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Modern Talkin do you wan

  • Modern - Peter Hammill
    "Jericho's strange, throbbing with life at its heart - people are drawn together, simultaneously torn apart.... Foundations are shattered in the city inside the barricaded doors; hiding behind their walls,"
  • Talkin - Canibus
    "(Intro: Kurupt) Underdig, underdig that Pull it back Blast, pull his wig back It's like that Lil' bitch niggaz Horsemen (Chorus x2: Kurupt) Everybody thinkin' that they Talkin' the Talk Everybody thinkin'"
  • Talkin - Eminem
    "Uh, yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah We're renegades, yeah yeah yeah yeah We're renegades, yeah yeah yeah yeah (Hit me up mayn!) Bitch I'm from the yo' hood ain't no realer You the pussy ass nigga livin"
  • Talkin - Eminem
    "Uh, yeah..yeah yeah yeah yeah..the renegades.. X3 Bitch im from the nine, your hood aint no realer you the pussy ass nigga livin next to the killer im the killer that moved"
  • Talkin' Talkin' - The Moody Blues
    "Talking, talking It doesn't really matter if you know my name It doesn't really matter If you see things the same as I do It doesn't even matter if I'm tired and tense It doesn't even matter If I'm"
  • Wana - The Back Horn
    "zetsubou wa amai wana tozasareta sono tobira kokora ga senjou dakara dare nimo oshienai zenmai no shinzou ga unmei ni ayatsurare buriki no heitaitachi wa satsuriku wo hajimeru inochi sae mo moteasobu"
  • Modern Mystery - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
    "It's a pointless, small place on a map in outer space. Every second, everyday you're gone. I've got a job that I can't keep working on. Yeah. I think you are so annoying, That's why you get so disappointing. I"
  • Modern Man - Black Flag
    "** He's too straight and you can wait Modern man I've only got time for a few, and not you Modern man I'll push you hard, I can't know you Modern man 'Cause"
  • Modern Girl - Bleachers
    "One, two, three, go Friday night, killer queens Hop a train, on the scene All the band, is in the wild Don't you dare touch the dial We dressed up like a heart attack for ya We dressed up like a heart"
  • Modern Man - Bad Religion
    "I'm with attitude I've got nothing to say I've got nothing to do All of my neurons are functioning smoothly Yet still I'm a cyborg just like you I'm one big myoma that thinks My planet supports only me I've"
  • Modern Timing - Roisin Murphy
    "Got to be a modern girl To live inside a modern world Oh this is super real You need to find a lot of energy For me No it don't come free Cause it's the crme-de-la-crme And it's all right Let's take"
  • Modern Day - Diane Cluck
    "kids next door are throwing rocks modern day stonings modern day cruelty modern day torture this is what fuels me and this day's a scorcher how do you love me love me love me let me count the ways why"
  • Modern World - Less Than Jake
    "This is the modern world this is the modern world What kind of fool do you think I am (whoa) to think I know nothin' 'bout the modern world (whoa) all my life is spent on spite I won't turn my head in"
  • Modern Things - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    "Did you fund the boy you meant to destroy Did you feel him? Did you span the world for the red-eyed girl Did you feel her? Well makes me swamped Yeah, makes me sweat did you feel her? and maybe she cries"
  • Modern Way - Kaiser Chiefs
    "I know cause I've seen it It was great and I want it There's no point in sitting Going crazy on my own Do you know what I was put here in the world for Could you tell me In three words or more? It's"
  • Modern World - Anouk
    "Crazy way to get your kicks Shoot the silicone in your lips If your figure makes you sad Suck the fat right of your back Make up your mind about your tits, girls You can puff'm up so no bra will fit girls There's"
  • Modern Woman - Billy Joel
    "You see her sitting with her coffee and her paper With her high top sneakers of italian design With a long cool stare she aggravates the tension Makes up her face while she makes up her mind Now you're"
  • Modern Kids - Brian Molko Ft. Hotel Persona
    "Brian Molko Ft. Hotel Persona - Modern Kids Modern kids future freaks Following media beats Everything is on the screen Can't find a space The computer erased your heart We are modern kids Living through"
  • Modern Times - The Black Keys
    "They're gonna get to it tomorrow, But they don't care at all, They're gonna ease your pain and sorrow, But we heard the same before, All my lovin' friends, Takin' nothin' home, And I can't be the one, To"
  • Modern Apprentice - Asian Dub Foundation
    "Written by: Lisa Das I am a modern apprentice I believe in the life-long learning 'Ain't gonna take away this natural yearning To know the truth The truth about the lies you've been giving It's not a"

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