What kind of fool do you think I am (whoa) to think I know nothin' 'bout the modern world (whoa) all my life is spent on spite I won't turn my head in"
  • Lou Reed Modern Dance
    "Maybe I should go and live in Amsterdam in a side street in a big canal spend my evenings in the Van Gogh Museum what a dream, Van Gogh Museum Maybe its time to see Tangiers a different life-style some"
  • Dogs Die In Hot Cars Modern Woman
    "She has no trouble with passion and compassion Deciding everything will be fine She has her own life, her own life she's telling you Thats good enough, for giving f-f-forgiving oh forgiving f-f-forgiving"
  • Sleater-Kinney Modern Girl
    "My baby loves me, I'm so happy Happy makes me a modern girl Took my money and bought a TV TV brings me closer to the world My whole life Was like a picture of a sunny day My whole life Was like a picture"
  • Anouk Modern World
    "Crazy way to get your kicks Shoot the silicone in your lips If your figure makes you sad Suck the fat right of your back Make up your mind about your tits, girls You can puff'm up so no bra will fit girls There's"
  • The Dresden Dolls Modern Moonlight
    "Presenting modern moonlight just as advertised Coke and Pepsi finally found a compromise How can they complain that we're all fucked up kids When they keep on changing who our mother is? Like it all"
  • Dresden Dolls Modern moonlight
    "Presenting modern moonlight just as advertisedCoke and pepsi finally found a compromiseHow can they complain that were all fucked up kidsWhen they keep on changing who our mother is?(like it all you want"
  • Sondre Lerche Modern Nature
    "The moment has come to face the truth I'm wide awake and so are you Do you have a clue what this is (I don't know) Are you everything that I've missed? (I don't hope so) We'll just have to wait and see"
  • Behemoth Modern Iconoclast
    "The centuries ov woe have passed away With eternal youth at my command I unleash hell! Cast out ov Egypt were we, with lust embraced serpentine heart Our wrath shalt now shower o'er the earth Praise to"
  • Architects Modern Misery
    "Seven billion hungry ghosts Just a parasite killing its host The emperor wears no clothes I see those brittle bones But we’re buried by modern misery there’s no enough water in the world to wash the"
  • Mos Def Modern Marvel
    "This desire... I come home high and she start to cry I can't take it.. A brand new excuse does me no use That won't make it.. She at home with the kids, this is no way to live What can I say? I know"
  • Close To Home Modern Warfare
    "Screaming punctuates the night, You have the choice to run and hide or stand and fight, Death is coming, so answer the call, Find strength in numbers or divided we fall. You can see the signs are showing, You"
  • Life In Your Way Hope Is War
    "So this is what comes to mind This red pen tracing steps back inside Worry or doubt for the best These times always show my condition Red lights stop me, crawling back to ro reflection Each time for these"
  • Modern Talking The Modern Talking Space Mix
    "Roger, roger. Calling, calling, roger, roger, can you read me? 78-78-9, 78-78-9, do you read me? Roger, major! This is Modern Talking spaceship 1998, we need authorization to land. Major, major? Landing"
  • Strike Anywhere Modern Life
    "Upon us all bought and sold into the lie of modern life given all the right things to pacify our anger and strife given the tv to help us forget modeling poisons we place our bets feeling like I cant see"
  • Modern Life Is War Young Man Blues
    "I'm walkin' past liquor stores, and immigrant homes Check into cash, and men with eyes like ghosts As boys we were taught to dream in stacks and rows Cause to dream any bigger is to dig yourself a hole One"
  • Modern Life Is War D.E.A.D.R.A.M.O.N.E.S.
    "Making come true our modest, impossible dreams Stuck in public school classrooms, at age fifteen! Those long hot days, just before the summer Knowing that we're stuck here! And there's something happening"

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